Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas stocking stuffers....

On December 10th, Sotheby's will be auctioning off Bob Dylan's handwritten lyrics to The Times They Are a-Changin' (NY Times article):

Jesse Winchester, Jimmy Webb, Tom Russell and Thad Beckman -These four writer performers will be on the Masters of American Song Train”…your chance to ride with them up close and personal: a package that includes concerts, workshops, hotels, meals, a beat tour of San Francisco…and more. Coming in January! Treat yourself to the ultimate Christmas package and our most affordable train ride, with the Masters. Click on  for details and email or call toll free 888-484-3669. A few seats remain.

Surely, you can't be serious! ...

Leslie Nielson dead at 84
(CNN) -- Leslie Nielsen, whose longtime career as a square-jawed dramatic actor took a sudden turn into comedy with gut-busting spoofs like "Airplane!" and "The Naked Gun," has died at age 84, his family said Sunday.  The Canadian-born Nielsen's career reached back into the early days of television, when he made frequent appearances on live drama series like "Goodyear Playhouse."  He played the earnest starship captain in the 1956 science-fiction classic "Forbidden Planet" and made regular appearances on a wide range of TV dramas into the 1970s, including "Hawaii Five-O."  He also played the captain of an overturned ocean liner in the 1972 disaster movie, "The Poseidon Adventure."  Much of that changed in 1980, when he was cast as a doctor aboard an endangered jetliner in the gag-a-minute disaster-movie parody "Airplane!" - (more)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

She was workin' in a topless place and I stopped in for a beer....

The Reet, JFK, G and I pick up Yvette arriving (toting a fresh Junior's cheesecake) from Bay Ridge at Union Station in New Haven with thoughts of Frank Pepe on our minds.  Ouch, the line at the legendary Wooster Street pie haunt is out onto the sidewalk as we drive past and we're on a tight schedule.  No Pepe's white clam pie today.  Off to see the wonder of it all up I95.  It's not quite Highway 61, but it's where the author will be playin' for us tonight.

Krewe relaxing at Hard Rock
The traffic is backed up to a crawl, so we bide our time listening to the Huskies try for their BCS (aka greedy sons of bitches opposed to real playoff system) berth.  The traffic finally breaks and we arrive at The Wonder of It All around three.  A quick lunch at the Hard Rock, where we chat up the demerits of Kiss v Journey.  I am forced to defend Kiss because Journey has no redeeming human value and Kiss did have some good moments.  JFK says that is irrelevant because Journey wasn't rock 'n roll in the first place.  Up to the rooms for some rest.  Reet goes immediately downstairs for video poker.  The show is at eight, so we slip into the Scorpian Bar for some marguaritas and pulled pork tacos.  We're entertained by a group of twenty-somethings in their little black dresses on a girls' night out.   But enough tomfoolery, we've got a show to catch.  The usual red carpet gig (Yes, Joan, I'm wearing Brett Favre Wrangler jeans, but without the open fly feature), then through the wellwishers down to our primo seats about row fifteen rows up in the orchestra section.  Oh, that playful Bobby, he posted a sign at the entrance encouraging everyone to stand and dance during the show.  You just know that means the brawny drunk guy right in front of you will be shaking his big ass in your face all night. Whatever.  The house light dim and Our Man is introduced as something akin to the coming of Jesus Christ (not sure if he's back to being Jewish after the born-again gig).  C'mon, Bobby, kick our asses.

