Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dion a smash at Mohegan...

No one wanted to go. Keith/Sharie thought his CD, Bronx in Blue, sucked; Joe/Nancy were skeptical, politely declined; the Reet offered to accompany me, but only to hammer the quarter poker machines. Dion, they don't get you. They don't get that you aren't just a washed up oldies joke trying to make middle-aged folks think they are teenagers again, but rather an ever-evolving singer/songwriter/guitarist who has something to say. And say it very well! I guess some others do get you, because it appears you've sold out the four-night stand. Whatever.

We drop off G-Man in New Haven for his return to Brooklyn and head out I-95/I395 to Mohegan Sun for Dion's 7:30pm Saturday night show at the Cabaret Lounge (or whatever it's called). No ticket, for my procrastination has bitten me in the ass, but I'm guessing I can get one at the box office.

I get off the wrong exit to Mohegan. Shit. No worry, following the signs, we eventually approach the connector. Okay, just through this intersection and up the ramp and we'll be there. Parking is going to be a bitch, but we'll deal with it. Dion, here we, I mean I, come.

Yikes! WTF, this guy's turning across my lane! SMASH! CRACKLE! POP!

Only going about 25 (with seatbelts), so The Reet and I manage to exit our car intact, as does a twenty-something kid from his, apologizing. A CT state cop appears out of nowhere (actually, he viewed the goings on waiting for the light) and takes charge, directs us to drive off to the side and calls local police. It's almost 7 o'clock, we aren't going anywhere soon. Everyone seems fine, the cars are pretty banged up, but driveable. The kid apologizes several more times as he pulls off his entire front bumper. Unfortunately, the paperwork takes forever (query: why don't they have laptops and printers in the cars for reports?). We each get an almost unreadable carbon copy. It's a wrap. Aloha.

Dion, this was just not meant to be!

A snippet of the legendary Dion DiMucci performing "Drip Drop" at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank NJ. July 18, 2006:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rhythm and Roots ain't got no gumbo...

It was a mini Labor Day Weekend tradition to travel to Ninigret Park in Charleston, RI with Johnny Gumbo for the Rhythm and Roots Festival. Actually, the Gumbo attended more often than I, once even chronicling the event via cell reports. But, alas, JG has moved onward and westward, so this year's Rhythm and Roots will have no Gumbo.

But fear not faithful Gumbees, for there may be a new Labor Day Weekend music tradition - Spokane's Pig Out in the Park:

In its 29 years, Spokane’s annual Labor Day weekend event in the park has metamorphosed from an outdoor food venue for a couple dozen local restaurants into a six-day extravaganza that’s possibly the largest free music festival west of Chicago, according to organizers. This year’s lineup features 75 acts — including country headliner Ricochet and Lucinda Williams — performing on three stages Wednesday through Monday. The nonprofit Six Bridges Arts Association’s two beer gardens and a wine garden will pick up a lion’s share of the $156,000 entertainment tab. article - band listing

(Side note to the Gumbo: Markie G filled in admirably as MC at the DePaolo Foundation golf dinner, but I heard whispers in the room that he just wasn't as suave, clever and goodlooking as the "other guy." But don't say anything, because Mark's a very sensitive guy.)

Yankees Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....



(Let's see, if we keep winning one game in each series...)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good times never seemed so good....

Sista-n-law Nancy says that if Neil tries to pull this shit at Fenway, she'll cut his balls off. Or, maybe I misheard. Hey, it happened to Roger Clemens (the mishearing part, not the balls part).

Neil Diamond offers concert audience a refund
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Singer and songwriter Neil Diamond is offering audiences of a recent Ohio concert a refund and asking for their forgiveness after he performed with a raspy voice earlier this week. Diamond, 67, was diagnosed with acute laryngitis after the August 25 show in Columbus, Ohio, and the "Sweet Caroline" singer released a statement on his website Tuesday apologizing to fans through the lyrics of his past hit, "Play Me." "Dear Fans in Columbus, I haven't let you down before and I won't let you down now," Diamond said. "Until you hear from me again remember, You are the sun, I am the moon. You are the words. I am the tune. Forgive me. I love you." article

Monday, August 25, 2008

While pubcrawling with Chris D on vacation in Toronto last weekend...

