Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tom Macca, would you play Angel From Montgomery for me one more time, please.....

The new digital jukebox at The Sevens pub on Charles Street in Boston beckons patrons to play a song, April 26, 2006. The beer-and-wine tavern with an oak bar worn smooth by decades of drinkers, had two amenities that set it apart: a real cork dart board, and arguably one best jukeboxes east of the Mississippi River. This spring came a change instep with the digital age: a new Internet-fueled jukebox with access to hundreds of thousands of songs. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) - complete article

Friday, May 26, 2006

I won't be around for it this year, but you should be....

I will be at the Cape next Thursday, but you have NO such excuse to miss the 6th Annual Blackeyed & Blues Festival at Bushnell Park on Thursday, June 1st featuring:
  • Jr. Krauss & the Shakes at 5:30pm,
  • Jeff Pitchell & Texas Flood at 6:30pm,
  • Chris McDermott at 8:00pm,
  • Marva Wright - Htfd Advocate article

    Food provided by Blackeyed Sallys of course, with beer from Redhook Brewery.
  • Get up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir.....

    Shirt them a-tear up, trousers are gone.
    I don't want to end up like Bonnie and Clyde.
    Poor me, the Israelite. Aah.
    (Desmond Dekker & the Aces - 1969)

    Jamaican ska great Desmond Dekker dies (AP) LONDON - Desmond Dekker, who brought the sound of Jamaican ska music to the world with songs such as "Israelites," has died, his manager said Friday. He was 64. Dekker, who lived in England, collapsed from an apparent heart attack at his home on Thursday, manager Delroy Williams said. Dekker's 1969 song "Israelites," a Top 10 single in both Britain and the United States, was the first international hit produced by Jamaica's vibrant music scene. With its haunting vocals and irresistible rhythm, it introduced the world to ska, a precursor to reggae. - complete AP article - NY Times article

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    Eileen Rose.....

    Received an email asking me to check out Boston-based Eileen Rose. Her site has some cuts to sample, sooooo I did. I liked what I heard, especially New Penny, which had a Velvet Underground feel.

    Time Magazine says "....Like Lucinda Williams but with softer edges, Rose fuses country, honky-tonk and smoldering pop into something all her own. She has one of those rough, been-through-a-lot kind of voices, but she's careful not to overplay it." Is EVERYONE like Lucinda????? By the way, where the hell ARE you, Lucinda???

    Great quote (unidentified) on myspace: "Like Neko Case in bed with Neil Young &Tom Waits." Well, good names to throw around. Eileen Rose appears at Johnny D's in Somerville on Friday, June 9. (Alas, I missed her appearance at Cafe Nine on March 9).

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    Must have been the right place.....

    There seems no shortage of opportunities to catch Dr. John in these parts lately (he's played the Iron Horse in Northampton, will appear at the Litchfield Jazz Festival in early August and at Rhythm & Roots in Charleston, RI on Labor Day weekend). Well, chances are he will be offering generous samples of his new Mercinary CD just out on Blue Note:

    AMG review - Dr. John's been on a roll since he signed with Blue Note. Each title he's released on the label has been solid, full of New Orleans funk, hot R&B, and swinging, finger-poppin' jazz. Since the Hurricane Katrina disaster, dozens of Crescent City players have been active, and trying to bring the message of the music to the masses like never before. Mercernary is a program almost entirely made up of tunes by the legendary Johnny Mercer. There is no explanation for this, other than Mac Rebennack has always admired his lyricism and the striking rhythmic originality of the rhythmic possibilities in his music. Other than a few guests to fill out the proceedings here and there, the band on all tracks is Dr. John with his fine Lower 911. The music here is joyful, gritty, and slippery.....

    Didn't get invited to his how do you think I feeeeel......

