Monday, May 28, 2007

Big bottom, talk about your mudflaps, my girl's got 'em.....

Campaign tunes not so simple in campaigns by Ellen Wulfhorst (Reuters)

Choosing a theme song for a political campaign may sound fun but can produce plenty of sour notes. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's online quest for help in picking a campaign song is evoking responses good and bad, in a reminder that the wrong tune can bring legal woes and embarrassing moments, experts say. "This is a mistake waiting to happen," said Andrew Polsky, presidential historian and political science professor at Hunter College in New York. "Some campaign adviser who cooked up this scheme may be updating his resume if it blows up in her face."

Using videos posted on the YouTube Web site, Clinton has asked viewers to vote for a campaign song, with the winner to be picked soon. More than 130,000 votes have been cast since mid-May, the campaign said. The finalists are "Suddenly I See," by K.T. Tunstall, "Rock This Country!" by Shania Twain, "Beautiful Day" by U2, "Get Ready" by The Temptations and Smash Mouth's cover of the Neil Diamond song "I'm a Believer." - complete story

Oh, Hillary, you are so hip, how could I leave this behind? Got any suggestions for her? View Spinal Tap's Big Bottom:

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday music run...

Garrett, home from Brooklyn for the weekend, shoots up to Turn It Up for some tunes:
  • What's the Story, Morning Glory? (Oasis)
  • Being There (Wilco)
  • His Band & Street Chior (Van Morrison)
  • Full Monn Fever (Tom Petty)
  • Thursday, May 24, 2007

    New from Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles....

    Eagerly awaiting the June 12 release Diamonds in the Dark, the second album (and first on Sugar Hill Records) of Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles. A quick check of their tour did not reveal any Cafe Nine dates, but Sarah says not to worry, they will make a stop there at some point. Some dates of note:
  • June 13 (Wed)- Joe's Pub, NYC
  • June 16 (Sat)- Johnny D's, Somerville, MA (Boston CD release party)
  • Sept 22 (Sat)- Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA

    Sample The Day We Met from the new CD here
  • Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    A gem from Concert Vault...

    The Boss at the Berkeley Community Theatre 3/2/73 - get it here

    Bruce Springsteen - vocals, guitar
    Clarence Clemons - saxophone, vocals
    Danny Federici - keyboard, accordion
    Vini Lopez - drums, vocals
    David Sancious - organ, piano, clavinet
    Garry Tallent - bass, vocals, horn

    Concert summary from Concert Vault site:
    Recorded just weeks after the release of his first album, Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J., this historic opening set from Bruce Springsteen comes from a time when Bruce and the entire band could still (just barely) fit in one car. The E Street band, as Bruce’s famous cast of backup musicians were called, came to encompass a particularly different and larger configuration, and the classic lineup from the mid-1970s only has three of the members from the backup band Springsteen plays with here.

    Still, Bruce has always been The Boss, and this show is an unmistakable showcase of Springsteen and a very early configuration of his E Street Band. What makes this show particularly interesting and historical is that a few weeks earlier, Springsteen had actually been part of the very first King Biscuit Flower Hour, which was broadcast over three decades ago (February 18th, 1973). On that broadcast, Bruce only performed two songs and had to share the bill with Blood, Sweat & Tears and jazz-fusion pioneers, the Mahavishnu Orchestra. The unique and eclectic co-bill gained Springsteen enough exposure and positive response to warrant his own set on the soon-to-become popular radio series.

    This show, recorded a month later, is the entire set that Springsteen performed as an opening act for Blood, Sweat & Tears in Berkeley, California. Apart from the debut King Biscuit recording, it is possibly the very first professional live recording of The Boss to surface. His Dylan-esque demeanor is very apparent, especially on the acoustic oriented material. Highlights include a very early version of “Blinded by the Light,” a very fast-tempo take on “Does This Bus Stop At 82nd St?,” and a passionate read of “Lost in the Flood,” whose line, “Did ya hear that? His body hit the street with such a beautiful thud,” remains one of the most visual lyrics in rock history.

    Springsteen, of course, has gone on to become one of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest prophets, speaking to the working class masses as well as the musically enlightened, reaching enormous commercial and critical heights over the past 30 years. His 1975 album, Born To Run, secured him a place in rock’s pantheon, and today he is credited as an influence to countless numbers of musicians.