  1. “Gonna Change My Way of Thinking” - The show opens up with Bob in a now-familiar pose, standing at the keyboards in a dark suit of some kind and that light colored hat of his.  The band is Blues Brother attired and playing loud.  They sound good.  The guy three rows in front of me is juiced.  I can tell, he's standing and blocking my view.  Figures.  He finally relaxes and takes his seat.
  2. “Lay, Lady, Lay” - Whoa, Bob!  What are you doing?  He's actually out front at the center mic with his mouth harp for this Nashville Skyline classic.  Granted, the voice is pretty shot, but I've got to give it to him, he sounds pretty good.  Nice harp riffs, too.
  3. “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” - Holy cow, now he's strapping on his axe.  Nice.  Also, the sound system at the MGM is magnificent and they are doing some really cool things with the lighting, sometimes casting shadows onto the back curtains, while other times projecting images of the stage players.
  4. “Tangled Up in Blue” - Love Blood On the Tracks and this cut in particular, but I think Bob passed on my fav lyric (see article title).  I'm thinking the lead guitar player looks like Kevin Bacon.
  5. “Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee” - He plays this all the time, but I've never warmed to it.
  6. “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll”
  7. “High Water (For Charlie Patton)
  8. “Visions of Johanna” - Took me awhile to realize what song this was.   Great song from Blonde On Blonde.
  9. “Summer Days”
  10. “Love Sick”
  11. “Highway 61 Revisited” - No, not the epic Highway I95 from earlier in the day, but the 1965 one.  Tough time following this lyrically, but it sounded great.
  12. “Workingman’s Blues #2″
  13. “Thunder on the Mountain” - The Reet checks out somewhere around this time.  She's been a trouper, but is not a big fan of Bob.  I think he saw her leave and was not pleased.  This song dragged a bit for my taste.
  14. “Ballad of a Thin Man” - Best song of the night, sung front and center in a hoarse growl with the band cooking behind him.  Closed out the main set.  The crowd erupts.
  15. “Jolene” (encore) - Bob reappears with the band.  I knew he couldn't leave without 'Rolling Stone'.  The huge guy and his girlfriend seated in front of G and Yvette have been quietly pounding beers throughout the concert, but now decide it's time to git up 'n shake it up, blocking out the view.
  16. “Like a Rolling Stone” (encore) - The Highway 61 Revisited classic ends the show with the crowd standing and cheering, lots of them coming down front, thereby driving the ushers nuts.  First, he finally thanks us, then introduces the band.  Great ending, although they fake us out and don't bring up the house lights right away, making us think for a minute that Bob might slip in another..
The Reet meets us as we exit; looks like she passed on the Dylan Neverending Tour tee shirt. Nightcap? We find a casino bar back at the Grand Pequot and order a round of margaritas. While waiting, I stand next to an enormously tall young lady, standing alone, looking like she's out for some high roller love. And I'm not completely sure she's a she either. But that's not for this cowboy to find out. Good fun. Great concert.

Below are two clips that Yvette managed before the ubiquitous ushers stopped her (God forbid there be more Dylan basement tapes!):

UPDATE:  Today I received an email from the Bob Dylan police asking me to take these videos off YouTube.  Sorry. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I wanna be Bob Dylan....

Off to Foxwoods this afternoon with  The Reet, jfk, Garrett & Yvette for the Bob Dylan concert at MGM.  A possible stop at Pepe's on Wooster Street on the way.  Let the 'guess what song he's singing' games begin!

Got a call from Willie Nelson in Texas.  Says he lost his wallet and needed a few bucks for bail (story).  Somewhere in the Great Northwest, Johnny Gumbo is chuckling.  BTW, the last time I saw Bobby Zimmerman was with Gumbo; it was the rainy night in New Britain at the baseball park where we lost George (concert posting).

Friday, November 26, 2010

And just what else did you think I'd select for today?....

Just a little something to hum while you shop in your bad sneakers and a pina colada, my friend, stomping on the Avenue by Radio City with a transistor and a large sum of money to spend:

When Black Friday comes, I'll stand down by the door
And catch the grey men when they dive from the fourteenth floor
(Steely Dan- from Katy Lied)

From This is about Friday, September 24, 1869. It is known as "Black Friday" in the US because of a failed ploy that left many wealthy investors broke. The investors tried to corner the market on gold, buying as much of it as they could and driving up the price, but when the government found out, they released $4 million worth of gold into the market, driving down the price and clobbering the investors.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

from the management and staff 
of johnnykmusic!

Thanksgiving Day soundtrack: 
Elite Hotel (Emmylou Harris) 
Groovebox (The Ahn Trio)
The Last Real Texas Blues Band (Doug Sahm) 
All For You (Diana Krall) 
The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (Ruthie Foster) 
If You Should Ever Fall On Hard Times (The Iguanas) 
Lay It Down (Al Green) 
End of the Summer (Dar Williams) 
Back To Black (Amy Winehouse) 
Pay Before You Pump (Al Anderson) 
Unplugged at Pleasant Plains (The Subdudes) 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Missed them last night @ The Clam...

