Husband and wife duo the Sawtelles are a balance of four elements, alternate-tuned guitar, stand-up drum kit (ala Velvet Underground’s Mo Tucker) and two voices. Sparse but intricately arranged pop that is as lush as it is threadbare makes what is played as important as what isn’t.  Their self-produced DYI philosophy aligns them more with the hand painted Sun Ra LP’s of 1950’s and 60’s than it does with those striving for mainstream commercial success.
perform monthly on first Fridays at Typhoon from 6-8PM. The word is getting around.  Another word on the street, and you didn't hear this from me- understood?- is that they will be performing at a nearby annual rite-of-Spring festival, but if I told you which one, I'd have to kill you.   Dinner is finally served as we make our way through the pinot.  Delicious.  It's nearing 8:30 and The Sawtelles are still playing!  What troopers- I hope they're getting overtime!  Dessert, yes for Keith (a coconut something) and me (fried banana).  Check, please.  Before we exit, we pick up from Julie copies of Tryptych, the title of which I am not hip enough to figure out.  And we are OUT!