Saturday night, date night in Toronto. After watching the Blue Jays pummel Jon Lester and his Boston Red Sox wicked bad (our hotel was infested with Sox fans), we had wonderful post-game meals at KitKat on King Street. Reet wasn't feeling so hot, so she passed on any Saturday Night Fever. Kathy and Tom were having none of the idea either. Jan? No way, Jose. Well, it's just Johnnyk and renown troubadour Chris Dubose left to bear the mantle of party animals. We wait until Carl Pavano safely guides the Yankees to another win before we venture out, West Queen our destination. We wind up at Gorilla Monsoon, a dark little bar with al fresco seating, a stage at the front where the performer can address both the insiders and the outsiders. We choose to be insiders and take up residence at the bar in the back.

Let's let Chris take it from here:

Phill with two L's grabbed hold of the Gorilla Monsoon about 11:00 for his first gig of the night. Johnnyk and I kicked with back with a couple of blondes at the bar (and there were more blondes ready when we were done with the first ones) and played a little "Name that tune" with Phill's set list. We had several intentions at the Monsoon: catch the local music scene and rid ourselves of all of our Canadian cash.

Though Phill was not a Toronto native -- actually he was a Newfie -- he did cover one Neil Young song is his eclectic repertoire, which also included Ric Ocasek, Lennon and McCartney, the Who, and scads of post-modern alternative songwriters. Phill had no shortage of young female admirers. After he boldly and langorously embraced two young ladies between sets, they took leave of the Monsoon, headed for home, no doubt. Phill wasted no time in settling in with another table of young, adoring women.

As a musician, Phil left nothing behind. He was ardent and persistent, to say the least. He wielded a steady right hand, engendering a rhythm that rocked the modest house. It's not easy playing to both an inside crowd (that numbered easily more than ten) and, at the same time, to a somewhat disinterested sidewalk crowd (that also numbered well into the teens, at times) -- while attempting also to bring passersby into the Monsoon.

(Phill at Gorilla Monsoon on West Queen:)

Of course, three blondes later, we had to move on, hoping the Rex was still offering cool jazz, but for some reason Canadian jazz seems to have a curfew, so it was on to the Official Motorcycle Bar, where a most efficient and hospitable (to say nothing of her attractive appeal) bartender ran the show. No music, just a little Warren Beatty on the tube, but the place was clearly run by the well-appointed blonde that served drinks on both sides of the bar, often submitting herself to some sampling of shots with the well-oiled customers.

Johnnyk and I enjoyed one more blonde each, then began the spirited walk back to the hotel -- JK bolstered by a street-vendor-hotdog. No subway because the drivers must be in the same union as the jazz artists -- no signs of life after 2:00 a.m., for some unknown reason.

All in all, while there may be more well-known artists playing Saturday night gigs, we could not have found a more pleasurable way to lighten ourselves of our Canadian coin. We would recommend just such a night for any who can't sleep in the lovely city of Toronto.

Jazz had ceased for the night by the time we got to The Rex.

Of course, Chris had to pick up some necessities at the Condom Shack

So, where else would we end up, but the Original Motorcycle Cafe for a beer and conversation with the locals before walking back to our hotel at 3am.

A history of folk icons: Chris Dubose

Hailing from the Daily Grind coffee house in Medway, MA, Chris Dubose rose to the top of the folk scene in 2000 with his debut album, Speak English, Talk Smack. The troubador's latest album, Retired 'N Confused, merges Chris Dubose's hushed hooks with countrified piano flourishes to somehow churn out simply beautiful music. With standout tracks like "Kath's on the Run," look for Chris Dubose to be a major force in the folk landscape for years to come.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Meet the new Broken Single....

Newsletter update on the goings on of SBBS:
It is with happy sadness that we say goodbye to our longtime pedal steel and guitar player, Mike Castellana. Mike has been with us for almost 5 years, and we wish him love and success always. His contributions to both 'Diamonds In The Dark' and 'Silver City' are obvious, as is the spark he brings to the live show for any who have seen him.If you'd like to send Mike a personal message you can do so at, and we will forward it on to him.
New Record-
We'd also like to announce the addition of guitar player Lyle Brewer to the SBBS camp. A native Massachusetts-ian like me, Lyle has been playing around Boston for awhile now, and we fear returning home because of all of the local bands' ire we have invoked by poaching him:) Lyle will join us for the September tour and has been a part of the ongoing recording process for record #3....

