Saturday, January 07, 2006

Guitars and ales, but no chili

Five hours of Elm City Ales will wear one down, perhaps even have a lingering effect the next morning. Confirmed. Well, someone had to secure the tables at Cafe Nine for the Sarah Borges show, so we showed up at 7, catching the end of an accoustic blues set by a trio fronted by Travis. A young lady with an American flag decal displayed prominently on her sweatshirt says, almost apologetically, that Travis usually plays rock 'n roll. The bill had the Moody Blossom Band as the happy hour fare, so I'm not sure if Travis and Blossom are one and the same. We may NEVER know!

Sarah and the band have already arrived from Boston and drift in and out, hauling equipment and just hanging out at the bar. We (Reet/Johnnyk, Garrett/Jonathan, Judi/John) stake our claim at a couple of the small bar tables with a good view of the stage and order up food (by the Checkered Duvells) and drink. The happy hour set ends and that band's groupies depart leaving The Nine relatively sparse. We've decided that this venue is smaller than Sam the Clam's! Beret-topped Trish and hubby George mosy in, followed by Keith/Sharie and, finally, by a mysterious, sharp-dressed man known only as Johnny Gumbo. All now accounted for. What, no chili???? Damn Duvells, no fries either.

Next up are....jeez, I forget......oh yes, The Forgotten Ones! Lots of cowboy hats 'n pedal steel 'n Johnny Cash. Lead singer vamping it up with a big 'ol hat pulled down real low meeting his Buddy Holly glasses, head tilted at an angle away from the audience, strummin' 'n singin'. A good, quirky look. Good music, too. The GROUP is split into two factions now, the leg-weary opting for a more comfortable, but poorly positioned table against the outside wall. Lots of witty reparte along with toetapping to .....I forget....oh, yes, the Forgotten Ones. In the meantime, Trish introduces herself to Sarah and, in turn, introduces Sarah to the whole gang. Since no one brought a camera and I don't know how to use the cell-cam, we have no pictures. My bad, poor planning.

The crowd has filled in nicely and it's almost 11pm when the chipped-toothed SB and the boys hit the stage, launching into a set of music that takes us well past midnight. I've read a few reviews that liken Sarah Borges to Lucinda Williams; I don't see that at all outside of both being considered alt-country. While Lucinda's outstanding music is blues-based country (it has been sarcastically described as "background music to commit suicide by"), Sarah's is much more upbeat and rock-based country. WHAT the hell is he talking about! Ms. Borges and her bandmates - Binky (bass/backing vocals), Mike Castellana (guitar/pedal steel), Rob Delaney (drums) - are in great form as they run through much of Silver City and throw in some other tasty stuff too (I would give you more detail, but it was late and I was tired - so shoot me!). Catellana does some mighty fine picking on his solos, although I feel that the band as a whole should jam a little more, extend and explore their songs. But I'm not complaining, perhaps I'm a little greedy. Great show, guys! Hope you continue to venture down here once in awhile. And cudos once again to Cafe Nine for having superb taste in their music offerings.

I yell over to Gumbo that he should try to land her for the PRESTIGIOUS Southington Apple Harvest Festival. How could she possibly pass up an opportunity like that! He ponders (and after the show gives her his card - did I see it torn up on the floor as I left?). Out.

(NOT concert photo
since we blew the camera thing)

Silver City was chosen one of the "10 Superb Choices" by Chris Morris in LA City Beat magazine.

Sarah Borges MySpace

From Puremusic interview by Frank Goodman:
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