    Bob Dylan still keeps world guessing by Gary Hill (Reuters)

    "May you stay forever young" was his fond wish for his audience, and "He not busy being born is busy dying" his credo. At retirement age, with hundreds of songs and nearly 50 albums behind him, he is still constantly touring, with a European swing about to begin. - article

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    Saturday night in Cambridge with family, friends and great music

    A quick trip north for a Saturday night at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. We've been talking about getting together to see Sarah Borges up there for awhile now and we finally got schedules reasonably coordinated. We pick up brother Joe and Nancy in Somerville and meet Peter at Christopher's for some food before walking up Mass Ave, past Kay's fav spot Toad, to the Lizard, where we join up with Ron, Jan/Chris and Keith/gf. Boy, I thought Cafe Nine was intimate! Cozy little basement joint. Peter and I saw Sarah for the first time back in November at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River and I've dragged The Reet to Cafe Nine on a couple occasions with the boys and other friends; the others in our party have only heard her via her Silver City CD.

    Everything finally gets started with Jimmy Ryan, singer/guitarist/madolinist extraordinaire, playing a full set. Ron recalls him from years ago with the Blood Oranges and scoops up a couple Ryan CDs for his collection. During the set, I chat with bassist Binky, whom we've met before at the Cafe Nine gigs. I ask about possible new music from both his groups (he and drummer Rob Dulaney are also thr rhythm section for Jake Brennan and the Confidence Men). He reveals that both groups have new songs, some recorded, but that a new release takes quite some time, coordination and refining. I share my disappointment about them not playing this year's Southington Apple Harvest Festival, but also understanding that no guarantee in case of rain is a deal breaker.

    Sarah and the Broken Singles take the 'stage' and run through her now familiar, but energized set with guest appearances by Jake Brennan, guitarist Russell Chud and harmonica player Ken Camadeco. I was especially pleased to finally hear All This Weight, one of her strongest songs, live. Sarah was in good form, relaxed and confident, probably because she seemed to know half the audience. Chris likes the ballads better. Although Reet didn't care for the duo effort with Brennan, I loved it. He should play Cafe Nine. - Photos from show posted on

    I took what I thought was a photo, but the camera was on video - the resulting two-second video below:

    Girl from Taunton discovers new country by JED GOTTLIEB - Article

    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    Come Saturday morning.....why did I have to remember this one!

    Come Saturday morning
    I'm goin' away with my friend
    We'll Saturday-spend till the end of the day-ay
    Just I and my friend
    We'll travel for miles in our Saturday smiles
    And then we'll move on
    But we will remember long after Saturday's gone

    I don't know!!! just stuck in my head...from the movie The Sterile Cuckoo....words/music by Andre/Dory Previn & Fred Carlin; recorded by The Sandpipers, 1969 (#17)

    Had to pass on seeing the Bacon Brothers Band in NYC with Johnny Gumbo last night....damn, I'd have been one degree away!

    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Steady as she goes....

    Garrett bought Broken Boy Soldiers on Tuesday. The White Stripes' Jack White collaborates with Brendan Benson (I've not liked the limited music I've heard from him) and a couple guys from The Greenhornes in a side project band (White claims it's not- see article below) called The Raconteurs. Highly anticipated, although many tracks have already been available to hear online.

    I hear some Beatles' Revolver influences on a couple of the cuts, while Jonathan hears Pink Floyd on the final cut, Blue Veins. Very short, ten songs lasting about thirty minutes. I like it.

    Reviews have been quite favorable. - Htfd Courant - AMG Music Guide

    article- Jack White takes the Raconteurs seriously

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    Slumlords, we takin' ALL yo' money....

    Riding the crest of their self-titled #1 single, rappers The Slumlords played to a sold-out crowd at The Orchards of Southington on Wednesday.