    Lost in the Flood- 5:11
    Spirit In The Night- 5:41
    Wild Billy's Circus Story- 4:50
    Bishop Danced- 4:43
    Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?- 5:18
    Blinded by the Light- 5:30
    Thundercrack- 11:13

    Sunday, May 20, 2007

    New music in the house....

  • The Reminder (Feist)
  • Magic Potion (The Black Keys)
  • Rubber Factory (The Black Keys)
  • Don't Stop (Ingrid Lucia & the Flying Neutrinos)
  • Streetcore (Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros)
  • Don't miss Blackeyed Sallys Blues Festival on Thursday, June 7...

    The 7th Annual Blackeyed & Blues Festival will be held on Thursday, June 7th at Bushnell Park in Hartford featuring:
  • Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts
  • Sharrie Williams & the Wise Guys
  • Ray Schinnery Band
  • Kal David (of the Fabulous Rhinestones) & the Real Deal. Kal was featured with Johnny Rivers at the 2007 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans, LA.

    Food provided by Blackeyed Sallys, of course, with brews from Redhook Brewery & Budweiser. Always a good time as long as you don't fall off your stool.
  • Maybe 2008 Jazz Fest?.....

    Fats Domino was slated to be the closing act at the 2006 (post-Katrina) Jazz Fest, but the Rock 'N Roll icon was bitten by stage-fright and opted out. So, it's good news to read that he is once again performing in public, appearing at a Tipitina's Foundation fundraiser at the legendary New Orleans club. Perhaps we might get to see him at next year's Jazz Fest, a suggestion would be having him as a guest, thereby taking some of the pressure off him. Here's hoping. - AP story

    Couldn't buy a thrill....

    Steely Dan's clever (smart-ass), intelligent, well-crafted albums were a staple of many record collections of the 70's/80's, but the band was seldom seen live after it was pared down to Donald Fagen/Walter Becker and essentially became a studio project (timeline). In recent years, however, they have been touring extensively, and we caught them at this year's Jazz Fest with their huge stage ensemble, which includes 7 or 8 musicians and a couple backup singers. Understandably, Fagen's vocals at this point lean heavily on the backups for support, but he was fine. Their set was tight, familiar, completely entertaining, but I enjoyed it somewhat less than the others; I think their songs translate better in a smaller venue. Good stuff though.

    The Steely Dan Heavy Rollers Tour rolled into CT for shows at the Mohegan Sun Area and the Chevrolet Theatre (Oakdale) this weekend. A review of the Oakdale show appears in the Sunday Hartford Courant. Will post as soon as it's online.

    Friday, May 18, 2007

    Who's your daddy?....

    One of the best performances we caught at the 2005 Jazz Fest was a fabulous set from Ike Turner and his band in the Blues Tent. Ike's troubled past is still following him around, even when he's just chilling (okay, speeding) in his 2002 S-50 Benz. Seems like the cops stopped him for going 80+ and straddling lanes on the freeway, but that's not the problem - a routine warrant check yielded a 1989 felony narcotics warrant. Turns out the warrant was obsolete, but never deleted from the files. - story

    Ike Turner's latest album, Risin' With the Blues, won a 2007 Grammy for best traditional blues album. -

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    Johnny Gumbo's 2007 Piano Shirt Tour...

    Johnny Gumbo's 2007 Piano Shirt Tour
    New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
    May 3-8, 2007
    New Orleans, Louisiana

    Delta Grill, NYC
    Ryan's Irish Pub
    Louisiana Music Factory
    The Spotted Cat
    P&G Restaurant & Bar
    Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar
    Mid-City Lanes Rock and Bowl
    Lucky Dog(s)
    Port of Call
    Johnny's Po-Boys
    Liuzza's at the Track
    Circle Bar at the Hotel Monteleone ("Did you guys move?")
    Acme Oyster House in the NOLA airport
    Shell Fest
    Mr. B's Bistro
    Johnny White's
    Bourbon House
    Le Cochon
    Central Grocery

    Sunday, May 13, 2007

    Litchfield Jazz Festival announces lineup...

    The 2007 Litchfield Jazz Festival will be held August 3-5 at the Goshen Fairgrounds. The lineup is as follows:

    Friday, August 3rd
    Slide Hampton
    Count Basie Orchestra featuring Nnenna Freelon
    Saturday, August 4th
    Rachael Price
    Mario Pavone/Deez to Blues Sextet
    Sonny Fortune Quartet
    Matt Wilson’s Arts & Crafts
    Mingus Big Band
    Sunday, August 5th
    Rolando Matias
    Dave Stryker Organ Trio
    Helio Alves Trio
    Don Braden
    Charlie Haden and the Liberation Music Orchestra
    Karrin Allyson

    Happy Mother's Day...