Allman Brothers Band live at Fillmore East 2/14/70...

  • Gregg Allman - organ, vocals 
  • Duane Allman - guitar 
  • Dickey Betts - guitar 
  • Berry Oakley - bass, vocals 
  • Butch Trucks - drums 
  • Jai Johanny Johanson - drums, percussion 
Developing the soaring twin lead guitar attack that served as the foundation for much of Southern rock, the Allman Brothers Band was much more than the founding fathers of a musical genre. Far more progressive and diverse than the school of music they inspired, the group incorporated blues, soul, rock, jazz, and country elements into a heady brew all their own. With improvisatory skills that rivaled the greatest of jazz musicians, the Brothers quickly established a reputation for inspired jamming. Their live performances at Bill Graham's Fillmore East have deservedly become the stuff of legend, and it was there, in March of 1971, that the original lineup recorded one of the greatest live albums of all time. That album, The Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East was indisputable proof that this group was leading the charge into the new decade and for that moment in time, they were arguably the most inspired and promising rock band in North America. Recorded a full year prior to the legendary live album, this Fillmore East recording captures the Allman Brothers when they were still a relatively new band, full of youthful passion and just beginning to establish a reputation. Performing on a bill presenting two of the best California bands of the era, the Los Angeles-based Love and San Francisco's Grateful Dead, this recording captures the Allman Brothers Band out to prove themselves to one of the country's most discerning audiences. Despite their limited stage time as an opening act, the musicianship is extraordinary from the sizzling set opener, "Elizabeth Reed," to the last ringing notes of a nearly 40 minute "Mountain Jam," which concludes the set. This is a band on a mission, wasting no time getting down to business and totally delivering the goods. Compressing an incredible amount of creativity and energy into the one-hour time allotted, it was performances like this that established the band's reputation. (more)

Listen to more The Allman Brothers Band at Wolfgang's Vault.

The Pope sez sometimes you can leave your hat on...

Pope says some condom use 'first step' of morality
VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI has opened the door on the previously taboo subject of condoms as a way to fight HIV, saying male prostitutes who use condoms may be beginning to act responsibly. It's a stunning comment for a pontiff who has blamed condoms for making the AIDS crisis worse. (more)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday (what's with Italy paying Sir Elton John all that EU cash?).....

  • QU Bobcats hosting the Vermont Catamounts this afternoon at the Bob Katz Center in Hamden.  Steve (The Bod) ready and able at the shot clock....
  • And what's with Joan Baez falling out of a tree (story)?  Who does she think she is, Keith Richards?  Rumor is she was having a sleepover with Marcia V, whom she befriended at a New Haven concert a couple weeks ago.  Marcia, can you confirm?  (Singing "Virgil Cain is my name and I drove on the Danville train. 'Til so much cavalry came and tore up the tracks again." songfacts)
  • If you are just layin' around the shanty tomorrow night, Jonathan Edwards at Mohegan Sun Wolf Den;  if you're layin' around gawking at your angel in a centerfold, Peter Wolf (of the J. Geils Band) is at Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton
  • Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I see from lead singer Jonny S's Facebook that those intolerant bastards, Zero Tolerance, are playing Thanksgiving eve at the Downtown Cafe in Bristol.  
  • Note to self to pick up the Cajun fried turkey (with sides of cornbread and collard greens) at Black-eyed Sally's sometime on Wednesday.  Rumor surfacing that SHS football coaches stole the recipe and plan to use it against rival Cheshire HS.

      Friday, November 19, 2010

      Amy Winehouse re-appears!...

      (  Amy Winehouse is set to play her first official shows in two years. The U.K. singer today announced a "one-off tour," scheduled for early next year in Brazil, on her website.  Winehouse will play three dates for Brazil's Summer Soul Festival -- Jan. 8 in Florianopolis, Jan. 13 in Recife and Jan. 15 in Sao Paulo -- with a Jan. 11 gig at the Arena HSBC in Rio de Janerio in between. Last week, The Sun had reported that the singer was booked for six dates in Brazil and one in Russia.