    Yo, Donny here wit my homeboy Rod,
    You know girls, I seen you groovin’ that bod,
    Dressed like a lawn chair, but dat ain’t so odd,
    He’s a lover, not a fighter, boy’s a bedroom god,

    Slumlords, you don’t pay dat rent
    Slumlords, you get one leg bent
    Slumlords, that ain’t the half of it, honey
    Slumlords, we takin’ ALL yo money

    Yo, Hot Rod here wit my homey Donny,
    Never know what that dude’s got in his bonney.
    He thinks he’s a playa, but dude’s justa saya,
    Mess wit him, rentboy, Donny sure make you paya

    Slumlords, you don’t pay dat rent
    Slumlords, you get one leg bent
    Slumlords, that ain’t the half of it, honey
    Slumlords, we takin’ ALL yo money

    Got a leaking roof, go get a bucket
    Call me in the night, I’ll tell you to go …disregard it
    Watcha mean, you ain’t got no toilet?
    Com’on now, brother, best you jes’ soil it!

    Slumlords, you don’t pay dat rent
    Slumlords, you get one leg bent
    Slumlords, that ain’t the half of it, honey
    Slumlords, we takin’ ALL yo money

    Ya see, when tenants complain ‘bout stuff, we turn a deaf ear,
    If they leave in a big huff, we snatch all their best gear,
    If they call in the cops, dat ain’t such a worry,
    Donny’s got da big pull, so LANDLORDS get no JURY!

    Monday, May 15, 2006

    Weekend in Beantown.....

    Looking forward to meeting friends/family in Somerville this weekend and going to see Sarah Borges & Broken Singles, with many music guests appearing Last Waltz-style, Saturday night at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge.

    An Evening with Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles and Special Guests performing original and classic rock, punk, torch & twang. Presented by the Boston Portuguese Festival 2006. Special guests include:
    Jake Brennan
    Jimmy Ryan
    Ken Camadeco
    Russell Chud
    and more... with The Brobots spinning in between sets

    Tickets in advance at 9pm - 1am; tickets $10 adv/$12 door

    Saturday, May 13, 2006

    Some rainy Saturday notes...

    The Monday following JazzFest can yield some musical treasures as well. Oriana (from Oregona) writes..." saw many great shows later that standout was Femi Kuti, an internationally known African guy with a big percussive band....and his son's band who opened was terrific too. That was at One-Eyed Jack's in the quarter. The Monday after JazzFest is the grand finale of JazzFest, I found out....great music all day at both Tower and the Music Factory, followed by a late and great jam with the Bob French band at Donna's Bar on Rampart. Blind pianist Henry Butler sat in with them and a few others...that was a treat."

    Yahoo! music writer Laura Hertfeld gives her Top Five New Orleans Jazz Fest Highlights:

    1. U2 's The Edge With Dave Matthews Band At The Fairgrounds
    2. Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes At Carrollton Station
    3. Stanton Moore's Drum Clinic Tower Records
    4. Kids' Gospel Choir At The Fairgrounds' Gospel Tent
    5. Second-Line Parade Through The French Quarter With The Algiers Brass Band

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Hot fun in the summer time....

    Eric Danton has compiled a handy Summer Rock Guide in today's Hartford Courant. A few notables:
  • 9th Annual Rhythm & Roots Festival in Charlestown, RI (Sept 1-3)
  • 6th Annual Berlin Blues Festival in Berlin, CT (June 3)
  • 10th Annual Blast from the Bayou Cajun/Zydeco Festival in Preston, CT (June 8-11)
  • Great CT Cajun/Zydeco Music & Arts Festival in Moodus, CT (Jun 16-18)
  • Bonnie Raitt with Keb'Mo' at Chevrolet (Oakdale) Theatre in Wallingford, CT (July 16)
  • Jimmy Buffett at Mohegan Sun Area in Montville, CT (June 29)
  • Dave Attell (comedy) at Mohegan Sun Cabaret in Montville, CT (Jun 12/13)

    Hartford Courant Concert Calendar
  • Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    French Quarter Festival

    There are some events preceeding and during Jazzfest that have wonderful music on a smaller scale with a more local focus. One of these is the French Quarter Festival, which is described nicely by New Orleans native Bill Ives in his blog, Portals and KM - music/food

    Monday, May 08, 2006


    No, we didn't start the day with Bloody Marys at Lucy's. Not open yet, so Gumbo and I head down to the Louisiana Music Factory to buy some CD's and catch some music. They have music hourly from 11am to 8pm. I buy The Iguanas' Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart and Sonny Landreth's Grant Street. Then off to pick up our festival shirts from the Shoe Ladies after which we settle in at the Decatur Street for a couple of amber Abitas (Ryan's is not open).

