Thursday, August 28, 2014

Benjamin Booker May Be the Next Big Thing...

(  All music journalists like to claim to find “the next big thing”, but 25 year-old Benjamin Booker might be IT.  Although, he is already opening for Jack White even before his debut album hits stores on Tuesday, August 19th – so I hardly discovered him.  His self-titled debut was produced by Andrija Tokic, producer of Hurray for the Riff Raff, and another former White opener, The Alabama Shakes.  The album opener and single Violent Shiver grabs you with an immediate riff, making you think of Chuck Berry.  Booker describes his music as “punk blues.”  Throughout the album you certainly hear that attitude and vibe of punk and blues (maybe some Strokes, Black Keys type instrumentation & old school rocknroll)…but it is THAT voice that hooks you in and makes you press play again and again.  It’s hard to believe Booker’s 25, the voice so raspy you think he’s spent a lifetime yelling, making his voice hoarse.  (more)

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