Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whoa (not for the faint of heart)!...

Brisk Sunday morning post-Huskies meltdown trail mix...

Rosalee (The Pretenders) Break Up the Concrete
His Latest Flame (Mary Lou Lord) Live City Sounds
I'm In Love Again (The Animals) The Complete Animals
Got My Mojo Working (Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown) Genuine Houserockin' Music
Dixie Chicken (Little Feat) Dixie Chicken
Baby You Got What It Takes (Van Morrison/Gail Lewis) You Win Again
Let's Get Lost (Diana Krall/Terrance Blanchard) Let's Get Lost
Stormy Monday (Allman Brothers Band) Live At the Fillmore
Give Me a Chance (Marcia Ball) So Many Rivers
All Of Me (Johnnie Ray) A Proper Introduction To...
Dear Doctor (Rolling Stones) Beggars Banquet
Teach Me Tonight (Nancy Wilson) Something Wonderful
Lafayette Railroad (Little Feat) Dixie Chicken
Seasons Change (Corrine Bailey Rae) Corrine Bailey Rae
Because It's Not Love (The Pipettes) We Are the Pipettes
The Grand Tour (George Jones) 16 Biggest Hits
No Matter (Cat Power) Dear Sir
Baby Won't You Please Come Home (Ray Charles) Blues Is My Middle Name
Roll On Arte (Felice Brothers) Tonight At the Arizona
Puzzles (The Yardbirds) Over Under Sideways Down
Chapel of Love (Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers) Roadrunner

We'd like to introduce our friend, Neil Young...

Neil Young Honored by Wilco, Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews and More at MusiCares Gala (Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Daily)
In what was a staggering display of star power and rock & roll might, dozens of music luminaries gathered on Friday night to celebrate Neil Young as MusiCares Person of the Year. The pre-Grammy dinner and tribute concert, which starts at $1,250 per plate with proceeds going to musicians in need, boasted the best attendance yet since the annual fete had its first seating in 1989 (honoring Young’s longtime friend and bandmate, David Crosby, appropriately enough), and featured 20 performances by heavyweights such as Wilco, John Mellencamp, Jackson Browne, Dave Matthews, Elvis Costello, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Taylor, Sheryl Crow and several supergroup combos, most notably, an all-star jam of Crosby Stills Nash and Young’s “Helpless” comprised of Sir Elton John, Leon Russell, T Bone Burnett, Neko Case and Sheryl Crow that was, in a word, inspiring. - complete story

I'm trying to find some clips of the performances, but no luck so far. Of particular interest are Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffith singing (not sure what song) and Ben Harper, backed by three female singers, doing Ohio.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dreadful Huskies....

Brother Joe stopped by the house, after visiting Mom K, while the Huskies were struggling with a bunch of undersized golden eagles this afternoon.  He, having matriculated at Northeastern, is of the opinion that they are the REAL Huskies.  He may be correct, but there is also a case for those Huskies up in Washington.  Keith/Vin (see previous entry) came up small today.  Very disappointing, boys.

Dined with the LaBellas at Bonterra Italian Bistro tonight (excellent crab & corn chowder), and host Barry D mentioned the Infinity Music Hall way up in Norfolk, CT as a possible future road trip. Reputed to be a great venue with a tasty mix of blues, folk, jazz artists. Noticed Jesse Colin Young will be there on 4/30, but we'll be down in the Crescent City at Jazz Fest. Saw some great Jesse shows at Toad's with Steve (The Bod) in the 70's. Also of note:
02/11/10 • Buckwheat Zydeco • 08:00 PM 
02/12/10 • Greg Brown • 08:00 PM 
2/14/10 • John Mayall • 08:00 PM 
02/26/10 • Cyril Neville • 08:00 PM 
03/07/10 • Dave Mason • 08:00 PM 
03/14/10 • Joe Krown Trio feat. Walter "Wolfman" Washington and Russell Batiste, Jr. • 08:00 PM
03/19/10 • Jane Monheit • 08:00 PM 
04/01/10 • James Cotton • 08:00 PM

Alumni duo seeks to revive dying Huskies...