    Sign on bar at Decatur: If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport

    Barry/Mark catch up with us at Decatur and we head for Emeril's Nola for lunch. No can do; closed. Cab over to St. Charles Avenue for lunch at Herbsaint. Excellent.

    Gumbo and I split for Lucy's to buy tee shirts (and a couple Bloody Marys). Power nap. Freshen up and off to Quarter to meet Scarlet O'Hara and friends for a drinks and conversation. Then off to Olivier's for dinner with the Shoe Ladies. Top the night off with return to Frenchman Street where we sample the Jazz Vipers at the Spotted Cat and James Singleton at d.b.a..

    Fats Domino bows out of Jazzfest

    Legendary musician too ill to perform by Keith Spera, Times-Picayune music writer

    "Ain't That a Shame" was Jazzfest's theme song on Sunday, but not the way anyone expected. Instead of closing out the first post-Katrina New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival with homegrown rock 'n' roll legend Fats Domino, tens of thousands of fans were left to puzzle over Domino's last-minute cancellation and brief, apologetic appearance.

    Domino is a famously reluctant performer. He passed on an offer to play the 2005 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, but agreed to fill in as the 2006 finale after the Neville Brothers declined.

    However, Domino's inner circle feared he might back out at the last minute. A small group that included WWL-TV news anchor Eric Paulsen and longtime friends Haydee and Steve Ellis went to Domino's Harvey home about noon on Sunday to accompany him to the Fair Grounds and provide moral support. Domino, 78, has lived in Harvey since he was rescued from his flood-ruined Lower 9th Ward home after Katrina.

    But Domino, who has a history of heart problems, said he did not feel well, and wanted to go to the hospital instead. So Paulsen and the Ellises drove Domino to Ochsner Medical Center in Paulsen's black Jeep. Doctors ran tests, which came back negative, they said, but Domino insisted he did not feel up to performing. complete article

    Sunday, May 07, 2006

    Ain't that a Fats, but Lionel Richie steps up to the plate...

    We arrive later than the previous days. You know right away, because of the rain, there won't be any sitting. Mud everywhere. Rockin' Dopsie Jr. & the Zydeco Twisters get the crowd all riled up with his high-energy singing, dancing and washboard playing.

    Scrambling into position about 25 yards from the stage for Paul Simon is no easy feat, but Johnny Gumbo is the man to lead. He has festival friends who camp out about 50 yards in front of the Acura Stage and we're going down there. It's PACKED!!! No worry, says Gumbo, just follow me. Glen, Paula and I obediently fall in line and Gumbo gets us there. Great set, the highlight of which was Allen Toussaint, Irma Thomas and Buckwheat Zydeco joining Paul for Bridge Over Troubled Water. Simon closed the show with a nice version of Graceland with Toussaint accompanying on piano.

    We were then advised that Fats Domino would not be performing due to health problems. Fats agreed to fill in at this year's festival when the Neville Brothers declined. Apparently, Aaron Neville has asthma and his doctor advised him not to go into the city.

    With Fats out, the festival organizers had to scramble. Lionel Richie was moved from the Southern Comfort Blues Stage to the Acura Stage, while Sam Moore (Sam & Dave) extended his set at the Blue Stage. I'm not a big Lionel Richie fan, so we walked over to the Congo Stage to catch Ivan Neville & Dumpstaphunk. The omnipresent Ed Bradley introduces the band and they live up to their name with some very good PHUNK. We decide to catch the end of Lionel Richie's set.