    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    Rusty Records announces Bristol Friends contest...

    From Bristol oldies guru, Jim Kane:

    Hi Guys: The main man at Rusty Records in Plainville has just announced that he is having a contest, and it concerns his new CD, Bristol Talent 2, to be issued at this year's Bristol Friends Party. Dr. Francis "Rusty" Camp is offering an array of prizes for this contest. All you have to do is fill in the names of the people singing with the various groups on this cd, and they are all Bristol Friends. The one with the most correct guesses wins. You will be receiving your contest sheet in a couple of days. Good Luck !!!!!!

    HERE ARE ALL THE ANSWERS- YOU JUST HAVE TO PUT THEM WITH THE RIGHT GROUP. Some omitted names are singing solo on this cd!


    Dick Carlson, Paul Riemer, Eileen Chase
    Earle Jackson, Jack Dickau, Neil Murphy
    Rit Grzeszczak, Tom Burke, Mike Moore
    Dan Murawski, Steve MacDonald, Liz Malley
    Dee Valerio, Al Cianchetti, Whitey Dudzinski
    Bob Watson, Mike Boguslawski, Joan Delisle
    Jack Heflin, Moe Ksakziewicz, Bob Lindsay
    Linda D’Aprile, Ed Whitehead, Dave Hamel
    Gerry Greger, Kevin Phelan, Leslie Montella
    Whitey Beaucar, Dan Valerio, Bill Greger
    Rusty Camp, Dan Houlihan, Mike Dalger
    Art Whitehead, Gary Virello, Gail Roberts
    John Zadnik, Woody Crosby, Pete Longo
    Al Marulli, Tom Calder, Dan Heffernan
    Phil Lewis, Ed Ginter, Ed Skoczylas
    Mike Stange, Ron Duhaime, Frank Susco
    John Kennedy


    Woody & The Woodtones
    The Page Park 5
    Bristol’s Six Olde Fartz
    Flash Carlson & The Cadillacs
    The King Street Five
    The DEE Lites
    Candy Barr & The Playmates
    The SAINTS
    The Boulevard High Notes
    The Blue Devils

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    Judith Owen...

    I was the B-seat guy squeezed between MG (Will Ferrell with a crewcut) and a novel-reading woman as we flew north on our post-Jazz Fest flight from New Orleans to Newark this Tuesday past. Hope I didn't snore too loudly. Tired. Late in the flight, as Ms. Reader intently tore numerous pieces out of her New Yorker, I joked to her that it was a creative way to keep those weekly bad boys from overwhelming the house. Smooth. She offered that she lived in NYC and was returning from her first Jazz Fest, where a friend, Judith Owen, had performed on Friday. Owen, a jazz vocalist, was to appear at the Alison Miner Music Heritage Lagniappe (Grandstand) Stage late afternoon and, with the heavy rain at noon, was fearful that the set would be canceled. Everthing turned out fine. I admitted I was not familiar with her. Well, she's bi-coastal, living in Elay and NYC, has a new album, Happy This Way coming out this month, will be performing a few shows at the Living Room in NYC, and is married to Harry Shearer (Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap and many voices of The Simpsons). Well, oooooooookay! I'll check her out.

    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    More Farquahr info thanks to John Wood...

    Hi JohnnyK,

    I just recently saw you blog regarding some friends of mine known as the Fabulous Farquahr. I've been friends with the grouip since 1968 and have seen them in concert at least 100 different times at probably 25 different venues around the New England area. I'll keep this short for now as this posting appears to be back in October 2006 and at this point I'm not certain if this is still a current email address for you or if this message will ever reach you. I don't know if there is any way that you can post this message onto your site, but if so and you choose to do so I'm certain that I might be able to help some of the folks that have logged on with whatever questions they might have about the group.

    I notice that some of the folks responding to your site have asked questions regarding wording and availablity of some of their singles and albums. To Cape Cod Girl and Anonymous both "My Eggs Don't Taste the Same Without You" and "Cloud Nine Motel" are available on their CD entitled "From The Top". I don't know if this would be of interest to anyone, but if anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of the CD I'd be happy to call Bob McGowan to see if there are any presently available at this point. I've been friends with these guys for almost 40 years and they are still hands down still the best group that I have ever seen.

