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Stephen Curry, TAKE THE LAST SHOT!!!!!!!....

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Unlike other, cheesier music resources, johnnykmusic strives to bring you only the best. Here's Sarah Silverman:

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Late night with Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles at Cafe Nine...

Stephen Curry was finished, polishing off yet another Goliath (a.k.a. U of Wisconsin Badgers) with a dazzling display of quick-release jumpers, entertaining the sellout crowd including invited Davidson guest, LeBron James. Stretching, yawning, flopped comfortably on the couch, I contemplated - Villanova v Kansas or some well-deserved shuteye in anticipation of my morning appointments. Let's give the game a quick look to see if the 'Cats can hang with the 'Hawks, then hit the hay. The telephone rings. It's Keith asking The Reet if Johnnyk has left yet. Seems Keith 'N Sharie have just exited the Bushnell after taking in Twelve Angry Men and Keith wants me to wait for him to go hear Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles at Cafe Nine in New Haven. Oh. I had told Keith that I was going. He was to accompany me, but found out that he and Sharie had theatre tickets. So, while I tried to muster the energy to go it alone, it just wasn't going to happen. Sure, Buddy, I'll pick you up in a half-hour. It's ten o'clock.

Keith is disappointed that I did not bring Diamonds in the Dark for the ride to New Haven; we listen to The Pipettes instead. Arriving at the tiny brick bar at the corner of State/Crown, and being unsure of the constantly changing parking lots policy, we look for a street space. Up Crown and around several blocks, we finally do a deft U-turn and cozy into a spot about two blocks away. Fourteen dollar cover for two. Keith graciously pays. Jesus, the opening act, Jim Aveni and his band, is still playing. We'll be here until dawn (go away, I'm no good for you)! It's good to see the place packed on this early Spring night. We push to the rear of the narrow, elogated room, then ease over close to the bar and order up two Pabst Blue Ribbons. Yeah, you heard it, buddy, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Opening acts get no love when it's after 11 o'clock and you have to get up early in the morning. I'm reminded of an impatient Johnny Gumbo yelling out to a tardy and listless opening act upon completion of their first number, "ONE MORE SONG!" But Jim finishes up his set in short time and SBBS start to set up on the tiny stage at the front of the bar. A quick howdy to bass player Binky as he makes his way to the head for pre-game relief. We make our way forward along the bar until we settle in about halfway. Keith even gets a barstool.

Sarah and the boys seem energized tonight, much more so than when we last saw them at the Iron Horse in Northampton, where the audience sits at tables. Sorry, no song listing out of this tired cowboy, but the set is a nice mix, with some tunes for a soon-to-be-started new album. Old songs are given some new twists. The tightly packed crowd loves it. Great atmosphere. For Open Up Your Back Door, Sarah leads a sing along from atop the bar, pitting (and mimicking) the boys vs girls. Mike Castellana's demeanor is understated, but his solos are sharp and tasty. Rob Delany is smiling and banging, while Binky is busy being Mr. Bassman and foil for Sarah's 'tween song quips. Everyone seems to be having a great time. Sarah gives some love to The Nine, relating that this is the sixth time she's played the Musician's Living Room.

Encore over. Very good show, guys. Loved the energy. Only complaint: omission of Tom Waits' Blind Love. Oh well, I'll just have to buy Scarlett Johansson's new album for my Tom Waits' fix. A quick hey on the way out and then into the chilly, early morning air. Keith, thanks for the call.

I always screw up when trying to video in concert and this time was no different, but here is the ending of one song on Friday night at Cafe Nine:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yes, it seems all Greek to me, but...

Received an email from Giorgos Baliotis at the mix grill music blog regarding a survey about American radio stations' music.

Dear Johnny,

We are a Greek music blog (mix grill) and this month we are researching "music radio" across the world. On this subject, we have already posted many articles about music radio in Greece within the last 25 years. We tend to believe that the current state in Greek radio is unsatisfactory , as you can see in our view below.

Furthermore, we would like to re search the state of radio in other countries and we hope to help Greek music radio, by posting articles, which show this issue.

For this reason, it would be very helpful if you could answer our questions, which follow. Please, feel free to express your opinion. Besides your answers, this will give our readers the chance to see your own site and get acquainted with you.