      Amy Winehouse's first new recording in four years has hit the web: "It's My Party," a cover of Lesley Gore's 1963 original that will appear on Quincy Jones soon-to-be released compilation album "Q: Soul Bossa Nostra."  Produced by Winehouse's go-to collaborator Mark Ronson, "It's My Party" is the U.K. singer/songwriter's first studio recording since her 2006 breakthrough album "Back to Black," which won five Grammy awards in 2008.  The original "It's My Party," which was produced by Jones, spent two weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1963.  "She was amazing," Jones tells of Winehouse. "Sweet as she could be...we bonded."  "Q: Soul Bossa Nostra," out next Tuesday (Nov. 9), also features appearances by Mary J. Blige, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Wyclef Jean and Ludacris, among others.

      The original: Leslie Gore: (It's My Party songfacts

      Wednesday, November 17, 2010

      Ladies and gentlemen, our friend Neil Young (and Bruuuuuuce)...

      after some damn advertising...

      But could you recognize any of 'em?...

      Getting ready for Bobby Zimmerman at Foxwoods MGM Grand on Nov 27 with The Reet, The Boys & Yvette.  Bobby Dylan, the cat, will not make the trip up from Bay Ridge.

      Bob Dylan, Poughkeepsie, New York set list:
      Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
      This Wheel's On Fire
      Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
      Just Like A Woman
      Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
      Simple Twist Of Fate
      Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
      Visions Of Johanna
      Honest With Me
      Masters Of War
      Summer Days
      Nettie Moore
      Thunder On The Mountain
      Ballad Of A Thin Man
      Like A Rolling Stone22 hours ago

      Tuesday, November 16, 2010

      Til Tuesday...

      Meet the Beatles:
      • Steve Job says Beatles to be on iTunes (story); 
      • Paul McCartney to play the Apollo Theater in Harlem next month?  You cannot be Sirius (story)!
      • The Strange Boys' politically incorrect, but catchy Should Have Shot Paul :

      Sunday, November 14, 2010

      Lets cream Jets....Lost in OT, OUCH!

      J.E.T.S. Jets, Jets, Jets run into the SURGING Cleveland Browns this afternoon.  Look OUT!

      Life by Keith Richards - NY Times review by Liz Phair

      The building housing Szechuan Tokyo Restaurant (originally Brock's Steak House) in West Hartford is slated to be razed in April, 2011.  Szechuan Tokyo has hosted one of the finest jazz venues in the Hartford area for years.  Their website hints at continuing at another location. (current jazz calendar)

      Friday, November 12, 2010

      Wondering who gets to dot the 'i' in script UConn?....

      LONG day yesterday.  Played a windy day of golf with the Husky twins, Keith/Vin, then over to The Rent to tailgate with The Rick & The Hartford boys for the UConn/Pitt football game.  Great win, but very cold up in the cheap seats.  The twins are off to catch the hoops opener at Gampel v Stoney Brook.   The Reet nixed my idea to drive our Chevy down to the Mohegan Sun levee (Wolf Den) to catch Don McLean tonight.

      “No one can spoil this night. Good for us to come in and spank that ass.” (Big Baby Davis after Celtics beat Heat).

      I used to subscribe to Jazziz Magazine for a few years (loved the free monthly jazz CD), but eventually let it lapse.  Just got an email asking me to return.
      In this issue there are features on Esperanza Spalding, Lee Ritenour, Billy Childs, Steve Coleman, Fred Hersch, Anthony Braxton, Billy Cobham, Jeff Lorber Fusion, Miles Davis and a very special 2-CD collection titled Night & Day: Autumn.  This new collection includes one disc—Autumn Nights—filled with chamber-inspired jazz from Esperanza, Miles, Childs, Randy Brecker, John Scofield and Vince Mendoza and the other—Autumn Days—a collection of fresh sounds from Ritenour, Ernie Watts, Stanley Clarke, Jason Moran, Vijay Iyer, Grover Washington, Jr., Danilo Perez, Scott Colley and The Bad Plus.

      Those intolerant bastards are playing tonight...

