Sunday, April 24, 2005

Johnny K goes to the 2005 New Orlean Jazz & Heritage Festival

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New Orleans Jazz Festival Poster 2005:
The Birth of Jazz by Bill Hemmerling.
After months of procrastinating, I have decided to go. JR has been urging me to go for awhile now, saying that I would REALLY appreciate the amount/quality/diversity of the music, both at the Festival itself and at the downtown clubs each evening (and into the early morning), but I've been reluctant to splurge on myself. The Reet, a rabid New Orleans promoter since her trip to the 2004 'Final Fur', has been pushing for me to go. So, when I won about $350 at a weekly Rotary card raffle (ten of spades), I rationalized that I wasn't spending 'family' cash. Immediately called TK, who graciously gave me some of his millions of air miles to use.

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Festival Website- Check out the lineup.
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Thursday, April 21, 2005


I arrived at Manhattanville College with an optimistic mind, free to learn and meet new people - possibly become interested in more music. The first person I met was my freshman roommate Scotty G. We had similarities, both 5'10 white dudes that listened to mostly rap. We shared a couple brewskies one night at the beginning of our first college semester, exchanging autobiographies. I had just started listening to Jonathan Richman so decided to put him on. Scott had never heard of him, but I soon realized he was the subject of one of Richman's songs. There was a knock at our door. We hid our alcoholic beverages quickly and turned down "Dancing at the Lesbian Bar", a Jonathan Richman classic. It was our Residence Director telling us there were complaints about loud music. He searched our room to find beer cans. We got written up and were put on probation for underage drinking. We can thank Richman for that. Our IDs said we were 21, but Manhattanville campus safety did not buy the 21-year-old freshmen idea. After that night, the conversation between Scott and me stagnated and soon vanished. Communication between us roommates was limited to a head nod, an occasional hello or what's up. This called for some Jonathan Richman again, track number 3, You Can't Talk to the Dude, from his album I, Jonathan. The 'dude' refers to Scott and Richman is telling me that I can't talk to him - yeah, no kidding, Jonathan!

You wonder why you're feeling blue,
And you live with a guy that you can't talk to.
You can't talk to the dude
And that's no longer in style,
You can't talk to the dude
No this "No es normal."
You can't talk to the dude
And things will never be right
Until you go.

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