    Sunday....Port o' Call

    Over to Lucy's for Bloody Marys to kick off the day, then off to Port 'O Call on Esplanade for lunch. It's very crowded as usual so we stand at the bar until spots open up. We meet a couple of Tulane grads and Glen/Paula (left with Barry and Mark), who live in New Orleans. We order up their great hamburgers, served with a baked potato, and some drinks. As we prepare to leave, a downpour hits. Glen and Paula graciously offer to drive us out to the festival, Glen pointing out some of his childhood haunts as we ride. By the time we get there, the rain ceases!

    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    It's never over until it's over.....

    Immediately following Jazzfest, we truck on over to a private residence to a crawfish boil - 800 pounds of crawfish, potatoes, corn on the cob.....perfect. Johnnyk is given a quick lesson in crawfish eating. So much for needing dinner!

    Then it's back to shower/change. Does anyone know how many guys it takes to make a decision on what to do? Well, it's not five! FINALLY, we decide to go over to Frenchman Street to see what's up at the Blue Nile, but we end up sampling the music at the Spotted Cat. We spot Bobby from the Little Freddie King Blues Band who tells us he's playing across the street. Interesting discussion with him and Oriana from Oregon about Freddie and the New Orleans music scene in general. I catch his first set before calling it a night.

    Saturday gets started...

    First order of business is a stop at Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar for Bloody Marys where the legend of Johnny Gumbo was born. Jeff (yes, the same Jeff who recommended the ill-fated fish burrito to Johnnyk last year) arrives from Dallas with son, Mike, just in time to join us. Our bartender obviously had a rough night and borders on incoherent, but looks good except for the bruises on her shoulders, the origin of which she has no knowledge. She tells us she met/danced with Reggie Bush. Doesn't remember much more. Okay.

    Off to the fairgrounds to catch violinist Theresa Anderson's set at the Southern Comfort Blues Stage. Theresa is on Barry's must-see list and comes through with a very nice performance. The crowd seems significantly larger today, which means the later shows are going to take some planning to get good viewing spots. We have some aces though since Gumbo has made friends throughout the Fest (he's a very friendly guy, that Gumbo).

    Over to the Fais Do-Do Stage for an energetic set by 13 year-old Amanda Shaw & the Cute Guys. Then over to the Congo Stage to hear a very funky set by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Back to Acura Stage to see some Deacon John then back to the other end of the fairgrounds to catch Robert Randolph and the Family Band, catch the Spiritualettes at the Gospel Tent on the way. WHEW!!!! Robert Randolph - OUTSTANDING!

    Bobby Lounge was hyped so much in the papers (we had never heard of him) that we had to catch his set at the Lagniappe Stage. Looked like lots of others felt the same for the place was packed. He was very good. Clever, funny, outrageous. But didn't blow me away like I hoped he might. Very interesting.

    Wasting away again - Had to make a call between the Radiators and Jimmy Buffett to close the day. The politically correct move would be to stay and see New Orleans' Radiators, but I'd seen them at Tipitina's in the late 80's and I'd never seen Jimmy Buffett in concert. And, shit, Jimmy Buffett is a really good time, so I'm going, no apologies needed! I plow my way through the packed crowd until I reach a stern-looking girl who tells me there is no where to go, just stop your ass here and stop pushing. Oh, and here's a beer. Buffett is indeed entertaining, the place packed and in a really good mood. Jimmy mentions his ties to the area quite a few times, seeming to educate those who would say he is just a big-name draw. In very fine form, with help from some Little Feat boys sitting in with the band. Even Ed Bradley was helping out on percussion. Great ending to day two of Jazzfest. And the Radiators, from all accounts, were somewhat disappointing.

    Saturday.....Did I say my legs were sore?

    A must-see today - Bobby Lounge In today's Times-Picayune article, staff writer Chris Rose describes Lounge: "Picture Jerry Lee Lewis meets Tom Waits at the Crossroads, dipped in a Pat Robertson-on-ecstacy poetry slam and channeled through Liberace doing a Bessie Smith impersonation. All emanating from the body of an electrician's assistant at an octave too high. Got that? That's who Bobby Lounge really is."