Speaking of which, we're currently in the studio recording a new record! It will be released by Sugar Hill in the spring of '09. Producer Paul Q.Kolderie and engineer Adam Taylor are on board again, and we are making it at Camp Street Studios in Cambridge, MA. Expect a more rock record, representative of the SBBS live show. We'll be playing some of the songs from the forthcoming record on this next tour, so all the more reason to get out and get yourself a preview!!!

As always, we look forward to seeing you as we travel around the country on this next tour! Take care, -SB

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A brief trip to Toronto to see Jeter (get creamed!)...

We can't return we can only look
Behind from where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game
(Joni Mitchell, from the song "The Circle Game")

Written in response to Neil Young's Sugar Mountain. In the Goldmine interview From Blue to Indigo, William Ruhlman writes:

Another early composition was "The Circle Game," Mitchell's song about a young boy's rites of passage. It was inspired by another song, Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain." Mitchell had met Young in 1964 at the Fourth Dimension folk club at the University of Manitoba, and encountered him again in the Yorkville district of Toronto in 1965. Young, a member of the Squires rock 'n' roll group, had written "Sugar Mountain" on his 19th birthday, November 12, 1964, as a lament for the approaching end of his teenage years ("You can't be 20 on Sugar Mountain.") Mitchell took the story to its logical conclusion, but offered hope. "So the years spin by and now the boy is twenty/ Though his dreams have lost some grandeur coming true/There'll be new dreams, maybe better dreams and plenty/Before the last revolving year is through."

Later, Neil would write and perform a song for Joni called Sweet Joni from Saskatoon (though a recording exists only in "unofficial form").

Observed on early morning walk with Tom through Toronto's Little Italy.

Building at the University of Toronto.

View of downtown Toronto as seen from the harbourfront.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey, youse guys, what's good in Brooklyn?....

G-Man and Aaron are hitting NYC for the weekend are scouting out some entertainment. Any suggestions for the boyz?

From Go Kat Go, the only CT radio show specializing in rockabilly and psychobilly:
Thu, Aug 21st – The Defibulators, Baskery at Rodeo Bar, 375 3rd Ave, NYC
Fri, Aug 22nd – Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co., Baskery at Rodeo Bar, NYC
Fri, Aug 22nd – Sean Kershaw And The New Jack Ramblers at Hill Country, 30 W. 26th St, NYC
Fri, Aug 22nd – Rumblers Kustom Kills And Hot Rod Thrills Pre-Show Party featuring Roger Miret And The Disasters, L.E.S. Stitches, The Bad Luck Charms, Everybody Out at Supreme Trading, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Sat, Aug 23rd – Rumblers Kustom Kills And Hot Rod Thrills – all day car show with vendors, food, bands include: Three Blue Teardrops, Psychocharger, Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys, The Wretched Ones, Stigma, Turbo A.C.s at Union Pool, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Sat, Aug 23rd – The Long Goodbyes, The Tarantinos, The Outpatients, 9th Wave, The Nebulas, The Octomen at Otto’s Shrunken Head, 538 E. 14th St., NYC
Sat, Aug 23rd – Jerry King And The Rivertown Ramblers at Rodeo Bar, NYC

  • The Salty Dog in Bay Ridge seems only to have bands on Thursday night. This Thursday- Rare Form
  • Southpaw in Park Slope
  • Mercury Lounge- Jennifer O'Connor, Thu, 8/21 $10
  • Sunday, August 17, 2008

    Cafe Nine welcomes back Sarah Borges on Friday night...

    All my rowdy friends.....are sleeping, and I have to be at the golf course at 7:30 in the morning, but what the hell. If I plan it right, I can nap while I watch the Yankees/Royals game (yes, it's painful and, no, they aren't going to make the playoffs) and zip down Highway 91 just in time for the show. No call from Keith, so I'm solo.

