Monday, February 28, 2005

Obscure 60's CT Band- Yesterday's Children

I found this CD available on Scratch Records (Canada) and ordered it. Just got it today. I'll let you know how I like it.

AMG Review - This elegant CD reissues the sole album by this obscure Connecticut group who recorded this one LP and a classic psychedelic garage punk single which appears on the Psychedelic Unknowns compilation. While the debut single was classic beat garage of the period 1966, by the 1969 album the group expanded into more hard rock and progressive styles — and this album is drenched in the lead guitar blitz of Reggie Wright. The group was led by brothers Denis Croce on guitar and Richard Croce on vocals, and Chuck Maher and Ralph Muscatelli on bass and drums. The group is not to be confused with a Chicago-area group of the same name and era who appeared on the Pebbles box set. The reissue on Italian obscure specialist label Akarma is a stunning object to behold and an audiophile remaster of this underground classic.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

More from Jim Kane- Bristol's rock 'n roll guru:
A Bristol guy's experience- Jim Kane

Last Saturday night, I was a master of ceremonies for an oldies concert at Club Med in PortSt. Lucie, FL. The headliners were Frankie Ford (Sea Cruise), The Crystals (Doo Run Run , etc.)., Sonny Turner of The Platters (My Prayer, etc.), and Little Peggy March (I will follow him). By the way Peggys not little anymore. Bauser Bauman's band - Rocky & the Rollers was the band for the evening.

Turned out that the show was a sellout. White haired old farts were everywhere. The grecian formula guy could have retired selling his grease paint at this concert. Right from the git go, when I took the stage to do the opening procedures, you could sense that something special was going to happen. (Must have been the "spiked" Geritol they were serving).

Short and simple.... The house rocked for "4" straight hours. I couldn't believe the reaction of the crowd, and the artists got pluged in, and it was just like 1964 all ov! er again. What a magic night!!!!

Now, why am I telling you this story? Because just think about today's concerts and entertainment. What concert is aimed at what you like. Ever look at MTV - looks like hookers and gangsters have taken over TV. SO.....when an oldies concert is scheduled to play in your area - get up off your ass and buy some tickets. Get plenty of sleep the night before. Take an extra vitamin, and get ready to have a great time. SUPPORT these great artists. You did in the 50s & 60s, and thats why they are still playing dates today. REMEMBER - you are the royalty of Rock N Roll , after all "YOU" started rock n roll. If you didn't buy the records and go to the dances back in the 60s, rock n roll would have faded away. Show your kids and grand kids that you still have some life in you. Put your hands together and get out in the aisles and dance to the music. Don't be ashamed.

Dee Dee Kennebrew (Original lead singer for The Crystals) Grabbed me when Frankie Ford started singing "Sea Cruise" and dragged me to the dance floor. Now I will slow dance, but dance to a fast song, I can't remember who was President the last time that happened. Wow dancing with one of the legends of Rcok N Roll - I'll never forget it.

This was in my top 5 - all time - rock concerts. So when they come to your area - go to the show - and say a big Thank You to the artist for giving you and all our friends so many hours of listening and dancing pleasure. I have one request - Would you please pass this on to someone who loves our music! Its up to us to keep this legacy rolling. Rock N Roll is here to stay - it will never die - and last Saturday night , those good people shot and buried the funeral director!!!!! Jim Kane

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Classic John Ryan Album Released!

Horizons Records announced today they are at last re-issuing The Hope Song, John Ryan with Orchestra, the legendary cult classic which has been the jewel of many a record collection, sometimes fetching thousands of dollars as it passes hands on Ebay.

The record, recorded live at the Brass Guitar in the mid-1990's, features Ryan singing pop and jazz standards in his unique, faux-lounge style which, at first blush, seems quite bland, but blows away the hipper-than-thou cafe society crowd. Backed by the understated Rodney Greaves' Love in a Diner Men's Room Orchestra, Ryan croons, swings, teases his way through classics like Tom Jones' What's New,Pussycat, Andy Williams' Moon River, Captain & Tenille's Do That To Me One More TimeI Am, I Said. and, of course, the incomparable Neil Diamond gem

Not for everyone; are you hip enough?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama - There will Be a Light

This is a wonderful album. A gospel feel throughout with touches of Al Green, Otis Redding and even a little doo-wop thrown in, the record just grows and grows on you with each listen. Favorite of the moment is the 3rd cut, "Where could I go." Love it!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

johnnykmusic goes to the Grammys

Great seats, hey J Lo? I tell her I'm a big fan because I'm a wimp and don't want to have her mad sitting next to me all night. She says she's a BIG fan of johnnykmusic. I think she is. Shhhh, Lo, it's starting. Tony? Nice to meet you.

NBA theme song AGAIN! Gwen Stefani proves that the Grammys are indeed about RECORDED music. Jeez, have some nerve and sing live! I like the mixing of music to open the show. Not great, but fun. Queen is a torch singer now, which is okay, but she doesn't deserve this stage yet. Bet the real jazz divas are a little pissed. Can't get into Alicia Keyes, sorry, but Jamie Foxx is pretty amazing. I wish Jerry Lee Lewis would perform.

The southern rock tribute was a better idea than reality. Dicky Betts looks a little worn, don't you think? Elvin Bishop not as boyish as the album cover I remember. I told J Lo she looked, i mean sounded great. Oh, Anthony was Tony's LAST name! My bad, Lo.

Janis Joplin tribute coming up. I'm a little gun-shy about seeing James Brown; I'm not so sure he feels good, like he knew that he would. Then a Ray Charles tribute. I wish they would pick people who are still alive and tribute them - bet they wish it too. Not too many awards being given. Bonnie Raitt is being shown alot for something; bet it's Ray.

I love gospel. Staples Singers. Blind Boys of Alabama. Check out their CD with Ben Harper. GREAT RECORD! Kanye West pulled it together pretty well. Hey, one of my CD's won! Loretta Lynne won for her album Van Lear Rose with the White Stripes' Jack White. Cute little interplay between the two while accepting the Grammy.

I liked the Janis Joplin tribute, it had some energy, even though I'm still wondering if Joss Stone is the real deal; tough to separate the hype. Two nice performances if you can keep from focusing on Melissa's doo. Looks cool. Hope she's doing ok. Although for a good cause, 'Across the Universe' sounded lame. I think I like John Mayer, who sounds like a cross between James Taylor and Dave Matthews. Looks like he went to Choate. Did he?

Thank God, The Godfather of Soul didn't try to do too much. Very nice Bonnie Raitt with tasty slide guitar. Makes one yearn for the old Bonnie, but she's paid her dues and her pop CD's sell.

Well, it's a wrap. Afterparties to attend. Gotta go. Oh yeah, Lo, lunch? Mos def!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fat Tuesday at Anthony Jack's

Jambalaya, a spicy concoction of rice with crawfish, chicken, ham and sausage, together with a glass of Greg Norman Shiraz, was just one of the gastronomical delights awaiting the Fat Tuesday revelers on Bourbon Street in Southington. Good evening, welcome to Mardi Gras! More...

Fat Tuesday story and pictures:
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Jazz 'N Ribs...

New Orleans R&B...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Music Matchup

To offset the inevitably DREADFUL halftime music production (can't we just bring back THE Ohio State University marching band doing Script Ohio?), we'll have an alternative music event:
Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots?

Go here...