1. How would you describe your country's music radio stations? Are you satisfied in general?
(A) It covers me completely.
(B) Enough thanked! It informs me relatively fast for the new circulations, even if I have already learned them in the Internet.
(C) Neither cold, neither heat... I would like more, but am satisfied by what I take.
(D) I am not thanked! Continuous play lists, small until by no means briefing on the new things, retrospections in past.
(E) I am not satisfied at all. We have only 4-5 producers with opinion...! I prefer hearing foreigner radio or Internet radio stations...
(F) Other: Please write us your opinion.
Your answer>

2. What do you expect from a music radio station?
(A) Radio shows with different musical viewpoints and many researches about past music periods.
(B) Radio Shows with information about new albums.
(C) Both the above.
(D) Other: Please write us your opinion.
Your answer>

3. Are there mostly playlists or shows with different musical viewpoints in your country's radio stations?
(A) Radio shows with different musical viewpoints.
(B) Playlists.
(C) Other: Please write us your opinion.
Your answer>

4. Do you have many shows, in which the producers express their musical opinions freely, actually look into music and promote new albums, without being pressured by their sponsors?
(A) Yes, we have many of them.
(B) There are a few producers, who really have good shows, informing us about new stuff in music, researching the past and expressing their opinion freely
(C) Other: Please write us your opinion.
Your answer>

5. What kind of a relationship is there between record companies and music radio stations?
(A) They have a close co-operation, but the record companies don't demand things in radio shows.
(B) The record companies control the shows of a radio station
(C) Other: Please write us your opinion.
Your answer>

6. Do you prefer to listen to internet or traditional radios?
(A) Radio stations.
(B) Internet radio stations
(C) Both of them
(D) Other: Please write us your opinion.
Your answer>

In order to help you, you can see my own answers to the above questions below:

1. I'm not satisfied at all. We have many music radio stations, which have only a few producers and a continuous play list. You can find producers, who play dance music in one radio station for 3 hours and Greek modern music in another station for the next 3 hours, the two stations being owned by the same person. To me, they are professionals, not producers. As you can understand, we don't have many producers, expressing their actual musical opinions. They mostly promote their sponsors and talk about parties etc. Unfortunately, many good producers, who really love radio, don't have radio show anymore.

2. I expect shows with different musical viewpoints, information about new albums and songs – and not only about one specific record label albums – researches about past musical periods, co operations with other radio stations from other countries. Nowadays, we have very good information about music from many Web Sites. It would be perfect if the producers would listen to all the songs of every album (and not only their singles) and share their opinions with us. It is so simple, but we rarely have this information from most shows.

3. 90% playlists and maybe more.

4. I believe that there are only 4-5 producers, who really have good shows, informing us about new stuff in music, researching the past and expressing their opinion freely. Obviously, most of them belong to Public or Municipal radio stations. In most music radio stations, everything revolves around their sponsors and commercial spots. One could say that this makes sense, but I cannot believe that a music station could not have profit, if it is like the one I dream of, like some radios that we had in Greece in the past.

5. Some Greek radio stations belong to record label owners. How objective can they be?

6. Unfortunately, I would prefer to listen to radio stations in my old radio, but I can find better radio stations in Internet. Some of them are Greek and some not.

We assure you that you will be informed for our article, which shows your opinion and if you don't want to show your identity and your site, we will do it. Thank you very much in advance. We are looking forward to reading your answers and any other information about music radio in your country.

With our best regards, Giorgos Baliotis e-mail:

Sawtelles, twice on Saturday...

First, from 4-6p the Sawtelles will be down in Bridgeport for their last week of residency at Two Boots Pizza, located at Fairfield Ave. near the new Bijou Theatre construction and the Fairfield Weekly offices.

Then later on the Slingslang/Thinman Music Fest in Bristol at the Franco-American club on Barlow Street. Admission is $10 in advance (get in touch with any band member) or $12 at the door. The lineup:
  • 8pm-floor stage accoustic people fr sling slang
  • 8:30pm-high stage Furors
  • 9pm floor- Social Darwin
  • 9:30pm up Dharma Brown
  • 10pm floor- The sawtelles
  • 10:30pm-up Frank Critelli & The Good Kind
  • 11pm floor The Manchurians
  • 11:30pm- i
  • Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    G not impressed with Jack 'n Brendan...