"We shoulda made the trip to the Dunkin' Donuts Center (which, by the way, is a curious name because Dunkin' Donuts have no center) Wednesday night for the Providence game," sighed a deeply disappointed Keith Friday afternoon at my office as he handed me a copy of the new Nora Jones CD, ironically titled The Fall. "Me and Vin were so psyched after our performance at the Texas game that we thought the Husky Bastards would cruise past the lowly Friars, despite the fact that legendary Friar alum Johnny (love 'em large) E might be in attendance."  I asked if the twosome would be reprising their NO/ON roles of the previous Saturday, he replied that his nipples were still too sensitive to again expose them to the elements.  "Anyways, it's at the Civic Center, so the chicks won't be all over us like at Gampel.  Marquette's going to be a tough matchup because they used to be Warriors, but are now Golden Eagles and they have a Hall of Fame coach, too!"  Well, I retorted, that last fact should be a push because Al McGuire won't be much help either, seeing that he's dead and all.  "Oh, I thought I saw him on TV last week, but maybe not.  By the way, who would win a fight between a golden eagle and a husky?"  Not sure, but I'll guess we'll find out at noon.

Notable Marquette hoopsters:
Dwayne Wade, Dean "The Dream" Meminger, Earl Tatum, Glenn 'Doc' Rivers, Jim Chones, Bo Ellis, Butch Lee, Maurice Lucas

With apologies to Seton Hall:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey, you're where it's at....aren't you?

And while you're there:
Mikey got with Sharon, Sharon got Sheriee
She was sharin' Sharon's outlook on the topic of disease
Mikey had a facial scar and Bobby was a racist
They were all in love dyin' they were doin' it in Texas
Tommy played piano like a kid out in the rain then he lost his leg in Dallas he was dancin' with the train
They were all in love with dyin' they were drinkin' from a fountain
That is pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain
I don't mind the sun sometimes the images it shows
I can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes
Cinnamon and sugar-y and softly spoken lies
You never know just how you look through other people's eyes

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jazz Fest daily schedules announced...

Johnny Gumbo likes the final Sunday's lineup (and I agree):
Van Morrison (yes, you cynical guys, he'll even bring his timer)
B.B. King (hoping the thrill has not gone)
Ruthie Foster (The Phenomenal!)
The Dead Weather (Jack White's latest project; saw the Raconteurs there two years ago) - Will There Be Enough Water
Wayne Shorter Quartet featuring Brian Blade, John Patitucci and Danilo Perez
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
The Radiators
Neville Brothers (passed on them as finishers last year)
Clarence “Frogman” Henry
Richie Havens (long time since seeing him at Wesleyan with Jan/Chris/Reet in 70's)
Tribute to Juanita Brooks feat. Wanda Rouzan, Barbara Shorts, and Topsy Chapman
Mia Borders

Gal Holiday & the Honky Tonk Revue

The Reet gets the heave-ho from 'da judge...

The Reet 'failed' her jury duty interview this snowy afternoon, dashing her hopes to be in a real live Law & Order. She's big-time bummed.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday afternoon Jets-hanging-on-at-the-half trail mix...

Let's Get Lost (Diana Krall/Terreance Blanchard) Let's Get Lost
Rollins (Sonny Rollins) Silver City
Icculus (Phish) Junta
Stormy Monday (Allman Brothers Band) Live at the Fillmore
Give Me a Chance (Marcia Ball) So Many Rivers
All of Me (Johnny Ray) A Proper Introduction To ...
Dear Doctor (Rolling Stones) Beggars Banquet
Teach Me Tonight (Nancy Wilson) Something Wonderful
Lafayette Railroad (Little Feat) Dixie Chicken
Seasons Change (Corrine Bailey Rae) Corrine Bailey Rae
Baby Won't You Please Come Home (Ray Charles) Blues Is My Middle Name

Aging UConn alumni pair power husky bastards over longhorns...

Sure, the years have not been kind to their once buff, cut, bronzed, athletic physiques, but, for this stark January afternoon at Gampel, they were BACK! Keith and Vin have held season tickets for quite some time, but, with the Huskies reeling (in the years?), it was time for drastic action - student section, painted faces, bare chests with a large blue 'O' on one and 'N' on the other. Yikes, not a sight for the timid!

I posed the question: what's up with the letters, because the national television coverage was constantly shooting to these two old guys in the student section spelling 'NO' in the first half, then 'ON' in the second? "We switched seats." No, you idiots, what was the meaning? "Ohhhhhh, I guess it was time to take the bull by the horns," giggled Keith. "(Wives) Sharie and Marcia were going to be the 'U' and 'C' but they chickened out at the last minute, so we persevered without them." But, guys, you needed another 'N' to spell UCONN.