    Regards, jw email

    The definitive lyrics of the Farquahr's "Eggs".....

    Email from Mark Lapham:

    Missing verse and refrain added. I am Barnswallow's nephew and have been playing Farquahr tunes in Newport Rhode island for 20 years. We are the booze Brothers.

    My coffee is cold it's sitting there by the stove
    My juice and my toast are there too
    My heart's in a shamble I can't eat my scrambled
    My eggs don't taste the same without you

    like first)

    Well the chair wear you sat is occupied by the cat
    I wish you had taken him too
    I can do very nicely with you once over lightly
    My eggs don't taste the same without you

    No more good morning kiss
    walk down)
    No more I love you
    No more that's how the dog bit the paperboy kid
    My wasn't that big news

    (like first)

    Well if you'd only come back I'd let you keep that old cat
    Let you wear your curlers too
    My hearts in a shamble I can't eat my scrambled
    My eggs don't taste the same without you

    Monday, May 07, 2007

    Monday at the Louisiana Music Factory...

    Ingrid Lucia with the Flying Neutrinos

    Parade past Ryan's Irish Pub; no clue what it was about.

    I had coffee with Jesus at the Cafe Du Monde early Monday morning...

    Cafe Du Monde from across the street early Monday morning.

    Jackson Square

    Early morning on the Mississippi River>

    Musicians jazz up rebuilding efforts...

    By STACEY PLAISANCE, Associated Press Writer

    NEW ORLEANS - Singer Harry Connick Jr. wielded a paintbrush. R&B heartthrob John Legend did a little laundry. The two were among the musicians performing at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and giving back to a region still trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina. Dozens of volunteers worked on homes Saturday, the penultimate day of the festival, in the Musicians' Village. Connick started with saxophonist Branford Marsalis to help displaced musicians and keep the musical traditions of his hometown alive.

    "It's not about guilt," he said from the front porch of one of the candy-colored, shotgun houses that stick out among the vacant houses and empty, overgrown lots in this storm-ravaged section of the Upper 9th Ward. "I just don't want to see it go away."complete story

    Sunday, May 06, 2007

    Shell Fest....

    Owner of the Shell station and host of Shell Fest. In the background are the Shell Fest Girls, performing in their 15th Shell Fest.

    Jump dance contest at Shell Fest

    Johnny Gumbo in the crowd at Shell Fest

    Sexiest female feet contest at Shell Fest

    Piano Shirt Friday (held this year on Sunday)...

    Yes, we KNOW it's actually an accordion shirt and things didn't work out quite as we planned, but we have this thing on the fast track - wait 'til next year!


    Late start today, not mentioning any names, but Barry/Mark taking forever to get ready. FINALLY, we head out to Port Of Call for the biggest, juiciest cheeseburger ever. Sat next to a young man and his wife who were visiting his inlaws in Slidell and stopped at Port of Call on their way back home to Ft. Walton Beach, FL. I immediately introduced him to Ft. Walton Beach's own, Johnny Gumbo, and they set off to talkin' about racing motorcycles and other old war stories of glories past.

    We started our music off with Anders Osborne.

    View from the rear of the Acura Stage venue as they set up for Steely Dan and I head for the Go-Cans. By the way, girls, you MUST lock the door to the toilet lest some gent in a hurry throws open the door while you are in your precarious hovering position (or worse); it was not a comfortable moment for either party. Sorry, ma'am, wherever you may be.

    Flying Neutrinos member Ingrid Lucia at the Economy Hall Jazz tent. She will appear with the Neutrinos at the Louisiana Music Company on Monday afternoon.

    Dwayne Dopsie & the Zydeco Hellraisers at the Sheraton New Orleans Fais Do-Do Stage

    Harry Connick closed the 2007 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival with a powerhouse performance that paid homage to his heroes, mentors and contemporaries. You get the sense that Connick, a god in New Orleans, appreciates everything that the city provided him with to nurture his talents. He recalled playing along side James Booker at Jazz Fest when he was eight years old and dedicated a song in his memory. The set contained a variety of New Orleans standards, from Working in the Coal Mine, Hello Dolly and others, performed with Connick's own twist. It was heartwarming to see jazz performed in a way that showed the assembled masses how relevant and dynamic it can be in its highest form. Perfect. AP article

    Saturday, May 05, 2007

    Saturday at the Fest...