    The Yankees have just tied the game as I pull onto State Street. A parking spot on the first try! Life is good, for I usually have to circle the lower State Street area a few times to get one of these precious bad boys. A cute, punk'd-up young lady takes my $8 cover and I squeeze through the front door located adjacent to the stage JUST as The Reducers finish their set. That means the intimate, narrow, corner bar, packed at 11 o'clock on this Friday night, is immediately in motion: Reducers exiting the stage, receiving the adulation of their fans, hauling their shit offstage/out-the-door, selling their just-released CD; Broken Singles (hey, Binky!) dragging their shit onto the tiny stage; patrons exiting the front/back doors for some fresh air and a smoke or refilling their beverages at the bar. I find an open spot at the bar near the front, order up a Brooklyn Lager and look around. Kerouac is still looking down at us from his perch above the bar, right next to a six-pack of Hull's Export.

    In no time at all, equipment is appropriately in place and tested, the crowd is reassembled and energized, so let's get on with the show. The usual suspects (Binky/bass,backing vocals; Mike Castellana/lead guitar,pedal steel; Bob Dulany, drums; Sarah/guitar/vocals) take the stage and launch into their set. This is to be lead guitarist/pedal steel Mike Castellana's final official gig with the band because, as Sarah explains, he is shortly to become a dad. So, who slips into his spot? No mention. And it's Sarah's 30th birthday! She's sporting a black eye, which shows prominently each time she blinks and mentions how she broke a tooth a couple years ago at a Cafe Nine gig (they've played The Nine seven times). Guess you got to be tough to rock 'n roll! The band is relaxed, assured after so much touring and sounds great. They've tweaked some of their standard concert numbers and added a few new songs to be included on their next CD, which should be out by next Spring. Castellana takes some extended solos, seems more animated tonight, is in good form. All are having fun. The crowd seems into it. And the Zelig-like Josh from Long Island is back! If you remember, Josh is a 12 year old SBBS superfan who comes to numerous shows with his parents. Entertaining set (although still no Blind Love). Toward the end Sarah offers that we not play the encore game (finish, stroll offstage, wait to be called back up), but agree that the next few songs will serve as such. Good deal. The set finishes with an extended Turn Your Lights Down Low (Open Up Your Back Door) featuring half of the audience being brought up onstage for a call/response thing. Cool.

    Good show Sarah, Binky, Mike, Bob. Catch you again sometime, you never know where. Meanwhile, I've got to get to bed!
    - - - - -

    Sarah emails to remind us that Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles return to New Haven's Cafe Nine (tonight), August 15 with hometown (and our) faves The Reducers. They have a new record out, and we're psyched to be playing with them! It is also with happy sadness that we announce that this will be SBBS guitar/pedal steel player Mike Castellana's last official show with the band. We love and will miss him.

    It's way past my bedtime (they don't go on until after 11pm) and I've got a very big golf match at 8am Saturday, but I plan to make my way down I91 to New Haven. Coming along, Keith?

    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Be my baby, my one and only baby....

    From Thursday's Courant Cal:
    SPILLING THE BEANS; A COFFEE BREAK WITH RONNIE SPECTOR- A Ronnette Who's Still Fabulous Java: MaryEllen Fillo

    Ronnie Spector was considered the original bad girl of rock 'n' roll when she fronted the '60s girl group the Ronettes. With her beehive hairdo, dark eye makeup and mini skirts, she and the group turned out hits like "Be My Baby" and "Walking in the Rain," songs that made them stars. Spector, 65, who married and then divorced controversial, controlling and eccentric producer Phil Spector, has written a book, "Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness, or My Life as a Fabulous Ronette." Meanwhile, she's continued her singing career and now is in the midst of fine-tuning a one-woman show called "Beyond the Beehive."

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer will be the featured performer at Quassy Amusement Park Saturday at 7 p.m. as part of its 100th anniversary celebration, in cooperation with Waterbury's Palace Theater. The mother of two, who lives in the Danbury area with husband-manager Jonathan Greenfield, proved she can still be as sassy as she was 40 years ago while "spilling the beans" with Java. - article

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Catch the Beehive Queen in NYC...

