Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday Night Lights...

Nothing like a Friday, day-long Compilation/Review Update seminar down in Groton to get those juices flowing!  Sufficiently juiced by 4:15 PM, I jump into the Friday night rush hour traffic along I95 west toward New Haven to meet the boys (mild-mannered Keith, swashbuckling Vinny V and the noted rapper Rant On) for Lucinda Williams' free concert on the New Haven Green.  God, this traffic sucks!  I promised them I'd be there by five, but it's almost quarter to six and I'm only crossing the Q-Bridge.

Finally arrived at Vinny's.  I'm awarded a beer as we pack Vinny's car with the essentials for the concert - chairs and beer.

Friday evening pre-concert for Lucinda Williams on New Haven Green
Amy Black & Sarah Borges Muscle Shoals Revue at Cafe Nine - excellent

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