    Raconteurs 2nd album - Consolers of the Lonely Daily Nuggets

    14 new tunes, must be better than their debut Broken Boy Soldiers, later revealed as White Stripes’, solo-Benson leftovers, some decent songs, but didn’t appear to be much of a band effort (10 songs!?). Using my flawless CD unpacking technique (I still buy CDs!), I sit in Rockin-Rita’s Malibu with a week of anticipation built up for the Raconteurs new album Consolers of the Lonely. NME said the band wanted to release it without any notice, but their record company decided record shops needed notification that the revolution wrapped in plastic was on its way. Therefore, a week ago today, the band’s website announced the March 25th release. I did buy it, but a day early. Snooze ya lose Borders! – who lost my business, denying my early album request. Took my business elsewhere and listened to the first few songs in a mall parking lot, Malibu speaker system waking babies left in cars while mommies shop. - complete review

    Still more on the Fab Farq.....

    From the johnnykmusic mailbag:

    Would love to leave a comment about Doug Lapham, I still do one of his songs the Streets of Montreal. The Fabulous Farquahr were a wonderful group to see live. - Randy Burns of The Morning, Randy Burns and the Skydog Band

    Tonight my wife and I were driving home and I said "Remember the Fabulous Farquahr?." We lived in Clinton, Ct for 7 years in the late 60's and had seen them at the Dock and Dine, together with her folks. We have lived in Tiverton,RI for 30 years, so it must have been in 1973 or 1974. I can still remember a stirring rendition of "The Eleanor Roosevelt Rag" It had style, a great melody, and sparkling lyrics. The music still haunts my mind. It was a wonderful evening. They were in the truest sense and with much honor - ENTERTAINERS! .I am sorry to hear of Frank McGowan's passing. I can still see him smiling and singing on the stage. It is nice to find some others who share a memory from so long ago. - Steve Jackson -Tiverton, RI

    Sunday, March 23, 2008


    Bailey Rae's Hubby Found Dead by Josh Grossberg (E!online)
    Jason Rae, the musician-husband of soul singer Corinne Bailey Rae, was found dead Saturday in a London flat of a suspected drug overdose. He was 31. According to British media reports, police have arrested an unidentified 32-year-old man for allegedly "supplying controlled substances." He was subsequently released on bail. Rae, who played the saxophone, was scheduled to perform with his band, Haggis Horns, on Sunday night at the HiFi Club in Leeds. That gig has subsequently been cancelled. No word on his more famous wife's whereabouts or whether she was with him when he died. An autopsy was inconclusive and police are currently waiting on the results of toxicology tests before making a final determination on cause of death. article

    The Raconteurs' second album, Consolers Of The Lonely, will be out on Tuesday. I'll be catching Jack White, Brendan Benson and the boys at Jazz Fest in May.

    Planning to catch the return of Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles' return to Cafe Nine on Friday night. A pre-game nap would be a good idea for this cowboy in anticaption of the usual post-11pm showtime. The Reet and Sharie are passing, but Keith may suck it up and accompany me. The K&S concert tour, fresh from seeing Bruce Springsteen at HCC and Jersey Boys in NYC, has booked one of the nine Billy Joel shows at Mohegan Sun (if Piano Boy can drive from Long Island that many times without smashing into a tree). Sharie has refused to report to johnnykmusic about either event.
    A Happy Easter to all
    from the management and staff
    of Johnnykmusic.

    Rock on....or not

    Friday, March 21, 2008

    Looks like Dorothy Malone, sings like Lulu...

    I was watching a video on recapping the SXSW Festival and was struck by the song, Mercy, being sung in a sultry, Aretha-style by a young woman named Duffy. So off to All Music Guide to discover that Aimee Anne Duffy is a Welsh 20-something who just released her first album, Rockferry.

    According to, "...the British star of South By, and the woman who undoubtedly 'did a Winehouse' this year, was Duffy. Following her meteoric rise to the top of the UK charts last month, she played a monumental first set at the Mercury Records gig, then filled the sizeable Stubb's with her rasping yet soulful tones on Saturday night. Her debut album hits the US next month, and is surely set for Winehouse-style success. Let's just hope that the subsequent twelve months are a little less rocky for the talented Welsh songstress."

    Rolling Stone observed that Duffy delivered..." a remarkable set at the Parish Friday afternoon with her six-piece band. The very cute twenty-three-year-old has had a Number One hit in the U.K. for the past month with “Mercy,” a dance-y go-go-style track that begs the Amy Winehouse comparisons. The songs that sealed the deal at her first U.S. gig, though, were the precise but powerful ballads: her other single Rockferry and the affecting Warwick Avenue started gentle and rose to belting, breathtaking crescendos. By the time Duffy ended her six-tune set with a pounding version of Mercy, the industry crowd was swaying on the club floor and entirely besotted."

