Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jack White tonight in NYC (but does trouble lurk?)...

Jazzed about seeing the second of consecutive sold-out shows tonight at Radio City Music Hall with G-Man.  However, Saturday night's show ended in controversy with White abruptly shutting down after only forty-five minutes.  The reasons for his actions are the subject of angry speculation, but if he was upset at the sound, it makes no sense to take it out on the fans.  It will be interesting to see the fans' reaction tonight (if JW even shows up!)  Stay tuned.  I'll try to send some Twitter updates.
image stolen from web
(New York Observer) - Jack White is playing a pair of shows at Radio City Music Hall this weekend and last night’s sold out concert was short on songs and long on drama. The former White Stripes frontman abruptly left the stage after an hour prompting a crowd of irate fans to take to the streets. 
The Observer was in attendance for pleasure rather than business, but once things got weird, we got to work. But, despite our best efforts, we’re still not entirely sure what happened.
Mr. White’s show began with a rollicking set featuring songs from his recent solo album, Blunderbuss, and tracks from his bands; The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. From our seat in the nosebleeds, it seemed as though Mr. White’s music was enthusiastically received by the crowd. However, after about forty-five minutes, Mr. White suddenly left the stage.
Thinking this was the standard concert tease that often occurs prior to an encore, the vast majority of the audience remained, clapping and cheering in an effort to encourage Mr. White to retake the stage. After over twenty minutes, all of the house lights were turned on and ushers began to make their way through the crowd informing them the show was finished.  (Read More)

New Yorker article by Sasha Frere-Jones

Monday, September 24, 2012

New music arrivals...

Latest purchases to arrive and both are FABULOUS!
Baby Caught the Bus -  (Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes)
Call Me Sylvia -  (Low Cut Connie)

On my must-get list:
Sun -  (Cat Power)
Time's All Gone - (Nick Waterhouse)
Love This Giant - (David Byrne & St. Vincent)

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    The Connie Boys are coming, the Connie Boys are coming!...

    Celebrate/curse the election results on Wednesday, November 7th at Cafe Nine - LOW CUT CONNIE for an eight o'clock show!

    Rolling Stone review by Jon Dolan
    September 25, 2012

    Low Cut Connie make rock & roll in the great, skank-brained tradition of the Replacements at their most platonically who-gives-a-shit. The band's excellent second record comes off like a drunk's glove compartment of influences: Piano-slapping New Jersey kid Adam Weiner digs Jerry Lee Lewis kicks, and Birmingham, England, transplant Dan Finnemore is a British Invasion fan, but there's garage rock, doo-wop, slop-Dylan country, boogie-woogie indie rock and "Boozophilia," a big chorused, weed-puffing party anthem that sounds like Captain and Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together" by way of the New York Dolls. The lyrics are predictably low-brow but with plenty of loopy kink: "(No More) Wet T-Shirt Contests" is a gutbucket-Randy Newman lounge-blues tune where Weiner mentions "Send in the Clowns," exposed underwear and an impending Christian phase.

    No, no, don't skip through that!...

    Have you noticed the latest source to discover cool new music and revisit old gems?  Yes, I thought you did - commercials!  The trend blew up with Feist's 1234 for Apple's iPod Nano, continued through a thousand (at last count; a moritorium?) using the Black Keys, and the latest is Heineken's use of Love Letter by the fabulous Australian girl group, Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes.  Gone are the days when artists were hammered for selling out, leaving us with just bland little jingles or Muzak in the style of current trends.  A new generation of Mad Men (don't you dare go all sexist pig on me) is on the loose.  This is a good thing.

    1234 (Feist)- iPod Nano commercial/ complete song
    Love Letter (Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes)- Heineken commercial/ complete song
    At Last (Etta James)- Mercedes-Benz commercial/ complete song 
    Everybody Talks (Neon Trees)- Buick Verano commercial/ complete song
    Say, I Wanna Know (Nick Waterhouse)- Acura ILX commercial/ complete song
    Trouble (Ray Lamontagne)- Travelers commercial/ complete song
    Just a Friend (Biz Markie)- Heineken commercial/ complete song

    I'm sure I missed many.  Your favorites?
    From A.T. - Too Close (Alex Clare)- Microsoft IE9 commercial/ complete song

    Get yourselves some live Sawtelles...

    hi all. this week and early oct:

    • thurs 20: wethersfield farmers' market 3-5p
    • fri 21st: our return to typhoon thai, main st middletown 6p. byob.
    • tues 25th: spring glen farmers' market, whitney ave hamden, across from best video. 4p
    • thurs 27th: simsbury farmers' market, rt 10 simsmore sq plaza 3p
    • fri 28th: javapalooza, main st middletown 7:30-9:30p
    • OCT 6th: the INDEPENDISC Birthday show! Cafe Nine, w/Grimm Generation and Farewood. music 9p. we're on second.  come early and stay late!

    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    Latest Live From Daryl's House: Nick Waterhouse...