Vin looked at Keith with contempt, "I TOLD you I was pretty sure there were two 'N's', but you wouldn't listen! We could have gotten Rick, or that intoxicated co-ed over there.  Anyway, we didn't take spelling in college, it was an elective. The crowd had to be energized today if our beloved Huskies were to triumph without our beloved Coach Calhoun. Our nipples froze on the way in from the parking lot, and they still hurt like hell, but it was worth it." When I mentioned they could have worn sufficiently warm clothes until they got inside Gampel, they just looked confused.

"I think this is the BEST day of my life," blurted a teary-eyed Vin, oblivious to the curious stares as we made our way out of Gampel. "Hey," yelled out Keith as we parted ways outside, "Can you give us a ride out to our car? My nipples are KILLING me!"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday, never hesitate...

Dressed up to the eyes,
It's a wonderful surprise
To see your shoes and your spirits rise
Throwing out your frown
And just smiling at the sound
And as sleek as a sheik
Spinning round and round
Always take a big bite
It's such a gorgeous sight
To see you eat in the middle of the night
You can never get enough
Enough of this stuff
It's Friday, I'm in love

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday morning huskies-finally-get-a-win trail mix...

Call me when you get this (Corrine Bailey Rae) Corrine Bailey Rae
All Hands Against His Own (Black Keys) Rubber Factory
Where Is My Love (Lucinda Williams) West
Bacon Fat (Sir Douglous Quintet) She's About a Mover
Gray (Heartless Bastards) Stairs And Elevators
One Night Called Love (Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez) Radio Queen
Love Song Too (Naomi Sommers) Flying Through
Here I Am (Al Green) Greatest Hits
The Wanderer (Dion) The Wanderer
Let Me Know (James Hunter) Believe What I Say
Relator (Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johansson) Break Up
Diablito (Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles) Diamonds In the Dark
Goddamn You, Jim (Felice Brothers) The Felice Brothers
Caroline (John Butler Trio) Grand National

Lived in bars and danced on tables - Happy Birthday, Johnny Gumbo!...

January 21st
Wolfman Jack (1939)
Jack Nicklaus (1940)
Billy Ocean (1950)
Cat Power (1972)
Edwin Starr (1942)
Richie Havens (1941)
Placido Domingo (1941)
John Ryan (????)

You may not be the greatest, buddy, but you sure crack the top 100 every now and then. Since you've indeed lived in bars and danced on tables, this song is for you. Great song for a great American (I LOVE Cat Power). Cheers!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They told me I had to go to rehab, but I said....

Sex-addicted Tiger trying hard to pull out of it
"Sex rehabs also require patients to sign a celibacy contract that includes a pledge not to have sex with anyone, or to [NSFW -- let's just say "serve as one's own caddy" --JB], while in treatment."- story

This is too funny! The dude, Slam, thinks he's the Gil Scott-Heron of love (perhaps the revelation will be televised):

The original Gil Scott-Heron:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

See ya later, alligator....

From AMG: R.I.P. Bobby Charles
Among the rash of musical deaths recently, one threatened to be overlooked. Bobby Charles, the Louisiana songwriter and singer, passed away on Thursday the 14th after collapsing at his home. Even the few obituaries that appeared said more about the great songs he wrote for Fats Domino and Bill Haley rather than his own recordings — which, admittedly, were few. Standing head and shoulders above the rest is his self-titled album from 1972. It’s a roots-rock classic, leading off with a loose-limbed funky joint called “Street People” that the Band would have appreciated. (They actually did appreciate it; both Rick Danko and Music from Big Pink producer John Simon worked on the record.) Unlike most early-R&B songwriters, Charles had changed with the times since the ’50s, writing gritty, world-wise songs that were much more closely drawn portraits of life than “See You Later, Alligator.” “Street People” begins like this: “Hangin’ out with the street people, driftin’ from town to town,” then channels more than just a little of Randy Newman’s dry wit with the finisher — “Some people would rather work. We need people like that.” - complete article

Watch out, the world's behind you...

