Thursday, April 26, 2012

One week to Jazz Fest 2012!...

Frantically trying to finish up work stuff so I can get ready for Jazz Fest 2012 (2nd weekend).  This will be my 8th with the Pool Hall Studs, but the first without the late Johnny Gumbo.  He will be missed, but Peter M will fill in admirably, but most likely without the spectacular face-plant of 2011.  The Reet says that all my tee shirts are getting kinda ratty and I should buy some new ones.  Geez, I thought they looked perfect.  Well, okay, I guess the tan 2000 Litchfield Jazz Festival one has holes that have become a bit too large, but the dark grey Lucinda Williams is still a keeper.  PHS Barry D is contemplating an early Jazz Fest arrival this Sunday to catch Bruce Springsteen; said that The Boss was awesome last week in NYC.  Replacing the late Levon Helm on 2nd Saturday in the Blues Tent will be the Warren Hayes Band with guest Dr. John.

Meanwhile, Everso Records has left a new comment on my post "Here comes Shelby, there goes Shelby...", a Peter M review of a Shelby Lynne concert at Johnny D's in Somerville.  Apparently, Mr. Records is sensitive:
The artwork is done by Jorgine Jensen who I'm sure does not want the image associated with such a negative light of SL. What a messed up review. Incredibly rude...She ALWAYS gives a great show. Ask the roomful of people who actually got it.
The 2012 Meriden Daffodil is this weekend.  Hope the weather warms up a bit.  Music Schedule

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