    (From LFDH site)- Waterhouse, whose retro vocal style and stylized look has been compared to original rockers Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly as well as neo-soulsters Mark Ronson, Mayer Hawthorne, Amy Winehouse, Charles Bradley, Allen Stone and Sharon Jones, was pumped to be part of Live from Daryl’s House. “Playing and hanging out with Daryl was simultaneously beyond belief and totally natural… just playing music. Any nerves I had went out the door eight bars in when I saw that we were all in the same pocket.”  He also added: “Daryl’s a real soulful, smart cat, and was totally open and warm as a host. The man, the band, and his whole family really showed me a great time, something I will remember for days and years to come.”

    For Nick Waterhouse, it all began with a single vinyl 45, “Some Place,” which he recorded with “a band of twenty something kids” and sax player Ira Raibon, a veteran of some of the same bands which produced the kind of lost classics that the singer-songwriter attempted to emulate. The release sold out shortly after it was released, and now changes hands for upwards of $300 on eBay for the rare copy. A fan of “vintage, over-modulated R&B…a time-honored tradition that evokes the back-alley thrill of New Orleans, Detroit and Memphis in their heyday,” Waterhouse recorded on magnetic tape direct to mono on the same Gold Star Studios lathe once used by Phil Spector and the Beach Boys. “The important thing to me was I did everything myself,” he says. “On my own terms—the way I wanted.” The subject of a June GQ profile and photo spread, Waterhouse begins a tour Sept. 26 in Denver , CO , which runs through Oct. 21 in L.A. at the El Rey Theatre.

    Daryl found he had a lot in common with his LFDH guest. "We really bonded over our love of vintage R&B and soul. Nick’s a real scholar of this music, and it turned out to be a great match.”

    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    Thirsty Thursday...

    One of my very favorite Al Anderson songs, Ridin' In My Car.  Here is a clip from a live performance at the old Agora Ballroom in West Hartford (drove past the site yesterday; now an empty industrial lot):

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    How did it feeeel? Dylan at Mountain Park...

    Here is the set list from the Mountain Park performance (Htfd Courant review):
    1. Watching The River Flow
    2. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
    3. Things Have Changed
    4. Tangled Up In Blue
    5. The Levee’s Gonna Break
    6. Make You Feel My Love
    7. Honest With Me
    8. Every Grain Of Sand
    9. High Water (For Charley Patton)
    10. Desolation Row
    11. Highway 61 Revisited
    12. Shelter From The Storm
    13. Thunder On The Mountain
    14. Ballad Of A Thin Man
    15. Like A Rolling Stone
    16. All Along The Watchtower
    17. Blowin’ In The Wind

    Bobby D on slavery- here

    Saturday, September 08, 2012

    Here come the Connie boys again (look for them at Cafe Nine in November - maybe)...

    First review of Call Me Sylvia from AllMusicGuide:
    So often when rock & roll keeps it real it sounds, well, old-fashioned: playing to rules written for a different time. That's not the case with Low Cut Connie and their second album, Call Me Sylvia. Sure, there are plenty of echoes of a hedonistic past ricocheting around Call Me Sylvia -- it's easy to pick out the Stones and the Replacements, or the wild mercury sound of Dylan at his amphetamine prime -- and Low Cut Connie pledges allegiance to a boozy boogie that's been out of style since at least the Carter administration, but the remarkable thing about this cheerfully dirty quartet is that they're never living in the past, never expending energy in capturing the perfect forgotten reverb or rearranging their record collection into a meticulous collage. Low Cut Connie just barrel forth -- they pick up their guitars and play loudly, making a noise with whatever amps happen to be lying around. The difference isn't just attitude, it's instrumentation; unlike so many rock & roll groups of the last 20 years, Low Cut Connie are anchored by the pounding piano of Adam Weiner, and those rocking '88s gives the group real swing and sleaze, elements missing even in such otherwise excellent rock & roll throwbacks as the White Stripes or the Black Keys. That palpable big beat electrifies Call Me Sylvia, but Low Cut Connie aren't only about sound -- they're crack songwriters, bashing out big hooks and riffs in songs that are sharp, clever, and funny without succumbing to cutesiness. Like the best rock & roll of any era, this lives passionately and messily for the moment, and as Call Me Sylvia spills forth, it's hard not to get swept into its giddy, filthy joy.


    Biography (from LCC website):

    From schleps to champs: the story of Low Cut Connie

    One sad night in New York City, Adam Weiner was playing “Stormy Weather” to twelve half-naked drunks at a drag karaoke bar called Pegasus.  He had left New Jersey 10 years earlier with lofty hopes of artistic success in the Big Sexy Apple…and this salty dump is where he had landed and gotten stuck like a musical kidney stone.  A small Asian man dressed as Diana Ross was finishing the last verse and segueing into “Sometimes When We Touch”, while Adam plunked the piano keys with bluesy relish.

    Right at this moment, a thought occurred to Mr. Weiner.”Why don’t I start the greatest rock n roll band this town has ever seen? Why don’t I titillate and massage the throbbing cultural masses in unknown ways? Why don’t I dream a new boogie for all of mankind?”  Instantly, the room started to spin with sensual visions and Elvis ambitions.  Barry Manillow whispered in his ear “DO IT!”.  The patrons all shook their stuff and tipped Mr. Weiner generously.  ”The slump was ending”, he felt.