    So off to YouTube to discover this great video of the song, Syrup and Honey:

    Chocolate Rain, the same crime has a higher price to pay...

    Chocolate Rain claims a YouTube award by ERIN CARLSON (AP)

    NEW YORK - And the winner for best music video: "Chocolate Rain." Tay Zonday morphed from an unknown musician to an Internet superstar who got booked on national TV shows after his song "Chocolate Rain" — an amateur clip of his baritone crooning — went viral last year. Now he's among the 12 winners of the second annual YouTube Video Awards, recognizing the top user-created videos of 2007. YouTube users voted on six nominees for each category: music, sports, comedy, instructional, short film, inspirational, commentary, creative, politics, series, eyewitness and "adorable." complete article

    Damn you, Huskies!

    Monday, March 17, 2008

    Happy St. Paddy's you know where your gumbo is?

    Top 5 biggest selling Irish acts of all time (from Wikipedia):

    Irish acts/Sold/Genre/Years active
    1. U2 150 Million+ (Rock) 1976-Present (31 Years)
    2. Enya 75 Million+ (New Age) 1986-Present (22 Years)
    3. Van Morrison 55 Million+ (Soul) 1967-Present (40 Years)
    4. The Cranberries 45 Million+ (Rock) 1990-2003 (13 Years)
    5. The Corrs 43 Million+ (Pop) 1996-Present (11 Years)

    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    He's no John Oates, but...

    I may be showing my uncool, but I've always liked Daryl Hall (even if it's a little creepy with John Oates hanging around all the time for no apparent reason). Philly Soul. Yeah, under that sometimes too-sweet sound is a very soulful soul, with roots in blues, Motown and even doo-wop. He and Oates even toured with Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin, the heart and soul of the Temptations, until those two doped themselves to death.

    Well, it seems Hall is back, hosting a monthly internet show Live From Daryl's House, where he does a complete concert with his band and guests. KT Tunstall will join Daryl on March 15. Check it out.

    Clip from Live From Daryl's House Episode 4 with Special Guest Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes:

    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    Johnny Gumbo sez...

    50 days, boys! Start gettin' in the mood.

    The Gumbo 2008 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

    (ed note: Trying NOT to picture Gumbo in that middle outfit below!)

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    SB&BS @ SXSW...

    Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles are headed to the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX as we speak. Please find the complete schedule below:

    Monday, March 10, 9pm Continental Club w/ Dale Watson

    Thursday, March 13, 9pm Opal Divine's- 3rd Coast Music Presents

    Friday, March 14, 7:30pm Maria's Taco Express - Sin City SXSW party

    Saturday, March 15, 4:30pm Jovita's -Twangfest party

    Saturday, March 15, 9pm Opal Divine's -3rd Coast Music Presents

    SBBS has started a video blog about their current tour. Check it out on her homepage, and keep checking back for more installments! Upon returning from SXSW, Sarah and the boys will make a stop at Cafe Nine in New Haven on March 28. Be there!

    Sunday, March 09, 2008

    Once upon a punk...

    Speaking of whom, this note from Gus, one of the original Westie Punks:

    I read where Mike Smith from the Dave Clark Five died recently. I always felt that he, Elvis, and Jackie Wilson had the best male singing voices in rock music (if you want to include Wilson in 'rock'). DC5 wasn't the most original band, but they did have some driving 1 minute and 57 second songs in their day. Whether they belong in the RnR Hall of Fame is for others to discuss. I liked them back in '63 - '65. The big questions are: Are they 'real' Yankees? What's the big deal with the rumor of Denis Paxton (sax) taking 'performance' enhancing drugs; weren't steroids and HGH legal in the early sixties? westies #1

    Johnnykmusic>>> If you are unfamiliar with the Westie Punks, here is CyberMusicGuide's History of pop icons: Westie Punks