      From Jon S, lead singer of the mega-band from Bristol, Zero Tolerance, via Facebook -
      Event: Legends Cafe, Pine Street, Bristol, Friday, November  12 @ 9:30PM
      This is the show we unveil our new Bass player! Who is he you ask? Well, we'll give you a hint - He can make a bomb out of a bandaid and a stick of gum, he lives in a crayon house, he plays shortstop for the Yankees, aaaaaaaaaand his best friend is Butt Head.... Still not sure? Stop down and find out!!!!  (youtube video- live @ Downtown Cafe)

      Tuesday, November 09, 2010

      Next stop: awesome!....

       Take Me Out by Atomic Tom live on NYC subway using only iphones for instruments:

      Armed only with iPhones, a rock band goes viral (AP)
      NEW YORK – Armed with only iPhones, an inventive rock band has gone viral by way of the subway. The Brooklyn band Atomic Tom has scored an Internet hit with its self-created video to the song "Take Me Out." In the video, the band members ride a New York City subway while performing entirely on Apple Inc. iPhones, with apps for each instrument. In the video, the four crouch on subway seats, specifically the B train while it crosses the Manhattan Bridge. Singer Luke White clutches an iPhone like a microphone, guitarist Eric Espiritu and bassist Philip Galitzine strum chords across iPhone screens like tiny instruments, and drummer Tobias Smith taps on a drum app. It has been watched by more than 2 million on Google Inc.'s YouTube since debuting last week. - (more)

      Here's your next 'must see' show: The Dex Romweber Duo at Cafe Nine on Tuesday, November 9....

      This is a tougher sell.  No weekend, early start.  You just have to gut it out.  Here's a brief bio from their website:

      Dex & Sara Romweber
      BORN THE 7th SON OF A COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER in 1966, Dexter Romweber has grown up to become nothing less than an icon of the American music underground.  Former frontman for the world famous psycho-surf-rockabilly-garage-punk combo Flat Duo Jets, Dexter released his first of fifteen albums in 1990 to rave reviews worldwide. He starred alongside R.E.M. and The B-52s in the 1987 cult classic film Athens, Ga. Inside Out. His first national tour in 1990 was as opening act for The Cramps. He was showcased on MTV's The Cutting Edge and 120 Minutes, appeared with the Flat Duo Jets in videos such as "Wild Wild Lover" and "Radioactive Man", made a stunning performance on Late Night with David Letterman, and has shared the stage with dozens of rock's underground kings including Iggy Pop, the White Stripes, AntiSeen, Reverend Horton Heat and many, many others.

      Dexter's unique blend of rockabilly, swing, surf instrumental, and punk lounge has influenced and launched an entire generation of bands. Be sure to read Jeff Arndt's excellent interview with Dexter that appears on the "Perfect Sounds Forever" site: "Beyond The Flat Duo Jets". Reviewer Michael Stephens has also written an insightful profile of Dexter for the Pop Matters web site.   The Dex Romweber Duo also features Dex's celebrated sibling Sara Romweber (Mitch Easter, Lets Active, Snatches of Pink) on drums. Together they have been performing electrifying concerts all over the US and Europe, touring with Cat Power, Southern Culture On The Skids, Legendary Shack Shakers and Neko Case.  Dex is the subject of a new documentary movie, Two-Headed Cow, which chronicles his legendary career. The movie includes testimonials by Jack White, Neko Case, Cat Power and Exene Cervenka amongst others, all of whom cite Dex as a major personal influence. An accompanying CD, featuring these guest stars, is currently in the works.

      Monday, November 08, 2010

      Can't trust that day...

      Tracklisting for See My Friends, Ray Davies' new CD:  
      1. Better Things - Ray Davies & Bruce Springsteen
      2. Celluloid Heroes - Ray Davies, Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora
      3. Days/This Time Tomorrow - Ray Davies & Mumford & Sons
      4. Long Way From Home - Ray Davies, Lucinda Williams & The 88
      5. You Really Got Me - Ray Davies & Metallica
      6. Lola - Ray Davies & Paloma Faith
      7. Waterloo Sunset - Ray Davies & Jackson Browne
      8. 'Til The End of The Day - Ray Davies, Alex Chilton & The 88
      9. Dead End Street - Ray Davies & Amy Macdonald
      10. See My Friends Ray Davies & Spoon
      11. This Is Where I Belong - Ray Davies & Black Francis
      12. David Watts - Ray Davies & The 88
      13. Tired Of Waiting - Ray Davies & Gary Lightbody
      14. All Day And All Of The Night/Destroyer - Ray Davies & Billy C

      Ray Davies will play the Beacon Theater in NYC on Wednesday, Nov 24 and  the Wilbur Theater in Boston on Sunday, November 28.