    Christine Ohlman has her own group, Rebel Montez (caught them with Los Lobos at Meadowbrook Park earlier this summer), is the vocalist (mostly offstage now) for the Saturday Night Live Band, and sits in with the Mohegan Sun Allstars. But that's not enough. She also appears with an amazing ever-changing group of musicians at the Cutting Room in New York called the NYC Hit Squad. Based on availability the revolving band consists of:
    Ricky Byrd-guitar and vocals (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Roger Daltrey, Ian Hunter band, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes)
    Andy York-guitar (John Mellencamp, Ian Hunter band)
    Liberty Devitto- drums (Billy Joel)
    Simon Kirke- drums (Bad Co., Free)
    Will Lee- bass (Letterman band)
    Hugh McDonald- bass and vocals (Bon Jovi)
    Muddy Shews-Bass (Asbury Jukes)
    Jeff Kazee-Keyboards (Asbury Jukes, Bon Jovi)
    Joe Lynn Turner- vocals (Deep Purple, Rainbow)
    Christine Ohlman- vocals (Saturday Night Live Band)
    Andy Burton- keyboards (Ian Hunter band)
    Jeff Carlise- guitar (38 Special)
    Richie Cannata- horns (Billy Joel, Beach Boys)
    Chris Anderson- Horns (Asbury Jukes)
    Joey Stann- Horns (Asbury Jukes)
    Eddie Manion- Horns (Asbury Jukes)
    Gerardo Velez- Percussion (Hendrix, Bowie, Stevie Winwood)

    Speaking of NYC, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will establish an 'annex' in the Big Apple. - New York hopes Rock'n'Roll museum annex will boost tourism

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    New Lucinda!!!!!

    Lucinda Williams Releasing New Album on Oct. 14 (CMT)

    Lucinda Williams will release a new album, Little Honey, on Oct. 14 on Lost Highway Records. The album features a duet with Elvis Costello ("Jailhouse Tears") as well as a song Williams wrote in 1985 ("Circles and X's"). Other guest vocalists include Matthew Sweet, Susanna Hoffs, Jim Lauderdale, Tim Easton and Charlie Louvin. Eric Leljestrand produced the album that features Doug Pettibone on guitar, David Sutton on bass, Chet Lyster on guitar, Butch Norton on drums and Rob Burger on keyboards.

    Also, Lu will be covering ACDC's It`s a Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock and Roll) and will be including Circles and X's, a song she wrote in 1985, but which never found its way onto any previous albums.
    HAPPY 26th, G-Man!

    They say it's yer birthday - (Beatles)

    You've lead a very hard life, you precocious little shit (he's good!)...

    8-year-old guitar wiz has reason to play the blues by Carrie Antfinger (AP)

    ELKHORN, Wis. - When Tallan "T-Man" Latz was 5, he saw Joe Satriani playing guitar on TV. "I turned around to my dad and said, 'That's exactly what I want to do.'" Three years and countless hours of practicing later, 8-year-old Tallan is a blues guitar prodigy. He's played in bars and clubs, including the House of Blues in Chicago, and even jammed with Les Paul and Jackson Browne. He has a summer of festivals scheduled and has drawn interest from venues worldwide.

    And what, you might ask, would a kid not even in the third grade have the blues about? The state of Wisconsin for one, and some possibly jealous older musicians for another. An anonymous e-mail sent to state officials complained that Tallan was too young to perform in taverns and nightclubs because of state child labor laws. His booking agent even got an anonymous letter threatening her with death if she keeps booking him. more

    Television news story:

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Tasty entry from Cahl's Juke Joint...

    Tuesday morning blues Cahl's Juke Joint, a blog that includes reviews and meditations on rock, blues, jazz and other genres of music.

    1) Bonnie Bramlett: "Two Steps From the Blues"
    2) Angela Strehli: "Telephone Blues"
    3) Big Time Sarah: "Red Dress"
    4) Alberta Adams: "Messin' Around with the Blues"
    5) Ruth Brown: "Why Me"
    6) Leroy Ervin: "Rock Island Blues"
    7) Gatemouth Moore: "It Ain't None of Me"
    8) U.P. Wilson: "That's Your Woman, But She Comes to Me Sometimes"
    9) Luther Allison: "Mistake"
    10) Syl and Jimmy Johnson: "If I Wuz White"

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what it would be...

    Maybe all those Red Sox fans were right, the Yankees do SUCK! Maybe we should be taking a vacation to Tampa instead of catching the Bombers in Toronto. By the way, does Robinson Cano have a 'no dive' clause in his contract?