    My goodness!

    The reluctant star - The enigmatic Bobby Lounge is once again emerging from obscurity to bring his critically acclaimed barrelhouse licks and sardonic lyrics to Jazzfest article by Chris Rose, Times-Picayune staff writer

    Friday continued....

    The cab ride out to the Fairgrounds gave us a feel for some of the devastation that occurred here. Street after street with few signs of life. Rubble everywhere. The cabbie said they were about 4 feet underwater at one point. But then you would see some commercial activity. Strange sight.

    Out to Jazzfest early for Mark must leave us at 2 to catch his 4 o'clock flight back to CT. He will rejoin us on Saturday night. When you arrive this early, it can be a LONG day. The festival runs from 11am to 7pm daily so lots of music, food

    Lots of great music on this hot, sunny day kicking off with organist Joe Krown at the Southern Comfort Blues Stage. As we await Wayne Toups, who will follow Krown, we sneak over to the Sheraton Fais Do-Do Stage and catch a few accordian/fiddle efforts from the Pine Leaf Boys. Back to see a great set by Wayne Toups and Zydecajun, who whips the large crowd into a frenzy with his enthusiastic playing.

    Getting hungry. We sample some of the great food booths. Everything shared for maximum efficiency; a helping is about $5. Crawfish strudle, Crawfish Monica, Cuban sandwich, Natchitoces meat pie, pheasant/quail/andouille gumbo, crawfish bread, cochen de lait po-boy (pork), Creole chicken & tasso w/ Creole rice, Creole sweet potato pone. No longer hungry!

    More music, beers, standing :Marcia Ball, Doug Kershaw, Marva Wright & the BMWs, Eric Lindell, the Chris Owens Show (think a stripper doing Vegas), Little Freddie King Blues Band (with our boy Bobby on harmonica), Lil Brian & Zydeco Travelers and finishing up with Koko Taylor & Her Blues Machine. My legs are killing me! Off to the bar across from the fairgrounds for beers and more music. When we finally decide to catch a cab back, there are no cabs to be caught. More walking until we finally find one.

    No rest for the weary. Shower and a walk downtown, ending up at Emiril's Nola for dinner. Upstairs via elevator to our table where we endure a very noisy birthday party nearby. Stuffed chicken wings are fantastic.

    Friday, May 05, 2006


    Up early and out walking with Gumbo, who is sporting his spiffy Johnnyk-designed 2005 Jazzfest shirt.

    The Jazzfest lineup for today includes Joe Krown, Wayne Toups & Zydecajuns, Marcia Ball, Doug Kershaw, Marva Wright, Little Feat, Tab Benoit, Eric Lindell, Little Freddie King....

    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    Well, we got here....finally....

    Up early, brighteyed, bushytailed; pick up Gumbo and off to Bradley for our 8am flight. Congrats to Gumbo for making the "come over here, we want to ask you a few questions" list. I assumed they just wanted his autograph, but not the case. Everything was cool. Got to Hotlanta, where, thanks to Gumbo's smooth scheduling, we had a 3 hour layover. They allow smoking in the bars- it sucks. We finally settled into a sports bar where, I think, the striped-shirted waitesses were in training to be NBA/NFL officials. I could be wrong, though. Anyway, $550 later we are off to NOLA, getting the very LAST row in the plane! Nice.

    Staybridge Suites welcomed us by saying they were upgrading us from two rooms (each with bedrooms/bath, kitchens, living rooms) to one suite with two bedrooms/bath, one kitchen, one living room. I don't think so, we said. They finally agreed.