Today's picks:
Huskies over Michigan (if not, this season is in BIG trouble!) (0-1)
Cowboys over Vikings (screw you, Brett Favre) (0-2)
J-E-T-S over Bolts (not likely, but...) (1-2)

Nico: An Underground Experience is a seedy documentation of one of the most important icons of subculture. She is caught on suitably grainy video footage doing what she did best, performing in an underground club. Shot in the early 80's with punk rock as an audience the film is hardly stunning, yet this somehow enhances its authenticity. Nico's presence is both powerful and at times moving especially during the interview section. (cherryredgroup)

Sunday morning Huskies-better-be-careful-with-Michigan trail mix...

Chips Ahoy! (The Hold Steady) Boys and Girls in America
Lazy (Heartless Bastards) Stairs And Elevators
Diablito (Sarah Borges & Broken Singles) Diamonds In the Dark
Empty Bed Blues (Maria Muldaur) Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul
Happiness (Allen Toussaint) The Allen Toussaint Collection
Do I Love You (Ronettes) Phil Spector-Back To Mono
Timeless Melody (The La's) The La's
Those Three Days (Lucinda Williams) Live @ the Fillmore
Metal Heart (Cat Power) Jukebox
Playhouses (TV On the Radio) Return to Cookie Mountain
In This Hole (Cat Power) The Covers Record
Born to Be Blue (Gary Burton & Friends) Departure
Crazy Arms (Van Morrison/Linda Gail Lewis) You Win Again
All She Wrote (Ray Davies) Other People's Lives
Be So Happy (Heartless Bastards) The Mountain
Ruby Mae (The Felice Brothers) The Felice Brothers
Til the End (James Hunter) The Hard Way
Heaven (Talking Heads) Best of...
Enchantment (Corrine Bailey Rae) Corrine Bailey Rae
Strange Times (The Black Keys) Attack & Release

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another standout session at Daryl's House...

I know I've been nagging you all for awhile to check out his monthly internet show, but, dammit, it's GOOD! The setting is intimate, the guests unique, the supporting musicians outstanding and Daryl Hall really knows his shit and can back it up. This month he has Boston's own Eli 'Paperboy' Reed as the main man, with bassist Alan Gorrie from the Average White Band. In fact, the first song they perform before bringing in Reed is AWB's Pick Up the Pieces.

Live From Daryl's House- Episode 27: Eli "Paperboy" Reed and Alan Gorrie
"...Both Daryl and Eli are stone soul music freaks, with Reed's odyssey taking him from a preternaturally mature teenage R&B shouter from a Boston high school to a Mississippi Delta juke joint, from Sunday morning gigs behind the organ at a tiny South Side Chicago church to headlining the coolest clubs in Brooklyn with his red-hot band, The True Loves.

In this episode Daryl and Eli collaborated on a set that includes a cover of Hall and Oates' "It's Uncanny," from their 1977 No Goodbyes "hits compilation" for Atlantic Records and legendary Philly street corner band The Volcanos' "Storm Warning," an H&O outtake originally intended for the 1990 album, Change of Season, now included on the recently released Sony Legacy box set, Do What You Want, Be What You Are. The performances also includes the Reed originals, "Take My Love With You," "I Found You Out," "Pick a Number" and "You Can Run On," and covers of AWB's "Pick Up the Pieces," Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford's "I Need Your Loving Everyday," The Falcons featuring Wilson Pickett's "I Found a Love" and Chicago soul duo Mel and Tim's "Starting All Over Again," a song covered by Daryl and John for their 1990 Change of Season album."

Don't let me down. Check it out here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground...

Show's not over yet for Idol Internet sensation - here

"Pants On The Ground": The Cover Versions!
Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young:

Friday morning trail mix...

Ain't What You Used To Have (Maria Muldaur) Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul
Ain't Nothin' You Can Do (James Hunter w/ Van Morrison) Believe What I Say
After the Fall (Ray Davies) Other People's Lives
After It All (Cat Power) The Greatest
After Hours (Rickie Lee Jones) Rickie Lee Jones
Aeroplane Blues (The Black Keys) Rubber Factory
Achin' Breakin' Heart (George Jones) A Collection of My Best Recollection
Accident (The Sawtelles) Banjo Tunes
6060-842 (The B-52's) The B-52's
60 Feet Tall (The Dead Weather) Horehound
40 Miles to Vegas (Southern Culture on the Skids) Plastic Seat Sweat
3 Times (Cat Power) Dear Sir
Your Touch (The Black Keys) Magic Potion
Your Little Hoodrat Friend (The Hold Steady) Separation Sunday

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now we've booked hotel rooms all over New Orleans!...