      Sunday, November 07, 2010

      The Last Supper?....

      The Rick threw it out there after recently visiting Blackeyed Sally's and noticing the upcoming booking of Sarah Borges - "Hey, anyone interested?"  Sure, the last time we saw SBBS was opening for the Reducers in New London in 2009.  We missed her appearance at the annual Blackeyed & Blues Fest last June over at Bushnell park because we were at the Cape on a golf trip.  An email from Sarah's publicist tells of an imminent hiatus (breakup?), so this might be our last chance to catch one of our favorite live bands.  A quick email to Keith/Sharie and Vin/Marsha yields one yes, one no (Marsha passes, instead going retro to catch Joan Baez with the girls on Friday night; Vin, on the other hand, seems to be stuck up on a climbing trail somewhere in Middletown). We're passing on Dave Mason at the Wolf Den the same night.  Okay, reservations for six.  It's a nine o'clock show, so The Reet is happy; those 11:30 showtimes at Cafe Nine are not her cup of tea.

      JoAnn and The Rick drive up from Shelton (rumors that Rick molested those horses are greatly exaggerated), while Keith/Sharie pick us up for the ride up I84 to the bustling CT Capitol.  Keith deftly parks the car in the lot across from Sallys and we hoof it (sorry about the horse reference) across Asylum.  We enter, finding that JoAnn & The Rick have already arrived, having not been informed that reservations are at eight, not seven-thirty.  Rick informs us that Sarah had just pushed past him; I look over my shoulder, finding her and the guys chowing down in a booth (hence, the Last Supper).  Beers/wine obtained at the bar (thanks, Rick), we're shown to our table off to the left of the band stage.

      Love the food here.  (Thanksgiving suggestion from Sally's: Cajun Fried Turkeys are back! Place your order today!  This Holiday season, impress your family & friends with a “no-hassle” Thanksgiving Dinner from Black-eyed Sally’s- book it, Danno).   The Reet would disagree - hates this stuff.  I order the blackened catfish with collard greens/sweet potatoes.  The Reet, searching for something ordinary, opts for the mac 'n cheese appetizer.  Rick tells of his team building exercise- asking each of his people to submit his/her top 4 songs of all time, then playing each song, having the group guess the song, artist AND who submitted the song.  Interesting exercise.  And tricky, for one is always torn between actually giving your favorites and trying to be cool.  So, what's your top four?   I've asked The Rick for the listing to post here.  Must be close to show time 'cause drummer Rob Delaney is test-pounding his drum set nearby.  I run into Binky on my way to the head.  Yeah, long time, heard you guys were taking a break.  He says (I'm now pissing while talking back to him via the mirror) they will still play some shows, but it's time since Sarah and Kyle got married and all.  Oh, I did not know that!  Then he's out to start the show.

      The table behind us is full of thirty-something Sarah fanatics, a few of whom fly onto the dance floor for the band's opening number.  I can sense that Keith is itching to join them, but he suppresses his primal urge.  He's looking sharp, having gone with the jacket/scarf look for the evening, but Keith gets soundly trumped by the dude near the dance floor sporting a long, white scarf, deftly tied and casually flung over the shoulder.  I pat Keith on the back to reassure him that his fashion touch was a really nice one anyway.  Sarah & the boys sound really good.  I've only caught Kyle Brewer once since he replaced Mike Castellana as the guitarist, but I love his playing.  Interesting solos, nice variation in styles.  Nice playlist, too (didn't take notes, sorry), a couple new covers along with SBBS staples, played good and loud.  Blackeyed Sallys is a good venue for this band, a venue that, because of the dance floor directly in front of the stage and the close proximity to the bar, gives some extra energy to the performance, much like Cafe Nine.  I find that places like the Iron Horse in Northampton are nice, but everyone is seated all the time and it can become a bit of a one-sided effort.  Some, if not all, in our party would take issue with that assessment.  Anyway, great set (of songs).  The band takes a break just after 11PM, signally the end of our night, although our waitress apparently didn't think so, disappearing from sight.