    Speaking of Toronto, we were considering seeing Bonnie Raitt and Jon Cleary, but:
    The live concert performances by Bonnie Raitt, scheduled for Tues. August 19th & Wed. August 20th, have been cancelled by request of the artist. Tickets purchased for these performances by credit card whether in-person at the Casino Rama Box Office, or over the phone or internet via TicketMaster, will be automatically refunded.

    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Shaft, he's a dead mutha f...

    Hayes, 'Shaft' singer and disco presage, dies

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Isaac Hayes, the baldheaded, baritone-voiced soul crooner who laid the groundwork for disco and whose "Theme From Shaft" won both Academy and Grammy awards, died Sunday afternoon after he collapsed near a treadmill, authorities said. He was 65. Hayes was pronounced dead at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis an hour after he was found by a family member, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office said. The cause of death was not immediately known. - more - AllMusicGuide

    Friday, August 08, 2008

    CMT Crossroads to feature Lucinda Williams & Elvis Costello...

    About the Episode from CMT- Lucinda Williams and Elvis Costello hardly qualify as mainstream country artists, but each has absorbed traditional Southern music, written country songs and had a long affinity with Nashville. The stars of the debut episode sing two duets, Costello's "Poisoned Rose" and a fiery version of Williams' "Changed the Locks." They provide backing vocals for each other on four songs -- including a Rolling Stones cover -- and Williams' road band plays throughout. - more

    It's Friday, I'm in love...

    I don't care if monday's blue
    Tuesday's grey and wednesday too
    Thursday i don't care about you
    It's friday i'm in love

    Rumor has Manny Ramirez teaming up with Randy Newman for an updated I Love LA video.....Ah, young love! Randy has a new album out, Harps and Angels.

    Nice job by one of my PGA Championship pool team guys- Hunter Mahan shot an 81 in the first round. The team of Anthony Kim (0), Retief Goosen (+2), Justin Leonard (+4), Ian Poulter (+4), Hunter Mahan (+11) gives me a score (best 4) of +10.

    Plantsville's own, The Sawtelles, appear Friday (8pm) at Borders in Meriden and Saturday (9pm) at Cafe Nine. Their new CD is Dime Museum.

    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins...


    I don't really think Jeter has an edge anymore. Can you say double play? The Bombers are in deep trouble and may be out of the damn race by the time we see them two weeks hence in Toronto.

    Southington Music on the Green features the Eddie Forman Orchestra playing classic polkas and more! Hard to imagine more! Music, weather permitting, starts at 7pm. It's raining like hell right now!

    Hannah, Sugar Hill publicity intern, emails about the upcoming Sarah Borges show at Cafe Nine: I know this is somewhat last minute, but Sarah is coming to Cafe Nine in New Haven on Friday, August 15th, and she could use your help in promoting the show! If any of you would be willing to help out with our grassroots network by putting up posters for the show, we would be able to get you on the guest list for the concert. If you're able to help out, shoot me an e-mail with your full name and address with zip, and we'll get those posters in the mail to you right away! Thanks so much!! Keith and I (not sure about The Reet and Sharie) plan to be there, Hannah, even though we have an early morning golf date to make!

    Tuesday's burned music for Marybeth:
  • The Reminder Fiest
  • Back to Black Amy Winehouse
  • Bronx in Blue Dion

    Note to self: my team for the upcoming PGA Championships pool- Ian Poulter, Hunter Mahan, Retief Goosen, Anthony Kim, Justin Leonard. Low four scores count, so at least four must make the cut.

    Plantsville's own, The Sawtelles, appear Saturday (8pm) at Borders in Meriden and Sunday (9pm) at Cafe Nine. Their new CD is Dime Museum.
  • Sunday, August 03, 2008

    It's just like heaven, being here with you...