The Mother's/Johnny Gumbo Curse has taken a strange twist. I believe that our Jazz Fest room bookings now rival Tiger Woods' mistress count due to some monumental lack of communication amongst the foursome. We will be trying to pare them back to a manageable number in the next few days. Anyone need a room?

Simon and Garfunkel to perform at Jazz Fest (AP)
NEW ORLEANS – Simon and Garfunkel have been added to the lineup for this year's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The singing-songwriting duo of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel will join the previously announced Jazz Fest lineup that includes Pearl Jam, Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, The Neville Brothers, Lionel Richie, the Allman Brothers Band and Anita Baker. The festival is scheduled for the weekends of April 23-25 and April 29-May 2 at the Fair Grounds Race Course. Simon and Garfunkel will be on stage on April 24. While Simon has performed at Jazz Fest before, this will be the duo's first time together. Festival organizers say it is also their only planned U.S. appearance for the year.

Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles to play at Blackeyed Sallys on Feb 6th...

January newsletter:
As our loyal fan Jeff from NH says, SB & the BS are a band filled with "Rock and roll, beer and love." We can’t think of a more succinct way to put it and we’re coming out on the road to spread these important necessities of life...Come out to a show, bring friends, celebrate winter, celebrate rock n’ roll and celebrate life! See the tour dates below. Also, we are in the midst of creating our new LIVE CD that was recorded at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA on Jan 1 and 2 of 2010. We will also be filming a LIVE DVD at The Livery in Benton Harbor, MI on January 17, 2010. If you’re in the neighborhood, come on out and join us for the filming and the party!

Since both of these projects will be self-funded by the band, if you’d like to pre-order the CD and/or DVD, you can do that at the merch booth at any of our shows. And most importantly, if you’d like to support us by contributing to the production costs of these fine musical treats, well, you can do that right here. A pledge of $25 or more entitles you to a copy of the DVD upon completion, and a donation in any amount makes you a part of our'List of Loves' -- a section of the liner notes listing all who made this venture possible. Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to having some new tunes and new products for you real soon!

Rock, Beer, Love,
SB & the BS

Monday, January 11, 2010

Clarence Clemons is on Steroids?....

I think I'm going to cry. Mark, I know you ONLY used steroids to ALLOW yourself to get well faster after all your injuries, to ALLOW you to work out longer, to ALLOW to to get as big as a fucking horse, which ALLOWED you to hit a home run every 8 times up....even your popups went out. And Tony LaRussa is arrogant in his support.

I'm glad that Jon Kruk is pissed that he played 'clean' while competing against the steroid boys, but no one has called out the players' association for stonewalling the testing which, in turn, allowed it to continue. One step further - Jon, YOU are the players' association. So, you and your clean boys ALLOWED this to happen (along with Bud, of course)! So, I don't feel THAT sorry for you.

I hope they eventually cut Clemons' balls off (Roger, not Clarence, who turns 68 today).

I'm out. - Writer Tim Brown is not drinking the kool aid - column

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday afternoon boy-the Pats-suck-today trail mix...

Finding Solutions (Heartless Bastards) All This Time
Greatest Show On Earth (The Felice Brothers) The Felice Brothers
Failure (The La's) The La's
Soma (The Strokes) Is This It?
Country John (Allen Toussaint) The Allen Toussaint Collection
Nothing But Flowers (Talking Heads) Best of...
Motherless Children (Lucinda Williams) Ramblin'
Goodbye Babylon (The Black Keys) Magic Potion
Don't You Feel My Leg (Maria Muldaur) Maria Muldaur
There She Goes (The La's) The La's
You're Still On My Mind (Georg Jones) A Collection of My Best Recollection
L-O-V-E (Al Green) Greatest Hits
You Stepped Out of a Dream (Portia Nelson) Sunday In New York
People Grinnin' In Your Face (Ruthie Foster) The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lost Bayou Ramblers...

We catch these guys most years up on Frenchman Street at d.b.a. during Jazz Fest. They're great (and the upright bass player is outrageous!):

Don't be cruel...

