Thursday, June 30, 2005

I did not know that....

Lesley Gore officially comes out as a lesbian

Interview with Lesley Gore by Shauna Swartz, June 23, 2005

Former 60s teen idol Lesley Gore, who is best known for her classic songs "It's My Party (I'll Cry if I Want To)" and "You Don't Own Me," talks to us about her career, her new album, and why she hasn't officially come out as a lesbian (until now). So, you’re about to tour with your new album, beginning in New York--is that right?
Lesley Gore: Yes. We’re concentrating on New York during the summer…kind of trying to sneak it out in New York over the summer and then on a more national level come September. The release date is June 28th and our first performance is at Joe’s Pub. New York is where I live.

AE: Do you live alone--besides with your dog [which appears in a photo with her on the In the Life website]?
LG: I have a partner of 23 years and I have a cocker spaniel who turned two--what’s today?--she turned two on Friday, June 4th. Little Billie, named after Billie Holiday, one of my favorite singers. And I thought, you know, a little gender confusion makes a better person. A little adversity in life at an early age. It’s character building. - complete interview...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day CDs from the boys

Lucinda Williams Lucinda Williams - Keith Anderson has said this is his favorite LW album and I find it hard to disagree with his assessment. A bunch of these songs were covered by other artists (The Night's Too Long by Patty Loveless; Abandoned by Linda Thompson; Changed the Locks by Tom Petty; Passionate Kisses by Mary Chapin Carpenter; Crescent City by Emmylou Harris). Replaces my burned copy and adds some cool bonus live cuts! By the way, look for Lucinda to perform on David Letterman on August 3rd.Image hosted by

Drive-by Truckers The Dirty South - Fader Magazine says of this disc "...heavy and beautiful and frightening and intelligent, but as usual it doesn't shy away from big, mean, stomping, anger-liquor-inspired rock and roll either." Kay McGowan introduced the Kennedys to DBT a couple years ago and we are big fans.
Image hosted by

Dave Matthews Band Stand Up - AMG review... My first DMB CD; 'til now I've just heard the 'hits' and liked them alot. OK, I miss a few along the way.
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Friday, June 17, 2005

They'll remember that day in June ... when the star was right at Hanover

By Alyson Heller, Record-Journal staff

MERIDEN — Grandparents are usually stars to their grandchildren. However, not many of those grandchildren can say they saw their fellow classmates line up for their grandfather's autograph, as was the case for Savannah and Brandon Parris on Thursday afternoon.

The reason for the autograph line was that their grandfather, Fred Parris, best known for the hit "In the Still of the Night," which he recorded with his singing group, The Five Satins, was a special guest at Hanover School. He spoke about his music career to Brandon's second-grade class, taught by Joan Boucher, and Savannah's third-grade class, taught by Mary Jo Verselli. Complete story...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

New music in the house

Latest discs to hit the Kennedy household:

  • Van Morrison Magic Time - AMG review (up) - Hartford Courant review (down)
    My kids' spin on Van is that "Moondance" was his best and he hasn't done anything close to that since. I, a HUGE Van lover, disagree, but my first listen to "Magic Time" makes me wish for more of the pop flavor of Moondance. It's not that the new songs are bad. In fact, most are quite good; but there is becoming a sameness to the delivery and the tempo that robs them of any sense of uniqueness. Still love ya, Van.

  • Lucinda Williams Live at the FillmoreAMG review
    I was skeptical of a 'live' Lucinda, primarily because her stage persona is as much visual as auditory. Perhaps I'm biased (no, I AM biased), but this CD really kicks ass. Her voice gives a harsher texture to each song, a different feel than the album versions; not better, not worse, REALLY good.; crank it up and enjoy!

  • the subdudes Annunciation AMG review
    Picked this one up in NOLA;

  • Jonathan Richman not so much to be loved as to love AMG review
    What can I say, I love the guy! Includes a remake of "Vincent Van Gogh" (he loved his colors and he let it show). Would love a rocker cut on here (circa "Roadrunner"), but I'm being picky.

  • White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan AMG review
    GDK gives this a thumbs up, JFK a thumbs down.
  • Friday, June 03, 2005

    Black-eyed and Blues Fest at Bushnell Park with Johnny Gumbo

    It was the 3rd of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day.... - lyrics - discussion

    Attended the free Black-eyed and Blues Fest at Bushnell Park on Thursday evening with Johnny Gumbo. Beforehand, I was able to score a few new Johnny Gumbo tee-shirts at Best Image on Center Street and I must say they are pretty damn spiffy.

    Red Hook Ale and a container of jambalaya gets us started.

    EC Scott, a BIG 'ol woman and Black Buck recording artist from Oakland, was the first of two acts we caught. High energy, much in the 'mold' of Marva Wright. Very entertaining, backed by her tight, well-attired band 'SMOKE', although I could do without some of the "Let me hear how many out there....yada, yada, yada...." Finished with James Brown's "Try Me", which yours truly called minutes before as EC droned on with her intro (an excellent call).

    Tutu Jones from South Dallas and Sherman Robertson from Houston played in the same set, but not together. Tutu was a little full of Tutu. This format was distracting (but not as distracting as the COLD wind that brought temperatures to near 30 degrees!!) and strange. Altogether, the music was ok, but merely ok.

    Finished up with a cold one at the real Blackeyed Sally's and a 'fresh' pie at Papa's with TM and escort/dancer/political pundit Kim.

    Thursday, June 02, 2005

    Wall of Hair

    Phil, what ARE you thinking?
    Love the pocket square, though.

    Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    Turns out Strawberry Fields not forever

    By Matthew Jones
    A British children's home immortalized in the Beatles hit "Strawberry Fields Forever" closes Tuesday after 69 years of looking after Liverpool's disadvantaged youngsters. The Salvation Army said all the children had left the Strawberry Field home and childcare provision at the Beaconsfield Road site ended today.

    No decision has been made on the fate of the home or its iconic wrought iron gates that became well-known to thousands of Beatles fans after the song was released in 1967. - Complete story...