    Irma Thomas, Snooks Eaglin, Plowboys, John Legend, Stephen Marley, Iguanas, Galactic (with John Mayer sitting in), Allman Brothers, John Mayer, Deacon John.....and a cab ride with free beer and fried judge...more later,,,,,,off to Rock 'n Bowl tonight....

    Okay, now where was I? We started out our Saturday morning with a short walk over to Lucy's for Bloody Marys and planning. Some in our group take issue with short; it's a little further than last year due to Johnny Gumbo's hotel selection. Nevertheless, our discussion turned to the fact that today was the trifecta of Jazz Fest, Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby - certainly cause for celebration. Another short walk to the Quarter to Johnny's on St. Louis Street for a fantastic catfish po-boy before heading out to the Fest. A nod to Mark for picking up my hat, which I had forgotten at the table (of course, he let me walk all the way back to Johnny's first).

    Fairgrounds entrance on Gentilly Street under sunny skies and very warm temperatures; she's going to be a scorcher today.

    The Plowboys at the Lagniappe Stage.

    Snooks Eaglin at the SoCo Blues Tent.

    Our first stop is the AIG Gospel tent to hear the Irma Thomas tribute to Mahalia Jackson. You can already see that the crowds are going to be huge at every stage today. The tent is packed, people standing in the aisles, the entrances, outside. We manage to squeeze down one of the aisles half way down the left side of the tent. The heat is stifling and the crowd restless until Thomas is introduced to thunderous applause and starts her show. We listen to three or four inspirational songs (He's got the City of New Orleans in His hands), but we've got several acts of note to catch, so we squeeze back out of the tent and head over to the Allison Minor Music Heritage/ Lagniappe Stage in the Grandstand area, where we find the Plowboys dishing out some mighty tasty Western swing. The crowds are not as big in this out of the way venue, so we easily find Gumbo heard that these guys have been getting some pretty good reviews. Asleep at the Wheel comes to mind. They're good. But we've got work to due. We dash over to the SoCo (Southern Comfort) Blues Tent to catch Snooks Eaglin. The tent was packed and hot as hell, but they have mist sprayers all around, so it's a bit better than the Gospel Tent.

    After Snooks, we make our way over to the Acura Stage to find a spot to rest for a bit, on the way stopping for some meat pies, crawfish sack, crawfish pie and cochon de lait po-boy. Also, it's time to start checking out this year's tee shirts. Gastronomically fortified, we find a free spot pretty far back at the Acura Stage where the hard-driving New Orleans funk band Galactic is playing. For their last number, they introduce special guest John Mayer (who is slated to close the day on this stage) and Mayer funks it up pretty hot with the local boys.

    People were dancing in all sorts of combinations to Willie Prudhomme & the Zydeco Express.

    "HEY, WHO BRINGS IT BETTER THAN THESE GUYS," yells one blocky dude to his equally blocky bud, then again into Gumbo's ear. The Allman Brothers are just commencing their two hour set and our mid-20ish boys are juiced (in many ways). Thirty-four years between sets. I last saw the Allmans with Chris & Kenny at the now-demolished New Haven Coliseum (with the forgettable Grinder Switch) and the boys have been through a few things since then. Of course, Dickie Betts is no longer around, having been kicked out a few years back. The band sounds good, even throwing Van Morrison's Into the Mystic into the playlist. Everyone joins in the chorus of Sweet Melissa.

    The Allmans' extra long set at the Gentilly Stage allows us to also catch a good part of John Mayer's set over at the Acura, so off we go. On the way to the opposite end of the fairgrounds, we sample John Legend and the Iguanas. The dense crowds don't allow us to get too close as we arrive at the Acura, but the sound is perfect and they have a large screen to the left of the stage. Everyone has been dissing Mayer for being a lightweight, but I caution them about underestimating him. He comes through for me nicely, putting on an awesome display of Clapton-esque guitar licks along with very fine vocals. He seems genuinely humbled about performing here, just prior to his last number relating that he used to peruse the "cubes," hoping someday to get to play at one of the 11am slots, and now getting to close at the biggest stage was the best thing to ever happen. "This is IT for me," he said to the crowd. "I can't thank you enough." Nice way to finish.

    But wait, we're not done yet. Over at the Blues Tent we take in a fantastic half-hour of Deacon John. Perfect.

    Waiting for a cab outside of Liuzza's by the Track after Saturday's Jazz Fest.

    Just outside the fairgrounds exit, a reminder that things haven't changed all that much.