      Happy trails, Sarah, Binky, Rob & Lyle.  Catch you, well, sometime.

      Waxing nostalgic, here is a listing of SBBS shows attended over the years:
      • The Narrows Center in Fall River, MA in 2005 with Peter after reading an article about her on Yahoo (posting)
      • Cafe Nine In New Haven- numerous late night shows at the Musicians' Living Room with, at various times, The Reet, Johnny Gumbo (where Gumbo tried to recruit Sarah for a gig at the Southington Apple Harvest Festival), Trish/George, Keith/Sharie, Judi/John, G-Man, Aaron, including the show where Sarah broke off her front tooth, but, like a real trooper, played the show anyway.  Who said women pirates weren't hot? (posting)
      • Lizard Lounge in Cambridge in 2006 with the McGowans/DuBoses/Joe&Nancy (posting)
      • Joe's Pub in Manhattan in 2007 with G-Man (posting)
      • Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton in 2007 with Keith/Sharie (posting)
      • Hygienic Art Park in New London in 2009 with Vin/Marcia, Joann/The Rick, Keith/Sharie, opening for the home town Reducers (posting)
      • Blackeyed Sallys in Hartford in 2010 with Keith/Sharie & JoAnn/The Rick

      Spring back, fall forward (or is it?)....

      BROWNS BLOW 'EM OUT!!!!!!!!!!
      Oh, those tricky Browns!  Halftime 17-7

      Brownies v Patriots 
      Factoid: Since 1999, 16 quarterbacks have started for the Cleveland Browns (none named Graham or Kosar).
      Factoid: Bill Belichick was the last to coach the Browns before they were hijacked to Baltimore.
      Factoid: Brownies were the last Cleveland pro sports franchise to win a title in 1964 (Dr. Frank Ryan, Jim Brown, Paul Warfield, Gary 'not the actor' Collins)
      Hopetoid:  Mangenius thumps Wesleyan mentor Billy B (I can watch at home!)

      Saturday, November 06, 2010

      Coming to Cafe Nine on Dec 8...

      Elizabeth and the Catapult
      Up early Saturday morning with nothing useful to do but prowl, came across a listing on the Cafe Nine schedule for these Brooklyn-based (isn't everyone?) guys which looked interesting.  Sampled a few songs/videos on their MySpace.  Very catchy (so catchy they are featured on a Google commercial; is that good?).  New CD out, The Other Side of Zero.  Oh?  Alas, their show at the Nine is a Wednesday - late, so this cowboy won't be going.

      Elizabeth and The Catapult - You and Me from david moffly on Vimeo.

      Friday, November 05, 2010

      Hey, Keith, who hasn't had the hots for Ronnie Spector?...

      Eric Danton (Htfd Courant) interview:
      It came as no surprise to Ronnie Spector that Keith Richards described her as an "early love" in "Life," the new memoir by the Rolling Stones guitarist.   For one thing, Richards gave her an early copy of the book.   "He sent me his book and said, 'Ronnie, it's a love affair for 40 years,'" Spector says by phone from home, a short 15-minute drive from Richards' place in Connecticut. "And it has been."  Also, Richards has not been what you'd call subtle about his infatuation over the years.  "I was just with him like three or four months ago," Spector says, chuckling at the memory. "He has a basement with a studio down there, so he'd get me in the corner and say, 'Ronnie, you know I'm --' And I said, 'Hey! Your wife is upstairs. What are we going to do?' So we still carry that torch, but no hugging or kissing or stuff like that.'"  Richards appeared on Spector's 2009 album "Last of the Rock Stars," and they've been working together sporadically on another project. The pair first got acquainted in the '60s when the Rolling Stones opened for Spector's group the Ronettes on one of their early European tours. Spector says she's been fond of the Stones ever since.  "I like all the Rolling Stones, Mick and everyone, but by far, Keith was the sexiest for me," she says. "He was just laid back. Mick was out there doing his little silly dance and stuff, but Keith was never like that. He was always Mr. Cool."  Well, not always: Spector says she gave Keef some advice back in the day that didn't seem to sink in.  "I told Keith when I left England, 'A little marijuana is OK, but don't go any further than that!'" Spector says.
      Ronettes "Be My Baby" guesting on Sha Na Na
      Ronnie Spector/Joey Ramone "Bye Bye Baby"
      Ronnie Spector singing Brian Wilson's "Don't Worry Baby" (he wrote it for her)
      Ronnie Spector "Say Goodbye to Hollywood on the BBC's Top of the Pops
      Ronnie Spector, Darlene Love, Martha Reeves & Frankie Valli:

      Foley wins!!!! (Oh, he didn't?)...