    Finally, the cuts previously only whispered about in San Francisco bath houses and certain New England pro shops, culled from the unequalled collection of the legendary Stonehill College student activist/dorm rep (with a "smooth-as-a-prom queen's thigh" jump shot) Augustus (Gussy) Peverada (other legendary activities which took place in Gussy's dorm room were outside the scope of this project). Rising from the sleazy beaches, pool halls and roller coasters of West Haven, CT, Westie Punks soared to the top of the pop scene in 1967 with their debut album, The Legendary Gussy Tapes, Vol I. They followed quickly with All Youse Need Is Freakin' Love and finally the classic Coupla Dogs at Jimmie's (live at Savin Rock, 7/4/69) before disappearing into the disco-funk scene of the late seventies. But, despite their brief time in the limelight, their legend , curiously, continues to grow as the years pass - cult heroes to a whole generation. Why? No one with any musical taste has been able to answer that, but it seems that, to many, The Punks were shitheads, and they were Westie shitheads.

    The band's latest album, You Can't Take the Punk Outta Westie, reunites Gussy Peverada's fizzy melodies with his mates' poppy singalongs to construct a disc overflowing with uber-memorable tunes. With standout tracks like "Who Blew Up Da Rock?," and "Still Not Quite Bristol" dominating radio airwaves far and wide, Westie Punks is an essential addition to any music lover's library. - bumbershoot band-bio-generator

    Friday, March 07, 2008

    Returning from forever...

    Austin dates raise curtain on Forever's return (Reuters)

    Legendary jazz/rock fusion group Return to Forever will begin its summer reunion tour May 29 with a two-night stand at Austin's Paramount Theatre, Billboard has learned.
    The act, which hasn't performed together in 25 years, will play North America throughout June before heading to Europe for a month's worth of shows in July. The classic lineup of keyboardist Chick Corea, bassist Stanley Clarke, guitarist Al Di Meola and drummer Lenny White returns stateside in August for an East Coast run that concludes August 7 at New York's United Palace.

    After a handful of rehearsals in early February, Corea told Billboard, "It was thrilling getting together with the guys again," noting that "everybody's approach and sound was so much richer." The musicians haven't ruled out the prospect of recording new material as a group. "We all definitely want to," Corea said, noting that fans should expect a live DVD of the tour.

    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    Hot news from Rusty Records...

    Just got word that Dr. Rusty Camp has hired the Funk Brothers band from Detroit to be the recording band for "RUSTY RECORDS" new cd. Because the stakes are so high (the top four groups get recording contracts with Rusty Records), The "boss" has decided to go with the top pros in the industry. As mentioned previously, The Five Satins, The Squires, Rusty Rivets & The Rockets, and The Fabulous Showstoppers are already signed to do the cd. Now some new groups have been accepted to participate. They are ---- Johnny K. & The Heartbreakers (Southington's own John Kennedy with a revamped Heartbreakers), Susie Q & The QTs, and The DEE- LITES. But a persistant rumor has again crossed my desk. It seems that Woody "The Legend" Crosby has joined forces with Dick "Flash" Carlson to form a super group to try to wrest a recording contract from the sponsors. And this just in - Mike "Bogey" Boguslawski has agreed to not only write a new song for Johnny Kennedy's group - Mike will also lend his vocal expertise to the mix. Things are starting to heat up in Plainville - stay tuned to all the news!

    Jim Kane

    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    Sharie, Sharie baby......we're waiting....

    Word is out from Keith that Bruce was fabulous at the XL Center last week, but Sharie has not yet come through with her promised review. While we wait for the real thing, here's Htfd Courant rock critic Eric Danton's take - Springsteen: A Somber Edge, With Moments Of Abandon.

    Keith and Sharie also just returned from a funfilled day in NYC where they took in a matinee of Jersey Boys. How can we not, then, enjoy Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons paying tribute to Sharie (well, she spelled it Sherry back then):

    Carol, you're the bottom of the barrel...

    Found a couple emails in the johnnykmusic mailbag this week from Dan Hall regarding the Fabulous Farquahr that might be of interest to the Farquahr Nation:

    My name is Dan Hall and in the 70’s I saw them many times in New Haven . I have been singing and playing their songs: Carol You’re the Bottom of the Barrel, Backseat of MY Car, Your Place or Mine (ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL LYRICS), for 30 years now. I had a tape of them recorded but in bad condition and will look for it. If you are interested contact me at

    I have the chords and lyrics for the songs I mentioned. So great to find someone who has an interest in this group. What was so special was their stage style of presenting songs. They did short take songs called El Homo and something about the Case I Gave To You. All part of a show that was fabulous.