    The next morning, he called up his old buddy Dan “Swampmeat” Finnemore in Birmingham, England.  A couple years before, Adam and Dan had shared a urine-soaked stage in a gnarly UK warehouse and gotten stuck in a freight elevator for 4 hours with nothing but guitars and a duffel bag of booze. They had emerged brothers from across the pond.  When the phone rang, Dan was busy duct-taping his wounds after a night of heavy punkabilly brawling and low-brow impregnations.  He had screamed his head off and been spat on by rabid drunks and footballers.  Adam asked him if he wanted to turn their slumps around and light a mighty rock n roll flame.  Dan picked up his sticks and said “Fuck it, let’s get weird.  See you in 6 hours, fool.”
    Sensing the creation of a profound cocktail of boogie and benevolent sleaze, Weiner called up Neil “the Feel” Duncan in Gainesville, Florida.  Duncan was a country-fried guitar slinger who had twanged with the best of them in Nashville and in every Jimmy’s Chicken Shack south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  He had schlepped his blood red Les Paul past every Waffle House in America and been burned by the countrypolitan executives who promised him record deals and handed him flaming bullroar.  Neil was licking his wounds in Florida, sucking a beer and watching the Golden Girls in his garage when he got the call.  The Hebrew and the Brit were coming down….zip up your shorts and get the old tape-machine fired-up.

    There was only one question left to be answered: What would they eat??  Adam called up Ian Vos, aka Vos the Boss….Ian was a gourmet fry cook in South Philly…and a ballsy bass player to boot.  Adam and Ian had played a wedding gig together in Pennsylvania, and bonded over “Hava Nagila” and “We Are Family” a few years before.  It was a bond never to be broken.  Ian dropped his marinated chops and hopped it down to Florida to meet those Connie boys. They were going to get all the juices flowing, to make all the boys and girls dance again, fondle each other, and fall in love.
    Low Cut Connie is releasing their second album “Call Me Sylvia”, on Sept. 24.
    Their first album, “Get Out the Lotion”, was one of the most unexpected critical successes of 2011 (see below). The boys are self-releasing “Call Me Sylvia”…they are a self-managed, self-distributed, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. They are hitting the road throughout the fall, including album-release parties in Philadelphia and New York, and many hot dates throughout America.  Come get sweaty with us, please.

    Thursday, September 06, 2012

    Thanks, Heineken, for the heads up...

    These guys caught my attention during a U.S. Open Tennis commercial break.  A quick Shazam and I found it was Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes.  Got to love it!  Great name, great music!

    Sounds a bit like Amy Winehouse on this one:

    Sunday, September 02, 2012


    G-Man with Hacienda bassist Rene Villanueva
    at Mercury Lounge in NYC
    G-Man & Yvette took in a Hacienda concert at the Mercury Lounge on Saturday night.  The band is produced by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and was his backup band on his solo tour.

    (Wikipedia)- Hacienda is a Rock and Roll band from San Antonio, Texas. Formed by cousins Abraham Villanueva (piano/vocals) and Dante Schwebel (guitar/vocals), together with Abraham's brothers Jaime (drums/vocals) and Rene Villanueva (bass/vocals), this Mexican-American quartet blends a raw yet sophisticated style of pop music with harmonies reminiscent of The Beatles and The Beach Boys

    Cousins Abraham Villanueva and Dante Schwebel created the foundation for what would become the Hacienda sound, but the two were unable to secure additional members on the same page musically and personally in 2004. Meanwhile the two remaining Villanueva brothers were making a name playing together in a band at bars and house parties outside of San Antonio. There band however was short lived, so when the opportunity to play in Hacienda appeared, Jaime and Rene completed the lineup and set Hacienda into full swing. In late 2005 the band purchased a small digital recorder and began tracking demos. A demo of 6 songs made it to the hands of Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and since then, the band's future would be changed indefinitely. Hacienda made quite a buzz in the music world when their 6 song demo was passed around from musicians to record execs, managers, and the like.

    Saturday, September 01, 2012

    The Ghost of Festivals Past...

    Sat/Sun Schedule at Rhythm & Roots Festival...

    Main Festival Stage

    Saturday, Sept 1:
    12:00pm The Pine Leaf Boys
    1:15 pm Johnny Nicholas & Hellbent
    2:30 pm The Gourds
    4:00 pm Carolina Chocolate Drops
    5:45 pm Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound
    7:40 pm Hugh Laurie & the Copper Bottom Band
    9:30 pm La Bottine Souriante

    Sunday, Sept 2nd
    12:00 pm Golden Triangle
    1:15 pm Sarah & the Tall Boys
    2:30 pm Ray Wylie Hubbard
    4:00 pm Blackie & the Rodeo Kings
    5:45 pm Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
    7:30 pm The Duhks
    9:25 pm David Bromberg Band