    But you know that! There are many lyrics websites around, but is a neat little site to satisfy the soul (or just to get some little-known, useless, but fun data on rock songs/artists). Below is a sample:

    Angel Baby by Rosie and the Originals: Album: released as a single (released: 1960; US Chart: 5)
  • Rosie Hamlin wrote this when she was 14 years old. It began as a poem about a boyfriend. She had some experience as a singer with a local band, getting the job by telling them she was 16.
  • The appeal of the song rests in Rosie's bell-like vocals and the utter simplicity of both the lyrics and the single, repeated melodic line. The inexpert musicianship and unpolished recording quality contribute to its charm.
  • This made it to #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in December 1960. It remained on the charts for twelve weeks. It is listed as #34 on the 1961 Hot 100 for the year.
  • Immediately after writing this, Rosie certified-mailed herself a copy so that it would be legally dated, a wise move in view of the legal mess later created by Highland Records.
  • Many members of the Hamlin family were musically inclined. The Originals were a group of family friends who hung out and jammed at the house. They were Noah Tafolla, David Ponci, Tony Gomez, Carl Von Goodat and Alfred Barrett. Rosie later married Tafolla.
  • This was recorded on a two-track machine in an abandoned airline hangar which was being converted to a recording studio. Bass player Tony Gomez is on sax, because the sax player had to stay home and mow the lawn.
  • For publicity, the group went to Kresge's in San Diego and took advantage of a then-standard feature of variety stores -- the preview or listening booth in the record department. They received permission to play this in the booths so teens shopping for records could hear it. The response was overwhelmingly positive. A scout for Highland Records was in the store and immediately offered them a contract.
  • Highland Records took possession of the master as a condition of the contract, and talked Rosie into allowing Ponci instead of herself to be named on the contract as "Angel Baby"'s composer. None of the promised royalties were paid, for this or any other recording the band made for Highland. Rosie got out of her Highland contract and signed with Brunswick. With Tafolla, she went to New York and recorded an LP, "Lonely Blue Nights," and performed with other Brunswick artists at the Brooklyn Paramount. Rosie won back the composer's rights to Angel Baby in 1961, but faced a series of court fights to obtain the royalties.
  • The B-side is "Give Me Love," in a completely different style, with vocals by Bluford Wade.
  • In a 1969 interview, John Lennon named Rosie as one of his favorite vocalists. He covered this for his Rock & Roll album, but it wasn't released until 1986 on Menlove Avenue.
  • Rosie Hamlin has enjoyed a long, vital career in music. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. She also briefly worked as an art teacher. She has two children.
  • An amazing quote about this song has appeared on a number of websites. It is attributed to Mark Sten (of the Oblivion Seekers?) in "Rock Almanac" (which one of several books and blogs of that name is not specified). It describes the instrumentals as "generating a robot mantra devoid of embellishment or variation, the perfect underpinning for Rosie's piercing, disembodied-siren vocal. With 'Angel Baby,' rock had regressed as far as it could, some nameless dread loosed within the collective Top 40 mind had run its course and spent itself in a lost mournful wail. 'Angel Baby' was the final moonlit flowering of rock's medieval phase, paean to a purity and innocence no longer possible in the real world." (thanks, Ekristheh - Halath, for all above)

    From YouTube:
  • Friday, August 01, 2008

    Big weekend for live music....

  • Litchfield Jazz Festival at the Goshen Fairgrounds (lawn tickets are $35)- lineup
  • Newport Folk Festival at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, RI (general admission tickets are $69)- lineup (GREAT lineup for Saturday!) - Listen on NPR
  • Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez at Cafe Nine in New Haven on Saturday.
  • Southern Culture on the Skids at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA on Saturday.
  • The Beatles A-Z project at the Daniel Street Music Club in Milford, CT.
    It all begins with the Beatles. The music they recorded. The influence they left behind. One evening in March of 2006, Tim Palmieri and Sean Miller were playing music together. Sean was showing Tim how to play "Dear Prudence" when the two musicians thought, "What if two people tried to play every Beatles song that was recorded alphabetically from A to Z?"

    Thus became the concept of The Beatles A-Z project. The two musicians have been influenced by The Beatles since first being introduced to the music at an early age, which contributed to their vast knowledge of the music, lyrics and the nuances you hear in the original recordings. Their role in presenting this project is to perform each song just as the original recordings were recorded; all the while making each song their own. Another purpose for presenting this, that Tim and Sean both agreed upon, is to share their enthusiasm and passion of the Fab Four.

    The Beatles recorded over 215 songs from 1962 until 1970. Learning all of the songs is not an easy task, armed with only The Beatles Complete Scores and their musical ability they set out to accomplish this feat. The result of their efforts will be heard on the 5 Sundays in August at the Daniel Street Music Club in Milford, CT.