    Marcia Ball sighting across the street at Mother's (401 Poydras St. at Tchoupitoulas, CBD). From "Many call it the best po-boy joint in town, home of the "Ferdi Special": piled high with their baked ham (the best anywhere), roast beef, gravy, and roast beef "debris" (the little tiny bits that fall off the roast beef and float in the gravy as it cooks). Fantastic breakfasts (try the ham biscuits), jambalayas and gumbos, and the best turtle soup in town (better than Galatoire's). Worth the wait in line, anytime." Marcia didn't have to wait in line.

    Off to Ryan's Pub to drink some beers, play some pool. Mark/Barry absolutely giddy over beating us to 'avenge' their humiliating defeat last year.

    We met Bobby (at left with JG, girlfriend and Sebastian), harmonica player with the Little Freddie King Blues Band, who just finished a gig at the Louisiana Music Factory and who will play at Jazzfest on Friday.

    Sing us a song, you're the piano shirt...

    Johnny Gumbo poses in his 'famous' piano shirt. Gumbo bought the shirt because it was so unique. At the fairgrounds, we stopped counting the shirt (and its numerous variations) at approximately 35,357.

    Next year, Friday of the 2nd week will officially be proclaimed Johnny Gumbo Piano Shirt Day, which will be celebrated by taking pictures of Gumbo with anyone else wearing the shirt.

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    Got my suitcase in my hand.....

  • cellphone- a communications must
  • shorts- lots of 'em with lots of pockets
  • tee shirts- must include the "gumbo"
  • briefs- yep
  • toiletry shit- gotta look/smell good (well, at least smell good)
  • laptop- tryin' to blog this baby again, but who knows
  • camera- bought a new digital camera to chronicle stuff we see (no, boys and girls, no naked Gumbo shots, sorry. I have a weak tummy).
  • hats- gotta do better than the pink Litchfield Jazz Fest one I took last year.
  • shades- cheap ones

    I'm sure I forgot something....

    Map of fairgrounds:
  • Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    Do you know where your guitarist is?....

    I've fallen out of palm trees many times and I can tell you it's NO JOKE! Keith, I feel your pain, bro. - article By the way, can you slide a few backstage passes my way? Thanks.

    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Jazzfest here we come.....

    Yes, it's only Monday, but plans must be, where did I put my spiffy Johnny Gumbo tee shirt?

    I've had some informative and heartfelt email correspondence about the plight of New Orleans with Christine Ohlman, who blew us away at the Meriden Daffodil Festival with her band Rebel Montez. She attended this year's Mardi Gras and kept a journal that was the cover story in the New Haven Advocate - read article here.

    Article covering this past weekend at Jazzfest in today's NY Times (here) covering Springsteen's appearance, but also noting, rightfully so, that...
    the heart of the festival wasn't in the visiting stars: not in Mr. Springsteen's set, or in having the Edge, U2's guitarist, jamming with the Dave Matthews Band, as he did on Saturday.

    Jazzfest's essence was in the gathering of a 50-woman choir from the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, which sustained $9 million in damage and now holds services for part of its congregation in Houston, part in Baton Rouge and part in New Orleans. Some choir members had not seen one another since the hurricane. They, and other performers at the festival, kept saying, "It's like a reunion."

    The Mahogany Brass Band was playing for its first time since the storm, and it was the first time all its members — dispersed as far as Phoenix and San Francisco — had seen one another. He started a strikingly emotional "St. James Infirmary" alone as a tearful solo trumpet dirge; when he sang the lyrics, about seeing a lover's dead body, he interjected, "My baby's New Orleans!"


    Must see list:
  • Tab Benoit (Fri)
  • Koko Taylor & Her Blues Machine (Fri)
  • Marcia Ball (Fri)
  • Gospel tent (Fri/Sat/Sun)
  • Wayne Toups & Zydecajuns (Fri)
  • Susan Cowsill (Sat)
  • Robert Randolph & Family Band (Sat)
  • Jimmy Buffett (Sat) never saw him, already have seen the Radiators
  • Elis Marsalis/Lew Tabackin (Sun)
  • Fats Domino (Sun) - Stay healthy, Fats!