Hundreds of never-say-die Elvis Presley fans braved frigid, snowy weather to celebrate the (late?) rock'n'roll legend's 75th birthday on Friday at his Graceland shrine, but the King was a no-show. Rumor has it that Presley was spotted wearing a white jumpsuit at a nearby Denny's ordering up a couple Build Your Own Grand Slam breakfasts. - story

Friday, January 08, 2010

The Johnny Gumbo Mother's CURSE...

I guess we're paying for it now! If you recall, last year at Jazz Fest in New Orleans, Gumbo was offended by a less-than-tasty po-boy, painfully inattentive service and dismissal of his complaints at landmark Mother's Restaurant. In a subsequent rant, he vowed to boycott the venerable establishment to teach them a lesson.
The Incident: We're beat, so we opt for dinner at Mother's, a legendary spot across Poydras from our hotel. The lines are usually long, but we get through in reasonably short order. The Pool Hall Studs, Gumbo and I order our po-boys & Abitas, pay and wait....and wait. Now it gets ugly. We wait some more. Finally, the Studs get their orders, but what about us? No sympathy from them as they stuff their faces full. Gumbo is fuming. It's getting personal. A waitress comes over and tells us, "I asked about your order but they said they didn't know." Then she takes off. "God dammit," cries out Gumbo in his best Patrick Swayze/Dirty Dancing impersonation, bewildering at least three nearby tables, "They're going to pay for this. Nobody does this to the Gumbo (at least he didn't say 'Nobody puts Gumbo in the corner')."

The Response: It's official! Johnny Gumbo, in response to a perceived disrespect given him (and his shrimp po boy order) at Mother's Restaurant on Saturday evening, announced today, through his press secretary, that he is leading a boycott of the famous New Orleans landmark. He hopes to use his considerable influence as one of the country's leading event planners to teach Mother's that there are some people you just don't want to mess with. Johnny Gumbo is them people. "Saturday dinner (at Mother's), some low-rent sandwich place with very poor service, the meal was disgusting, would never eat there again, others need to know how bad it is."

When asked to comment on the boycott, a Mother's representative replied, "Who the fuck is Johnny Gumbo?" Stay tuned folks, this could get ugly.

So, now as we attempt to make our annual reservations at the Staybridge Suites (across Poydras from Mother's) for the 2010 Jazz Fest, we find ALL ROOMS BOOKED! No problem, we'll try the Marriott where we stayed five years ago. ALL ROOMS BOOKED! WTF??? Word on the street confirms our fears - Mother put out a contract on us. NO ROOMS FOR JOHNNY GUMBO & FRIENDS! But we're NOT friends, we don't even like the guy. He snores! Honest! Oh well, we could give the responsibility to Mark, but you know what happened when he was to get tickets for the Big East Tournament 6-overtime UConn-Syracuse game in NYC - he showed up with tickets for THE AFTERNOON SESSION! So, Barry, we're counting on you to get us out of this mess!

This clip has no relevance to the story, it's just a really cool clip of Lennon, Clapton, Richards live playing the Beatles' Yer Blues with intro by Mick Jagger:

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

But is he REALLY dead?....

Singer Sandro, the 'Argentine Elvis,' dies at 64 (AP)
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Argentine singer Sandro, whose gyrating pelvis and romantic ballads brought comparisons to Elvis Presley and made him the first Latin American to sing in Madison Square Garden, died Monday of complications from heart and lung transplant surgery. He was 64. Sandro, who recorded 52 albums, acted in 16 movies and was awarded a Latin Grammy for career achievement in 2005, suffered from chronic lung disease that led to the Nov. 20 surgery. He died at the Italian Hospital in the Argentine city of Mendoza, said Dr. Claudio Burgos. Born Roberto Sanchez in 1945 in Buenos Aires, he was the author of hits such as "Asi" ("Like That") and "Dame Fuego" ("Give Me Fire"), and his rock and pop tunes won him fame across Latin America. In the 1970s he became the first Latin American singer to play New York's Madison Square Garden. - complete article

Jazz in The 'Bury...

Litchfield Jazz Festival and Mattatuck Museum co-present First Thursdays

DATE: January 7, 2010
TIME: 5:30 – 7:30 PM
LOCATION: Mattatuck Museum, 144 West Main Street, Waterbury, CT

Waterbury, CT…Jazz saxophonist Andrew Hadro, a teaching assistant at the Litchfield Jazz Camp, will perform with his trio at the next Mattatuck Museum First Thursday. Called the best young baritone sax player in jazz today, Andrew Hadro’s authentic jazz vibe prevails with attractive melodies and interesting modern structures, which are loaded with uncommon beauty and startling accomplishment. The first four Jazz First Thursdays are made possible through the generous support of Mayor Jarjura’s Arts and Tourism Commission.