      People moving out, people moving in. Why, because of the color of their skin.
      Run, run, run but you sure can't hide. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
      Vote for me and I'll set you free. Rap on, brother, rap on.

      Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the...(preacher.)
      And it seems nobody's interested in learning but the...(teacher.)
      Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration, Aggravation, humiliation, obligation to our nation.
      Ball of confusion. Oh yeah, that's what the world is today. Woo, hey, hey.

      Wednesday, November 03, 2010

      From Christine Ohlman, the Beehive Queen....

      Christine Ohlman | Beehive QueenChristine Ohlman | Beehive Queen   JUST ADDED for Thanksgiving weekend...I invite all NYC friends to the 92nd St. Y Tribeca Branch on Sat. Nov. 27 for Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez.


      T-Bone Wolk, guitarist for Daryl Hall

      Tribute to T-Bone Wolk - City Winery 5/9/10 Christine Ohlman on stage with GE Smith, Lenny Pickett, John Leventhal, Leon Pendarvis and Shawn Pelton

      Can't legally bogart that joint, my friend...

      Marajuana legislation measure loses in Cali
      LOS ANGELES – California voters declined to make their trendsetting state the nation's first to legalize marijuana use and sales, heeding warnings of legal chaos and that pot smokers would get behind the wheel and show up to work while high.  The legalization effort was losing by nine percentage points with more than two-thirds of precincts reporting. Backers showed support for the measure by gathering outside the campaign's headquarters to watch returns come in — some of them lighting up joints to mark the occasion.  Supporters of Proposition 19 blamed Tuesday's outcome on the conservative leanings of older voters who participate in midterm elections. They also acknowledged that young voters had not turned out in sufficient numbers to secure victory, but said they were ready to try again in two years. - (more)

      Tuesday, November 02, 2010

      Tuesday evening pre election results playlist on Jango...

      On the Lucinda Williams channel (
      Car Wheels On a Gravel Road (Lucinda Williams)
      Dancing Barefoot (Allison Moorer)
      Asking For Flowers (Kathleen Edwards)
      If I Had a Boat (Lyle Lovett)
      Baby's Got New Plans (Alejandro Escovedo)
      Bang the Drum Slowly (Emmylou Harris)
      Copperhead Road (Steve Earle)
      You Never Get What You Want (Patty Griffin)
      Black Light Blue (Shelby Lynne)
      Guided By Wire (Neko Case & Her Boyfriends)
      Australia (JP Chrissie & the Fairground Boys)

      Monday, November 01, 2010

      For what it's worth...

      Stephen Stills, Richie Furay and Neil Young of Buffalo Springfield perform at the Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, California on October 23, 2010.

      (From Rolling Stone)- It has been public knowledge for weeks that the surviving members of Buffalo Springfield were going to reunite at Saturday’s Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, California — but somehow it didn’t seem real until Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay walked onstage and played the opening chords of “On the Way Home.” The three men hadn’t shared a stage together since the final Buffalo Springfield concert in 1968, but as soon as their voices merged, it seemed as if no time had passed for them at all. Some of the songs hadn’t been performed by anyone in the band since Lyndon Johnson was president, but after a week of rehearsals, the band gave a near-flawless performance. It was the clear highlight of a remarkable seven-and-a-half hour concert. - complete article

      Email from Gus P, the legendary Westie Punk and, arguably, the greatest trivia  resource of all time:
      Thanks for the update on one of my favorite groups during my high school years.  Since Dewey Martin is dead, they weren't able to perform "Good Time Boy," a song I enjoyed as a teen.  Also, too bad the Giants didn't do this with all their good early and mid 60's teams, when I followed sports.