Monday, December 01, 2014

Lucinda Williams at The Orpheum...

Chris D is an author, teacher, sportsman, troubadour and all-round something-or-other based in southeastern MA who, when not following all things Crimson (with the possible exception of King Crimson or Crimson and Clover), occasionally shares his music experiences with Johnnykmusic.  He recently attended Lucinda Williams' appearance at The Orpheum in Boston:

"Lucinda show was good rock, more to my taste than Jan's. She's not trying to cultivate a following any more; more interested in paying tribute to rock'n'roll. Rousing show in a cold theater." Read review below photo.

Lucinda Williams rocked into Boston on Wednesday Nov 19, playing a cold and underpopulated Orpheum Theatre. Her band played one long, extended set, increasing the heat from her first murmured number, Blessed, to a rocking crescendo two and a half hours later when she covered Neil Young’s Keep on Rockin in the Free World. As Lucinda gained steam, the power of her band, driven by old mate Butch Norton on his drumset, pushed her to abandon her acoustic guitar and pick up the electric. Butch knocked one of his drums off its moorings as he pounded away on one of the later numbers, but the band didn’t skip a beat.

Stuart Mathis took lead and solos all night, offering both slide accompaniment and hard rock licks. Bassist David Sutton enjoyed the large stage, too, even providing a bass substitute for Gregg Allman’s keyboard on a cover of Just Ain’t My Cross to Bear. Lucinda gave her traditional tribute to “beautiful losers” early in the set, on Drunken Angel and Lake Charles.

Lucinda can no longer be considered a singer-songwriter; the tracks of her Car Wheels have been erased with time. Like Dylan, she has learned the joy of a rockin’ band; as she says, “I need protection from the enemies of love  . . . .. I need protection from the enemies of rock’n’roll.” If you are thinking of catching a show, be ready for full throttle.

And she seemed quite content with giving up the stage to her bandmates, who have the perfect answer to “Who Took My Joy?” Though not completely gracious, Lucinda seemed at least even-tempered and happy.

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Johnnyk said...

Thanks, Chris. I really like that Doug Pettibone has been replaced. He was always an outstanding musician, but I felt it got too ‘comfortable’ on stage after awhile. Last time I saw Lucinda was at Jazz Fest when Blessed came out and her performance seemed really energized with a new young lead guitar (cannot remember name). Her voice is also going the way of Dylan, though, thankfully, not there yet.

Love the new album.