Andrew Hadro was born in Mexico City and spent his childhood in Sao Paulo, moving to the Chicago area in 1991. There, Hadro began his musical studies on the flute, taking up the baritone saxophone soon thereafter. During high school he won several Downbeat awards with various ensembles. Hadro is a recent graduate from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City. He has performed with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the Bjorkestra, and performed, recorded several albums, and toured extensively with Chico Hamilton's "Euphoria" Quintet. Mr. Hadro is active in the New York scene and is a teaching assistant at the Litchfield Jazz Camp. - complete article

Monday, January 04, 2010


(80) Twitter / Search - #musicmonday

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@musicmonday needs your help!
Every Monday, we get masses of recommendations for the Twitterverse's favorite music, and as it turns out, we can't quite believe how popular #musicmonday is. For anyone who doesn't know, @musicmonday is a music recommendation twitter stream, based entirely on followers' suggestions, where we retweet the best and most interesting songs and bands you send in for everyone to enjoy :) What we're looking for, is someone who's dedicated to music, and working their little tweeting fingers off every single Monday to give us a helping hand :) Now remember, @musicmonday is completely free, anyone can follow us, so this weekly work will be entirely voluntary, but you do get to find some really cool new music! Sounds fun right? Yeah it is! If you think you want to get in involved, send us a message from your twitter account to @musicmonday!

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Mangenius or Mangina? Give the guy another year, NoHo!


No need to duck, 'cause I was actually saying FOUR, as in The Brownies are going to win number FOUR in a row this afternoon against the JaxJags. Due to yesterday's nasty forecast, we cancelled on the trip to Framingham for the post-Christmas Christmas and the related maybe-we'll-go-maybe-we-won't trip to the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge for the SBBS live album gig. But guess what! SBBS will be appearing at the Beachland Ballroom & Tavern in CLEVELAND on Thursday, January 14th! So, it's ok!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

That was no hero, that was a Cuban sandwich..

It's got two kinds of pig meat, ham and roast pork, and a slice of white cheese in the shape of New York, so throw on a pickle and pick up your fork, say "el Cubano," that's a Cuban sandwich.

Tom Russell was born in Los Angeles in 1950 and now makes his home, on the border in El Paso, Texas. He has recorded seventeen albums of original material and has written such classics as "Navajo Rug," "Gallo del Cielo," "Blue Wing," "Walking on the Moon," "St. Olav's Gate," and "Outbound Plane." Russell's songs have been recorded by Johnny Cash, Nanci Griffith, Guy Clark, Doug Sahm, Dave Alvin, Joe Ely, Ian Tyson, Suzy Bogguss, Iris DeMent, Peter Case, k.d. lang, Bob Neuwirth, Sylvia Tyson, Katy Moffatt . . . and many others.

Russell's acclaimed tribute to Merle Haggard, Tulare Dust, co-produced with Dave Alvin, was responsible for creating what came to be known as the "Americana" radio format. It was that format's longest running number one record. Russell's roots song-cyle, "The Man From God Knows Where," released in 1999, was called by John Lomax "one of the most important folk records ever recorded." The record featured Iris DeMent, Dolores Keane, Dave Van Ronk's last recordings, and a cameo recording of Walt Whitman. Rolling Stone and UPI-syndicated-journalist John Swenson stated: "Russell is one of America's greatest songwriters . . . this record is as close to a Homeric treatment of American history as we're ever likely to see . . . when somebody is looking for the equivalent of the Harry Smith anthology in the middle of the next century, The Man From God Knows Where is what they'll discover."

Borderland was released on Hightone in 2001. It was produced by Gurf Morlix, noted producer of many of Lucinda Williams' records. Sing Out wrote: "Tom Russell raised the bar pretty high with The Man From God Knows Where. The next CD would be like Orson Welles filming a follow-up to Citizen Kane. Fortunately, Russell continues growing as an artist and has chosen to grow in a substantially different direction, in style and substance, with Borderland. Billboard said: " Russell is a major talent, and Borderland ranks among his finest work."

