Sunday, May 25, 2014

Marky G to drop new music...

The Twitterverse is abuzz with whispers of an imminent release of a new studio album, The Big Me, from Marky G & His Creole Crusaders.  Always thought to be the weaker of the rap/R&B duo, Pool Hall Studs (who for years underwhelmed the New Orleans music scene with late-night throwdowns at dba and Lucy's, often in collaboration with the late, almost-great, Johnny Gumbo), G ventures into reflective, silky smooth, lounge-lizard style vocals (picture a six four SNL Bill Murray with a crew cut) with cuts like JK Is THE Man (with a gentle bossa nova beat), the Billy Joel-ish I'm Madly in Love With Me and the twangy Who's the Better Cowboy, Barry?, a not-so-subtle nudge at his ex-Studmate, Barry D.

For The Big Me, G calls upon an all-star cast of musicians: his Jazz Fest buddy Pete Murano (Trombone Shorty) for lead guitar, Johnny (Hot Licks) K on upright bass, Scarlett O'Hara on fiddle and homemade watermelon gadgets, Barry D on drums/percussion/backing vocals/dinner reservations, and The Sultry Senecals on harmonies/footwear/dinner reservations.  Available for pre-order now on PHS Records.

Song listing:
  1. Like Ferrell, But Way Funnier (a self-assessment)
  2. Out of the Office Today (so go pound sand)
  3. Face Plant on Tchoupitoulas (ode to Johnny Gumbo)
  4. Madly in Love With Me
  5. The Angels Want to Wear My Red Sox (with apologies to Elvis Costello)
  6. JK Is THE Man!
  7. Me 'n Ike Turner, Smackin'
  8. Lucky Dog, You Hurt Me So Bad
  9. Who's the Better Cowboy, Barry?
  10. It's Cryin' Time Again (Ray Charles cover)
  11. Burgers With Toasted Buns (who's Yo Mama?)
  12. Mother's Lament
  13. Slidin' the Tab Your Way, One More Time


A big fan with questionable taste in music said...

Been a big fan of PHS for years, so cannot wait to see what this guy brings to the table on his own. Gonna tour too?

A sensitive fan said...

He looks so sad. He needs a hug.