Saturday, August 08, 2009

It's not just a neat little art park, it's hygienic!

Sarah Borges at Hygienic Art Park in New London

The Andersons (Keith/Sharie) and Antons (Rick/Joann) couldn't just lay around the shanty, mama, all afternoon waiting to travel southeast to the Whaling City to catch Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles (with The Reducers). NOOOOOOOO!!!!! THEY had to go kayaking to work up a good sweat and appetite first. Keith has taken advanced kayaking techniques classes, which qualify him as (and he insists on being called) a master. Sharie has also taken the classes, so she's the mistress. That, I gather, explains the whip.

In any event, we are to meet The Kayak Kids along with Vin/Marsha pre-concert at Capt. Scott's Lobster Dock on Hamilton Street, about a mile from the Art Park's Bank Street location. Traffic is a bitch, but we manage to thread our way down Rte9 and over I95 to exit 83, where we wind through downtown across Bank to Shaw, then left on Hamilton, then back into the dock area. Yikes, we are not the only ones with this idea! Cell conversations have Vin/Marsha deep in I91 traffic thinking of turning around and the Kayak Kids in tandem going back roads. We wait. The line is not too bad, but appears ready to get much longer as the hungry continue to cruise into the parking lot. ARRIVALS! With the Kayak Kids on the scene, we bully our place into line, sneaking Marsha/Vin in as soon as they appear. The wait is about 20 minutes to order, then another 10 tp pickup. Meanwhile, we commandeer a table and retrieve beer/soda/wine coolers from the Kids' kayak koolers. Lobster roll was delicious, though others opted for more butter than the issued 'drizzled' portion. Noticed a flyer for the Borges/reducers concert on the wall next to the pickup window. We top off the meal with tasty ice cream cones (Keith going old Yankee Conference on us by selecting "Maine Black Bear").

Off to find the Hygienic Art Park, The Rick leading us in circles through downtown New London looking for a place to park. We finally locate a large public parking lot and walk over to Bank Street. The 'park' is an open courtyard with a stage in the back. Wrought iron tables/chairs are scattered about, but we brought our own chairs. Eight dollar suggested donation. Booths lining the side to serve beer, wine and.....LOBSTER ROLLS! SBBS is set to open so we settle in. This lineup is a juxtaposition of the Cafe Nine pairing, where the Reducers opened for Sarah. Home turf rules. Haven't seen them in about a year, since new guitarist Lyle Brewer joined the band. I notice they have reworked some of the old songs. Guitar solos are different, energetic. Pitching the new CD, The Stars Are Out, her third. Got it in the Spring. It's a bit short, but good. I like the Doug Sahm cover (recorded for a Doug Sahm tribute album) very much. It seems to be a Reducers crowd, but she's slowly winning them over. Some women attempt Elaine Benes-style dancing in front of the stage during the last couple songs, one of which serves as the encore, Binky explaining that it saves all the time/effort of actually going off stages and being "coaxed" back on. Great idea; this should be mandatory at all concerts.

The crew is fading. I'd love to stay for the Reducers; The Reet would not. We compromise: a couple songs. Refill Yankee Ale and discuss Sunday night's Bonnie Raitt/Taj Mahal schedule for Oakdale. New London's Reducers have a few miles on them, but come on like gangbusters and the place explodes with dancing fans (no, not THOSE fans, asshole!). They are great! However, a couple songs into the set, I get 'the tug on the sleeve' from The Reet. We are out! Okay, fair enough. I look for Sarah on the way out, but she's not at the booth. Binky is, but is busy. Catch you guys later. Good show!

Epilogue: Need gas, so we pull in to a Sunoco prior to entering I95. Lucky us. About ten bikers in full colors are filling up with us. The Reet has the cell cocked 'n ready. No incidents. Good Night!


Always a fan said...

Yikes, Sarah's been doing some beers! She's still the best!

Anonymous said...

She looks and sounds great!