Help me order a Cuban sandwich -
Chef Maurice's Cuban sandwich here

Saturday pre-Huskie hoops frigid trail mix...

Still Doin' Time (George Jones) The Essential...
The Desperate Man (Black Keys) Rubber Factory
I'm A Woman (Maria Muldaur) Waitress In a Donut Shop
It Ain't Funny (James Hunter) Believe What I Say
Steal Your Love (Lucinda Williams) Essence
Back Of Your Hand (Cat Power) Moon Pix
What Is Success (Allen Toussaint) Allen Toussaint Collection
Alone Together (The Strokes) Is This It?
Ballad Of a Teenage Queen (Rodney Crowell) A Tribute To Johnny Cash
Things Are Gonna Change (Ray Davies) Other People's Lives
The Way of Innocence (Naomi Sommers) Flying Through
Born To Cry (Dion) The Wanderer
Blue (Cat Power) Jukebox
Ballad of Lou the Welterweight (Felice Brothers) Tonight at the Arizona
Put It On Me (Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals) Lifeline
You've Got Your Good Thing Down (Sir Douglas Quintet) She's About a Mover
Tired of Being Alone (Al Green) Greatest Hits
I Hadn't Anyone 'Till You (Portia Nelson) Sunday In New York
I Can't Sleep (The La's) The La's
Crazy Arms (Van Morrison/Linda Gail Lewis) You Win Again

Friday, January 01, 2010

Minivan recall....

Van Morrison: Birth report 'utter fiction'
LOS ANGELES – Reclusive Irish singer Van Morrison said Thursday that a computer hacker planted a false report on his Web site claiming he had fathered a fourth child at the age of 64 with a new partner. The false report was disseminated Monday by a Los Angeles-based publicist for Morrison, Phil Lobel. The publicist was quoted by an unidentified associate on Thursday as getting the report from the Morrison site. The false report was picked up by several news agencies, including The Associated Press, as well as celebrity sites and British newspapers. The false report on the Morrison Web site claimed that a woman identified as Gigi had just borne a son with Morrison. The singer issued a statement Thursday through an international public-relations agency stressing that the report was completely false and the malicious product of a hacker's attack on his official Web site, It appeared to be the latest in a rapidly growing string of hoaxes in the Internet age. Digital tricksters increasingly place phony footage, facts and press releases on Web sites and video-sharing sites to see how quickly the falsehoods will spread through traditional and new media alike. - complete article

A new Van Morrison is born: Singer has a baby boy (AP)
LOS ANGELES – A new Van Morrison has been born. The 64-year-old Irish singer says on his Web site that he and his wife, GiGi, welcomed their son George Ivan Morrison III on Monday. The couple says that "Little Van" is "the spitting image of his daddy." The baby is a dual citizen of the United States and United Kingdom. No other information was available. Morrison's publicist, Phil Lobel, says the exact time and location of the birth is being kept private.

Bobby & the Bowties debut latest CD...

A history of pop icons: Bobby & the Bowties
Hailing from the gritty clubs of Brooklyn, NY, Bobby & the Bowties busted down the doors of the pop scene in 2009 with their debut album, Two-Room Flat in Bay Ridge. The band's latest album, XMas in CT, melds Bobby Dylan's saccharine meow-like vocals with poppy synths to concoct a disc overflowing with ultra-catchy gems. With standout tracks like Cosmo Be Feral, the music of Bobby & the Bowties appeals to pop fans and non-pop fans alike.

Happy New Year!...

Auld Lang Syne" is a song by Robert Burns (1759--1796). It is one of the better-known songs in English-speaking countries, and it is often sung at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day.

Burns' Original Scots verse:
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne ?
For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne,
we'll tak a cup o' kindness yet, for auld lang syne.
And surely ye'll be your pint-stoup ! And surely I'll be mine !
And we'll tak a cup o' kindness yet, for auld lang syne.
We twa hae run about the braes, and pou'd the gowans fine ;
But we've wander'd mony a weary fit, sin' auld lang syne.
We twa hae paidl'd in the burn, frae morning sun till dine ;
But seas between us braid hae roar'd, sin' auld lang syne.
And there's a hand, my trusty fiere! And gies a hand o' thine !
And we'll tak a right gude-willie-waught, for auld lang syne.