Friday, May 27, 2011

Pool Hall Studs part of coalition battling Grammys over category cuts....

NEW YORK (AP) – A coalition of musicians is demanding the Recording Academy restore more than 30 categories cut from the Grammy Awards, alleging the reductions unfairly target ethnic music and were done without the input of its thousands of members.  A protest was held Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif., at an academy board meeting. A modest turnout of musicians hoisted signs above their heads with such slogans as "Grammys Honor All Music" and "It's Not Just About Rap, Rock or Country." Some Latin jazz protesters brought instruments and turned the rally into a spontaneous jam session. - (more)

The Pool Hall Studs, 2008 runnersup in the niche category "Biggest Ego in a Talentless Duo/Group" for their critically acclaimed album Where the Hell Did the Gumbo Go, are furious with the Recording Academy and plan to bring their considerable influence to bear on the issue. 

Meanwhile, the PHS are about to release their 2nd album, rumored to be titled Who Wants Our Seconds?  Johnnykmusic exclusive sources note the album tracks as follows:
1. Remembering Scarlett O'Hara
2. Faces In a Sidewalk
3. The Invisible Lady's Shoes
4. Lucky Dogs 'N Bourbon
5. Gumbo, Gotta Treat Yo' Mutha Rite
6. No Fare, I Got It Last Time
7. Jamesons at Ryan's Will Getcha
8. Comin' Home (On Ditchin' Bob)
9. Spank Yo' Burger, Mama
10. No Way, No Gumbo In the Big Easy!


The Gumbo said...

Gotta love 'um. Legends in their own minds. But I do believe some of these tracks are probably lip-synced.

Oriana from Oregona said...

I LOVE their music! I've got all their album.

Scarlett O'Hara said...

Those big bad boys make my watermelons all squishy.

Ike Turner (posthumously) said...

Play that funky music, white boyz!