Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring forward Sunday trail mix...

Well, it's been awhile, but maybe this will get me going:

Byus (Terrence Blanchard) Choices
Gold Lion (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) Show Your Bones
6'1" (Liz Phair) Exile in Guyville
Danko/Manuel (Drive-By Truckers) The Dirty South
The New JuJu Man (Manhattan Transfer) Jazziz Dec2004
A Friend Like You (Ruthie Foster) The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster
Amadaun Johnny (Goodnight Blue Moon) How Long
Please Accept My Love (Gregg Allman) Low Country Blues
Tequila Calling (Big Sandy & His Fly-rite Boys) Night Tide
I'm going Away to Wear You Off My Mind (King Oliver's Creole) Louis Armstrong/King Oliver
Right To Complain (Trombone Shorty) Backatown

Getting ready for Jazz Fest 2015.  Cubes coming out on Tuesday!!!!  Lineup

Pool Hall Studs.  No comment needed.
Met up with the infamous Pool Hall Studs on Fat Tuesday at Infinity Music Hall in Hartford to see Buckwheat Zydeco and talk about Jazz Fest plans for 2015.  I have no other friends who dare go (since the death of Johnny Gumbo), so these guys are stuck with me after a year's absence (absinthe?).  I kinda know where the recently-opened partner to the Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk is, but how the hell do you get there?  After circling the area a couple times, I finally ease into the parking garage and make my way into the IMH bar.  Decent spot, not very crowded though.  No PHSs.  Of course not, they are always late.  Back out to the lobby.  Oh, THERE they are- in all their glory. Hey, hey, fuck you, etc. greetings exchanged.

Need tickets.  A nice lady approaches with an extra $20 ticket for one of us.  Looks us over and offers it to me, declines my offer to pay and gives me a hug, amusing/annoying the Studs greatly.  First beers, of course, now on me.  Inside is open to the stage, with a small section of chairs set up in the rear, a bar against the back wall.  There is a balcony for those who choose not to mingle with the masses.  Not really crowded, a mixture of ages, blended genders, etc., many 'dressed' for the occasion.  Briefly, pictured the PHSs in drag, but choked on my beer. Yikes!  Anyway, the accordian-wielding Buckwheat (born Stanley Dural Jr. 11/14/47 according to The Big Me's ubiquitous phone), despite getting up there in years (allegedly), is leading his hot bandmates through The Hits.  I'm advised that I can take pics with my phone, but no flash.  Thank you very much, Dickhead.  It's Mardi Gras, for Heaven (or Hell) sakes.

It's a very brief night for this cowboy (unlike those two!), for I have work to do.  So I leave them to say goodnight to Buckwheat for me.  More to come.

The Ghost of Johnny Gumbo is rumored to be attending this year's French Quarter Festival because "Jazz Fest has lost its soul by bringing in all these national acts."  Johnny always was a purist (and, sometimes, an asshole).  You had to love him.  Piano Shirt Friday?

Keith and Sharie are also appearing, post French Quarter Festival and pre-Jazz Fest, in New Orleans with friends Rose & Brian.  Cooking with Emeril is on their schedule, but they are leaning on Barry for some interesting new eating spots.  Is the Mother's boycott still on?

From Peter on Christine Ohlman show:  
Just saw a great show at Amazing in Framingham.....50 people, but a really good show ...but what a downer.....finally at the encore people got up and danced.....The last time I saw her at the grog in Newburyport I was disappointed, but this time she was great...but the venue sucked

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